Black Poetry : Quotes divine because I soak rhymes in vinegar in hopes

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    Quotes divine because I soak rhymes in vinegar in hopes

    Of becoming a winner and stumbling through dinner chokes

    On a fish bone wish I was home where I devastated fleets

    And marinated meats for the grill, now wearing track cleats

    My hobby is to barbecue microphones and stew domes

    Softly with strong lofty flavor which consists of words along

    with brisk verbs, can’t live afraid have to give grades superb

    Like teachers on examination papers these contamination vapors

    Will hurt your nose so be alert of my flows they really tapers

    Off, in my Lex I’ve widen my scope and now riding dope

    Wear a dewrag with great stats and this aggravate cats, folks

    Don’t know how my words and potions disturb emotions like

    A scary movie but some are very groovie involves a lots of hype

    Wrong talk is risky so I walk briskly to duck conversations propaganda

    Have struck tons of nations button my lips be cool like Tony Danza

    Problems galore appear and that pours feart make thing more severe

    Can’t ignore this here move to and fro just to improve my flow sincere

    As my attitude grow in the mood to glow like a spotlight so show

    Your right, have bitter pride but have to consider both side stuff

    End like a riverboat ride rocky and wet, cocky but yet had enough