Black People : Ques ; Who Discovered The Face On Mars ? Part 1

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    Ans ; NASA ( National Acronauties Space Administration ) discovered The '' Face On Mars '' artifact in 1976 A.D. The viking orbiter took A Photograph of what became known as '' The Face On Mar '' It was a huge five - sided pyramid with smaller pyramids lying nearby . Later on there were claims made by a science writer that mars had Ruins of an entrie Martian City Full Of Pyramids ,Which are Geomertrically Aligned With The Face Of The Larger 5 Sided Pyramid . The Face Has Deep Set Eyes Cross Lines In The Head And From The Mouth Structure There Is A Suggestion Of Teeth . Like I mentioned previously . The Neteru = God Setup what you know as The First Tama - Rean
    ( Egyptian ) Civilization On Mars . Which is What was later Setup Herte On Planet Earth , Yes ! Put This In Your Mind , The Egyptian ( Tama - Rean ) Civilization Existed Long Before It Was Set Up On The Planet Earth ! For Those Of You Who Doubters , In An Article written In Weekly World News , Dated Tuesday , September 14, 1993 A.D. It States That There Was Life On Mars. They have what they call '' Top Secret '' Photos To Prove Their Claim That The Mysterious Stone Face was built by The Hands Of Human Ancestors Who Were People That Evolved And Created A Civilization On Mars Before Coming To The Planet Earth Because Of Changes To The Environment On The Planet Mars . They Estimate That The Stone Face Is 1 Mile Long And 2,000 Feet High , When In Fact It Is 2 Miles High And 1/2 Of A Mile Long , And Is Estimated To Be About 200,000 Years Old . They Say That '' This Proves That And Extremely Advanced Human Civilization Existed On Mars Before Mankind Even Appeared On Earth . They Have Speculated That Mar's Atmosphere Was Destroyed Due To Some Global Dissaster Dr Benjamin Frania , An Astrophysicist , Says ''That Would Certainly Give The Humans Who Lived There A Strong Incentive To Colonize Another Life -Sustaining Planet . In This Case , The Planet Was Earth '' Thus , Evidence Of This Can Be Seen By The Similarites Between The Spinx Of Egypt And The '' Face On Mars . If You Take The Geomertry Of The '' Face On Mars '' And Lay It Over The Ones In Egypt It Will Come Out Perfect . There Are Certain Points On The Planet Mars That Line Up Matematically With Certain Points On The Planet Earth . You May Ask '' Why Is Geomertry So Important '' And '' What Makes Math So Speacial ? ' Math And Geomertry Are Important , Because Of The Simple Fact That Math Does Not Lie . Everything In The Universe Must Compute Mathematically , Thus Leaving No Space For The Lies , On The Landscape Of The Area Where The Face On Mars Is Located , There Is A Collection Of Pyamids That Lay At A 90 Angle ( Right Angle ) To The Center Line Of The Face On Mars . The Following Is An Excerpt Taken From The '' Weekly Would News '' October 8 , 1996 A.D. Edition , Page 30 - 31 Written By Nick Mann , Scientists Blow Lid Off NASA Cover - Up ! Top - Secret Photo Proves Humans Lived On Mars ! WASHINGTON - A Secret Nasa Photograph Proves Beyound A Doubt That The MysteriousFace On MarsWas Carved By Human Being Who Lived On The Red Planet 200,000 Years Ago - And Later Colonized Earth ! Nobody In Authority Is Willing To Talk About The Photograph , But Dr.Fields Has Learned That Nasa Analysts Have Concluded That '' Far From Being A Natural Formation As We Once Suspected . The Face On Mars Was Almost Cerainly Sculpted By Human Hands , '' The Top - Secret NASA Report Goes On To Say That '' In All Likeihood . , The Face Was Carved By Our Ancestors - People Who Evolved And Created A Civilization On Mars Before Something Happened To Their Own Environment . Forcing Colonists To MigrateTo Earth '' .. The FaceOn Mars Has Been A Mystery Ever Since NASA Viking Probes Sent Back The First Fuzzy Photographs In The 1970s '' Dr . Fields Said '' But Now That We HaveThis Photograph . The Mystery Is Solved ... And The Conclusion That Earthling Orginally CameFrom Mars Was Bolstered Even Further By The Discovery Of An Enormous , Stonehenge- Like Map Of The Solar System On Mars ' Surface . The Map Photographed By TheMar Observer , Reportedly Includes A Line Between Mars And Earth With What Appears To Be A Saucer - Shaped Starship In Between ...
