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    Destee I have a few questions that hopefully you can help me with. If this is in the wrong room for this thread I am sorry, because I have gotten in trouble for that before. My question is what do those little green squares mean? What are reputation points? How do you get them or lose them? What does that scale thing mean? How do you know if someone reports your post as bad? I hope I’m not asking questions already posed, and if so I’m sorry, but I’m confused. Thank you.
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    Hello Sister MahoganyQueen!

    Awwww Sister, i want you to always feel free to ask whatever questions you'd like. Please don't ever hesitate in doing so. In regard to posting threads in the wrong forum, we do try to keep the topics organized within the forum categories we have established but we recognize that when a person first joins us they may not know how this works and may post in the "wrong place" ... but that's okay, you can't ever get "in trouble" for this Sister ... the Moderators will simply move it to the right forum. If i remember properly, i think it was a Member (not a Moderator) that made reference to the thread being in the wrong place ... but they didn't mean any harm, just helping to keep things in order here ... they probably knew you didn't know and was just sharing with you. But don't think you can "get in trouble" for that, you can't (unless of course you're just doing it all on purpose, which we know you're not). Bless your sweet heart, no Sister, you've done absolutely nothing wrong.

    Now, in regard to the reputation points and green squares, here's a thread that may shed a little more light on this subject: What is "Rep Power?"

    Sister MahoganyQueen ... just relax and get all comfortable, ask what you want, move around how you'd like, because you're at home!

    If you have any more questions or concerns, we're always right here to help you.

    Much Love and Peace.