Black Poetry : Quote the facts and like coat racks folks hang their hats on this got slang and stats use flint to spark a fire amusement park is his desire in the mi


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May 11, 2006
Quote the facts
and like coat racks
folks hang their hats
on this got slang and stats
use flint to spark a fire
amusement park is his desire
in the middle of this think proud
and above is a little pink cloud
flow the blues
while wearing snowshoes
see a girl and must go smooth
it's a drastic call
when he shoots basketball
they be power hoops
even flowers droop
in the blazing sun
it's amazing fun
to rap to a chick
pull out a map quick
and zero in
and be a hero and win
a cake date that's great
she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA ready
for some love talk nothing petty
about that in a pleated mini dress
be with boyfriend get plenty rest
this is BLACK HIP HOP a nest
of lyrics he practices free speech
and be right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
SHE SAID: boys have fun online
I talk to one at a time
they come with a ton of rhymes
wow they corrupt the minds
of girls, oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go
through a lot, and my lips glow
red if boys get cake plenty of cheers
but will have to wait a great many years
ignore rhymes
a score of times
went to my door and finds
a boy waiting started to talk soft galore
I'm in a mini skirt walked across the floor
he be on the phone drives a hummer all the time
at home the plumber installed a Y in my line
so, my drain remains free no grease or grime
boys look at a girl's fannies a lot
but right now, my panties are hot
boys be pushy in the club
and like bushy shrub
they have roots like ALEX HAILEY
and want sex on the daily
oh, a BLACK SOUL SISTA see a lot
facts from a bold mister be hot
girl you got chocolate and wise
and your love is pocket size
concern as my lips are red and fine
sets up a confirm deadline
HE SAID: girl you got gravy to spare
and I got wavy hair
get sick fame
with a nickname
of curly
“OK boo I traveled here
on gravel and did fear
some potholes in the road
comes to love, it's a large fire
it'll fence a boy in like barbed wire
stuck in the garage with desire
have local strife
with social life
but have the ability to joke
with some silly things I wrote
astound to see a blonde
during my walk around a pond
but back to the BLACK SOUL SISTA
got facts and the role of a kisser
so, boo” “what up dude?
Let me git you in the mood
try for the treasure
and apply the pressure
wanna a kiss
not gonna miss
them lips at all
“NAW PLAYER that's a phat call
for sex you must put a stop
to this after a hot
kiss stuff happens
after enough rapping
could end up trapping
a chick quick and napping
the next morning
so, sex is a warning
to stay away and keep
my legs shut
because boys will beg up
on some it's a thriller and surprising
like a guerrilla uprising
now girl you black
and I hurl discovered facts
in your direction covered with
affection, so let me reduce the swift
juice inside your thing
because I got pride and bling
after we collide put a ring
on it so it's the doorbell ding-
goo-ling and it the same old thing
so, boo let me lift your dress
you have a gift, and it must be bless

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