Black Women : Question for Black women about female homosexuality?

Ictoan Itkfae

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Apr 26, 2014
Well, if you're Christian, none of it is acceptable to you; neither male or female laying with the same, as it goes against Scripture.

But generally, no, I don't believe black women are more accepting toward one over the other. I believe for males, it(seems to) go(es) towards their arousal, while for us females, if we aren't lesbian, that doesn't arose us, neither does two men wanting each other make us feel ready to jump in.

Thank you for answering, my Sister.


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Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
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Brother jamesfrmphilly ... are you trying to sabotage our effort here?

I remember you treated another new Member this same way when they registered, joined, and posted. So much so, till that person left, they've not posted since ... because of the way you treated them, responded to them ... so rude. Is this intentional? Are you trying to run people away from Or are you not aware of how you might be perceived?

You're one of the Elders here, and i find it hard to believe you have no idea of what you're doing.


no, i do NOT see my posting as being rude. i see you as always, always, always coming down on me. always.
first post asking sisters about sex? that ok by you. i found that to be highly offensive and i thought my response was measured.

in the future i will not respond to any new posters. hopefully that will solve the problem.

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