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Ques ; Who Are The Descendants Of Canaan ? ( ParTwo )

And was a very popular son . As the story goes , The land of Asia Minor or Anatolia ( Modern Turkey ) . Play's an important role in the development of Western Civilization or The Pakeman's civilization . The Peninsula was not a self - contained unit . As was The Nile Valley . Instead , It fell into several Geographic regions including The Aegean Coast . The Hittites dwelt here and constructed a powerful empire . Thus , The culture of the Hittites combined indigenous elements rooted in expansions from conquered and neighboring people . The neighboring people were Amorites , Girga****es , Arvadites , Sidonians , Hamathites , And other Canaanite descendants . These neighboring Tribes Of Canaanite descent , Who called themselves Phrygians and Lydians , Conquered and overthrew The Hittite Empire .

Wilaat Wife Of Heth / Sybil Wife Of Heth . The third son of Libana ( Canaan ) was Jebus , And his wife's name was Salima . The word Jebusite means '' Dryness , '' The Jebusites first ruled the Hurrian Tribe ( The Hivites ) ; They joined together during The Jebusite Reign . According to The Bible , Jebusite inhabited Jerusalem , Then were displace by the incoming Israelites , Who were leaving from their bondage in Mozraim ( Egipt ) . The Jebusites mixed with Israelites from Egipt . This took place during The Year 1000 B.C.E. Today , They are called '' Jews '' occupying Jerusalem and living in America , Germany , Poland , Hungary , Romania , Australia , Bulgaria , and Yugoslavia .

Salima Wife Of Jebus , The fourth son's name was Amor . Amor means '' Mountain Dweller , '' And his wives ' Names were Qiynat and Dina . This son has Intermingled with the rest of the seven younger brothers , The Hurrians ( Hivites ) were widely diffused throughout the near east . They mixed their seed with the people of Mesopotamia . Anatolian Syria , And Palestine , Who were their brothers . Qiynat Wife Of Amor / Dinat Wife Of Amor , Today they are known as Edomites , Japanese and some Chinese and Black Indonesians , Incoming '' Canaanite Tribes
Ques ; Who Are The Descendants Of Canaan ? ( ParThree )

, Related by calling themselves Kassites , Brought an end to Hammurabi's Kingdom . These Kassites were joined by Hittites and Hurrians ( Horites ) Their merging led to the subsequent Take - Over of The Mesopotamia region . To the west of Babylon was Celam . Their land remained safe . Until the later Penetration of Iranians ( Amorites ) . Note the frequent use of The Name Aryan . Most people do not know that the names '' Aryan '' And '' Amorite '' Come from The Semitic Languages . Aryan is a term denoting Nobility , And Not A Tribal Name . This came from Sanskrit , Then later from Semitic sources . It is from The Son Of Libana ( Canaan ) , '' The Amorite '' , That we Get Sub -Tribes . Which call themselves Indo - Aryan , Iranian , And Kassite ; From The Indo - Aryan Group We get The French , Germans ,

Spaniards , English , Dutch , East Indians , Etc . To Review What Was Said Earlier , Nimrod's Empire Brought Amorites into The Land Of Shinar . He built Babel and other cities . His successor Hammurabi . Sixth King of The Babylonian Dynasties . Recorded Nimrod's Code . Which later came to be known as The Code Of Hammurabi . Amorite and Hurrian mixtures constructed The Mitanni Empire , Also in This Empire were Indo - Aryans , The Hittite's Empire was also in This Region . Through this seed you get what is today called Armenians , Turks , Kurds , Georgians , Or the people of The Trans - Caucasus Region .

It is from The Intermingling Of Amorites , Hitties , and Horites that we get The Coexistent Empire . Assyrians were composed from Asshur , Son Of Shem ,Horites , Amorites . And Hittites . This area was indeed a Melting Pot ! The dispersion of Amorites from The Syrian Highland into The European continent , And Hittites from Anatolia , Brought about Sub - Tribes who called themselves Hellenic , Macedonians , Athenians , Spartans Or Laconians , Seythians , Samaritans , Magyars . Normans , Danes And Lombards . Most of these Sub -Tribal names evolved from the names of Goddesses , or Gods ; Other names were descriptive of a Physical Trait or a cultural tradition . Canaan's Fifth Son was Girga****e , Which means '' Rough , '' And His Wives names were Betha and Qamar .
Ques ; Who Are The Descendants Of Canaan ? ( Part-Four )

This tribe mixed their seed with Amorites , Canaanites , Phrytons and Lydians . Today they are French and American , Betha Wife Of Girgash / Qamar Wife Of Girgash , Hivi or Hiviy ( Hivite ) was The Sixth Son Of Libana ( Canaan ) . His wives names were Mayya and Zaynah , The tribal name was Hivites and Hurrians . They lived in Palestine , Where the Hivites settled in a city called Edom . From this city , The Hivites mixed with Esau ( Son Of Issac ) Through his wife Aholiba'mah . She had three sons named Karoh , Japhlam , And Jeush ( To Retrace ) .

