Black Spirituality Religion : QUESTION FOR THE BLACK "CHRISTIANS"


JohnHorse said:
ZACHARIAS let me ask you this question, who was the person watching this recording it?

According To The Scriptures By God By Whatever Name You Call Him / Her ..

By The Way Nubian Are The Mother & Father Of The People Of Qi = Earth Through The Mixing Of Their Seed ..

My Source Is From The Scroll '' Let's Set The Record Straight .
Inscribed By ; The Imperial Grand Potentate
Nobles Rev . Dr Malachi Z . York El 33 / 720
'' Amun Nebu Re Akh Tah ''
Most of us know that the bible is plagiarized edited revised and everything else, not that I personally take anything in their serirously, but here's the question regarding "scripture".

What are your opinions on this "The Curse on Canaan" nonsense, who I personally feel that "KING JAMES OF ENGLAND" during his editing threw in their.

I'm not a bible scholar, so I need some feedback!!?

What would be one's "opinion" to the matter? It's as it's stated; Canaan was cursed. Canaan also took land that wasn't his, so he found himself in more trouble. I think some black people are offended by this because we're told by racists that Canaan's curse was to be of black skin, which wasn't the case. Everyone had dark skin back when, so why would that be a "curse"? And since he was told that he'd serve Japheth and Shem, we're told that's why our ancestors were slaves, but so many nations were made slaves, that even that doesn't cut it.

My "opinion" is that we take it as it's presented to us, from the Father, as the truth, as we should all writings in the Holy Doctrine. For even if there were a curse upon one's head by way of their ancestors, it's not something that keeps you from salvation, which the Son brought us all when He came to sacrifice for our sins. Women still have the curse of Eve and men still have the curse of Adam, but for men and women, Israelite and gentile alike, we're brought to redemption by our King, and can still live righteously if we obey His commandments, and still have life forever in our King just as He does after His resurrection from the dead into His ascension. All we need is to believe as He taught and to hold onto faith, and we shall be blessed instead of cursed. :D


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