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Jun 16, 2009
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Thnx 4 the 411
Yea I guess they were a lot of jive percenters where I was at cause they definitly were saying 'Non Cipher' which just meant 'no' based on the context of how they used it, plus we are talking way back in junior high school and high school. We were all just kids. Some of them even went back to church. So if it can get faker than that let me know. The ones that went back to church got me baffled tho but again they were kids when they joined the NGE's and maybe the concepts involved were a bit overwelming for them. Many converted so the peer pressure was a big factor as well.


The science is many are called and few answer. On the surface it may appear this way of life is hard. The toughest job (civilizing the 85%) with the least amount of monetary reward. Yet for those who put in the time to get out the rewards, they understand that the reward comes from within, especially when you see your fruit (those who heed the words and frees the dome) better themselves.

You got a lot of people who want to claim our way of life but refuse to put in the work to manifest the reality of which they claim. Cats running around talking that "I'm God" stuff yet act like a savage, swine all the time, pray to a mystery god, and crash more white women than a runaway train at a girls scout camp. The duty falls on us who know better to teach those who want to know. I'm not hating on the young, I'm talking about the ole heads who should know better. What I know is it's a great feeling to see a young brother or sister stand up and take responsibility for them self. It's a great feeling to see a young brother or sister stop destroying their power waiting for white people (a mystery god) to make things better.

I say all of that to say this. You already been exposed to our magnetic. You've already been exposed to the reality that you are the sole controller of your reality. You've already been exposed to the fact that there is no mystery God. You've already been exposed to the fact that as original men we gotta man up and handle business our own selves. Stay positive blackman and remember: the black man is God, the black woman is Earth, and the babies are the greatest.

Precise Infinite Peace Allah

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