Today they are known as Europeans , Koreans , And Mongols ( Koreans And Mongols Are Nubians Who Have Mixed Their Seed ) . Zaynab Wife Of Hiviy / Mayya Wife Of Hiviy , Arki ( Arkite ) Was The Seven Son Of Libana ( Canaan ) , And his wive's names were Nayyat and Amma . They basically migrated to a town of Arga Northwest of Tripoli in Syria . their history is basically lost and they mixed their seed with Amorites and Lydians . They are known today as British , Australian, Irish And American . Amma Wife Of Arkiy / Nayyat Wife Of Arkiy , The Eight Son Of Libana ( Canaan ) Was Sini ( Sinite ) , Which means '' Yearly '' .

His wives name were Yabanat And Zillah . They mixed their seed with other Canaanite Tribes . They were located in Lebanon ( Mount Sinon ) . They are presently known as Dutch People . Yabanat Wife Of Siniy / Zillah Wife Of Siniy , The Ninth Son is Arvad ( Arvadite ) . His names means '' To Diverse '' , His wives names were Debra and Sadaw . The Arvadites migrated to Northern Syria where they became great Sailors , Warriors , And Military Soldiers . They Intermingled With Ivading Tribes Such As The Amorites And Other Canaanite Tribes . Eventually , They Dispresed And Mixed With The Greeks , Romans And Phoenicians .
Ques ; Who Are The Descendants Of Canaan ? ( Part-Five )

They Are Known Today As Northern Italians . Debra Wife Of Arvadiy / Sadaw Wife Of Arvadiy , Zemar Is The Tenth Son Of Libana ( Canaan ) . Zemarite Means '' Counsel '' ; His Wives ' Name Were Marilyn And Sakiyna , Zemarite Migrated To The City Of Syria In Labanon And To Sumra . They Too Their Seed With The Amorite And Are Known As Scottish People . Marilyn Wife Of Zemar / Sakiyna Wife Of Zemar , Last , But not least , Is The Hamathite Tribe . Hammath is the name of The Youngest And 11th Son . Hamathite Means '' The Darkest '' ; His wives were Gwin and Bada'a . They migrated into The City Of Hameth In Syria . They mixed their seed with The Amorite Kingdom during The 1370's As well as with Hittites .

During this time , The Hamathite were conquered by The Assyrians . The Hamathite Also Intermingled with Armacarians during 720 B.C. They were a tribe that constantly remained under siege by other tribes that wanted to take control of their city and wealth . These invasions were followed by many others , Including Muslim , Egiptian , And Turkish groups , They are known today as East Indians , And Pakistanis ; They are Black . Indo - European is the most important language family . About half the people in the world speak a language that belongs to this family . Scholars divide The Indo - European language into serveral group , Such as Germanic , Romanic , And Balto - Slavic . The Tribe Of Libana ( Canaan ) Are today The Hamathite Tribes Of India . This is the result of Race Mixing .

So once The Canaanites had been Cursed as Albinos , And lost their Soul ( Spirit ) ( Joshua 5 ; 1 ) , They set out to spread Terror by mixing their seed , ( Deuteronomy 2 ; 3 ) Is where Moses reiterates The Law Of God And Commands That No One Is To Marry Them . And The Reason Is That They Will Turn Your Children Away From Following The Most High ( Anu ) And Have You Serving Other God ( Allah ) , For In Anient Times Before The Koran , ( Allah ) Was Merely A Moon Deity . So These Albino Cursed Canaanites Mixed In That Land , Called Morocco . Today Morocco Is A Melting Pot Of Various Tribes Of Various Races , But The Indigenous People Of

That Land Are Nuwbuns , Whose Land Extended All The Way Across The Atlantic Before It Exisred , Which Is Called Continental Drift . When America Broke Away From Africa . None Of These People Are Negroes , Blacks Colored , Afro - American , Nor Were They Muslims , Hebrews , Israelites , Or Christians , These Migrations Pre - Dated Monotheism , A Hindu Teaching That Spread Throughout The Word . Monos , Is The Greek God Of Sarcasm And Pain , And Theos Is Greek For '' Spectator '' . Before The Spread Of Their Religions ,

We Lived By Love , In Truth , And Peace , With Freedom And Just For All . With This Information As The International Supreme Council Of Shriners Inc . The Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge Inc . Of Freemasonry And The United Nuwaupian Nation Of Moors , As We Meet On The Square With Our Brothers From The Moorish Science Temple , It Is Important That We Communicate In Peace And Harmony , For We All Must Become One As Moors .

Noble Rev . Dr . Malachi Z . York -El 33 / 720
In The Words Of M.Z.York
Don't Believe Me Check It Out .
The bible, as with so many other holy books, contains priceless wisdom, along with pure unadulterated bs. The biblical Jesus put it this way. Initially, the Master planted nothing but wheat. But, then, soon afterwards, an enemy crept in and also planted weeds. Important point --- you hurt no one but yourself if you insist in tossing out the wheat with the weeds.

To discern wheat from weeds, you must wait until the wheat matures, until harvest time, and then it will become intuitively obvious what is wheat and what is weeds. Wait until harvest time before you grab your sickle and start hacking away.

When will that time of harvest be? When you come into the full knowledge that there is One Divine Consciousness: who is the Source of All that is: not a man and, hence, not black or white: and, who is not limited by religion, the bible, Jesus, or the fingers of those two white guys painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.



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