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    Peace Bro:

    I was just reading this article straight from the U.S. Army's website:

    Training Soldiers for IED Awareness

    A soda can covered in black tape with a wire sticking out sits on a dining facility table. A gray artillery shell sits on top of a projector in a battalion classroom. A land mine is hidden underneath a stairwell.

    The reason I mentioned you, is because I know you were in the military long enough to at least provide somewhat of an answer to this. I became curious once again. I was looking deeper into this thread (, and came across this article which has me wanting to understand something from the viewpoint someone with a military background such as yourself.

    With the familiarity I have with Iraq and Afghanistan, they do not have as much access to portable items and objects as soda cans, paint brushes, and all that stuff. Furthermore, such objects would be more noticeable in environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Having said that, my question is this: For Basic Combat Training (or BCT as they say it) if this is true,
    and they do not have the same items that are here in the U.S., why are soldiers being trained to use devices that will not be found in, say, Iraq? If anything, the mines would be covered in dirt, but not made in the shape of a "paint cannister. Or is it basic training for the Iraqi and Afghanistan military to use soda cans and paint cans as so-called IEDs?

    If I confused you with my question, just let me know, and I can simplify. I don't need a response immediately, but when you have free time would be fine.

    Thanks in advance, Bro!