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Jan 31, 2009
As for being a "practitioner," allow me to clarify....Because of some past events, the Mod Team had determined that each "study forum" would be "reserved" for those who adhered to each spiritual path. Now, yes, any member of any path can respectfully participate in those discussions...and I stress "respectfully" which was defined by the Mod Team as without "negating energies" or "challenges" or "counter positions/opposing views." ----Furthermore, the Mod Team specified that any member could still voice his/her "challenges" or "counter positions" via the "Black Spirituality" Forum by creating a separate thread there.

If someone participating in the study groups is curious about another belief system, they'll only have the frame of reference that by definition is a "counter position" or an "opposing view". It also kind of contradicts in the excerpts you've provided below. If it's meant to be a walled garden, that's fine. I don't really have a horse in those races. It just seems like a bit of a waste because there may be some people who find particular religions interesting without ascribing them the same weight adherents do.

However, for your particular "path," just post a thread to Destee asking for a separate study forum for "Non-Theism" or however you'd like it titled/labeled.

She has offered to add/create any other "study forums" for members who do not see their spiritual path or beliefs represented in the sub-forums.

I'm giving it some thought, and I'll probably decide whether or not i suggest it after reading through old posts.

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