Black Poetry : Quick on the streets with creeds and chicks meet my needs and like night flights this fly to height when I write had quotes and flowed corrupt and sti

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May 11, 2006
Quick on the streets with creeds
and chicks meet my needs
and like night flights
this fly to height when I write
had quotes and flowed corrupt
and still folks showed up
at the club that's phat love
be on a girl's doormat to hug
supply more love
want pie in the club
boo can't lie like a scrub
aim at gaining a prize
remain being surprise
at how fine you are
not blind at the bar
I know about hips and lips
and your panties drips
juice let me loose your dress
boo you have juice in your breasts”
“NAW PLAYER: think you want a sweet affair
one that leap into the air
while my pie fly like eagles
and boys hound them like beagles
order my panties from Spiegel's
“AW GIRL I'm shook boo
as I look through
your windows
and use innuendos
need a girlfriend that goes
to bed while her lips glow red
“NAW PLAYER: I'm wearing damp clothes
must revamp my flows
“you wearing plenty bling its sunny
but can't try anything funny
a boy gave me a strong kiss
expect me to go along with this
tried to give affection to this honey
but may need some protection money
in a crowd at the arena
and proud like Sabrina
the witch, she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA
be in contact with fact when I whisper
in your ear, got galore stats
and clear rap for your doormat
you can't ignore where you at?
“NAW PLAYER: my mini-skirt is down
so I don't flirt around
and the dirt on the ground
move to my groove renown
love is at hand my breasts true
and will leave a residue
on a boy's mind can't eat
or sleep his body in heat
SAID “aw girl give me some
try stay ahead of all others
and your lips are red butters
for real my head clutters
when I think of you
and your thing is pink too
not brainwashed and aware
one boy gave her a harsh stare
and demanded a kiss
wow what planet is this
so she ran home
now stand alone
home in a gown
boys try come around
they want pie and sound
sexy but she duck her head
don't end up stuck in bed
oh they all fed
her a bunch of crap
she wanted lunch asap
not one hood guy
would buy
she jest walked away
not ready to talk all day
need a sick academy
to proceed with the thick strategy
for a school girl
she can fool the world
Sex is my aim
and to explain
mean to make clear
there's cake in here
being above the rim is fly
the love of basketball simplify
this, blowing kisses to the sky
boo we kissed our lips collided
but the incident misguided
our love so it best we hide it
girl you wet no doubt
nothing to do but set out
for a date with you boo
these very quotes
floats like ferryboats
in hopes to carry dope
messages, girl have cream lips
and like steamships
her body is hot
we can party a lot
grab Bacardi and pop
the top off, HIP HOP
is blackness folks shop
till they drop, time to BEEBOP
like DOUGI FRESH see hot
chicks and lose it so stop
don't strut too much butt
NAW PLAYER: my pie correct
had to remove a flyspeck
of dirt from my thighs
now hear dumb replies
from boys as they tries
to get some I recognize
their rap and leave
they wanna trap me
and perhaps see
and squeeze my waist
and seize my pantie lace
give spirit and support
and live in a fort
that protect my vigor and zest
make boys freak over bigger breasts
the way I figure its best to say no

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