    Nore ; In The Small Squared Area It States '' Dallas Newspaper Reported UFO Crash In 1897 ! A UFO Crashed Into A Windmill Tower In Aurora , Texas , On April 17 . 1897 , And Was Demolished . The Dallas Morning News Reported That The Mutilated Body Of An Alien Pilot Was Recovered And Buried In An Unmarked Grave . '' Since 1897 A.D. AndNow It's 1997 A.D. It Took A Whole Century For People To Want To Reveal TheTRUTH - The FACT !
    If You Take The Geomertric StructureOr Form Of The Planet Mars AndLay It On The One In Tama - Re ( Egypt ) It Would Fit Perfect . You See Everything Is At The Exact Shame Angle . The Sphinx Is Rotated At An Angle . The '' Pyramid On The Moon '' Located In What Is Known As Egypt Today , Which Has A Level At An Angle Of 19.5 , AndThe Pyramid Of The Sun , Is Also Located In Egypt , And Also Has A Level At An Angle Of 19.5 You See , 19,5 Is The Key ..
    The Sphinx Is A Combination Of A Lion Body AndThe Human Face Of A Man , The Hoofs ( Feet ) Of The Calf And The Wings Of The Eagle . The Man Represents The Anunnaqi ( Eloheem ) '' God '' And The Lion Represent The Shaggy Cave Man , Who Was A Descendant Of Enkidu The Bullman .
    Ques ; What Else Does The Sphinx Tie Into ?
    Ans ; What You Are Trying To Ask Me Is A Very Broad Question , Which Is , Does The Sphinx That Is In The Egyptian Culture , Which Originated On The Planet Mars . Have Anything To Do With Anything Else That I've Been Saying ? Yes It All Ties Into The Spinx , Enkidu The Bull Man , And Even Your '' Jesus'' You Ask How, Well I'll Tell You . See , What Scientists And Archeologist Don't Know Is That The Sphinx Had Wings , However They Have Withered Away Due To Water Erosion . The Wings Are No Longer A Part Of Its Body . The Sphinx Was Once Under Water And It Is Just Now That Scientists And Archeologists Are Disclosing This Information . The Body - The Lion , The Hands ( Claws ) - The Calf , The Face - Man TheWings Of A Eagle Thus , Making It The 4 Combinations Of The Four Beasts Spoken Of In The Bible .
    You Have The Four Beasts Spoke Of In Revelation 4 ; 7
    Revelation 4 ; 7
    And The First Beast Was Like A Lion , And The Second Beast Like A Calf . And
    The Third Beast Had A Face As A Man , And The Fourth Beast Was Like A
    Flying Eagle .
    1 .Lion = Body Of The Lion <> The Astrological Sign Of Leo , The Lion
    2 . Bull = The Hoofs Of A Bull , Or Calf <> The Astrological Sign Of Taurus , The Bull
    3 . Man = The Face On The Man <> Astrological Sign Of Aquarius , The WaterBearer
    4 . Eagle / Bird = The Wings Of The Eagle <> Astrological Sign Of Scorpian
    Now All Of These Descripture. Fit The Description Of Enkidu The Bullman ...
    See , You Have Your Jesus Who Is Considered Or Was Once Called .
    1 . The Lion Of Judah = Lion . Reve5 ; 5 <>
    2. Lamb Of God = Calf Or Bull , John 1 ; 36 <>
    3 . The Son Of Man = Man , Matt 12 ; 32 <>
    4 . Dove Or Holy Ghost = Eagle / Angel , Matt 3 ; 16 <.
    Let Me Show You .....
    A Lion
    * Your Jesus Is Considered The Lion Of Judah
    * The Sphinx Has The Body Of A Lion
    * And Enkidu Has The Body Of A Lion
    A Calf
    * Your Jesus Is Callled The Lamb ( Calf ) Of God
    * The Sphinx Has The Hoofs Of The Bull ( Or Calf )
    * And Enkidu Has The Hoofs Of The Bull ( Or Calf )
    * A Man
    * Your Jesus Is Called The Son Of Man
    * The Sphinx Has The Face Of Man
    * And Enkidu Has The Face Of A Man
    A Bird
    * Jesus Had Been Linked To Bird ( A Dove ) Throughout The New Testament
    * And The Sphinx Had The Wings Of A Brid ( The Eagle )
    * And Enkidu Has The Wing Of An Eagle ( Bird )
    These Are Symbolic Of The Four Sons Of Haru - Horus And Was Depicted As Four Species On Canopic Jars;
    The Fiest Being '' West '' , The Symbol Of Water , Whose Name Is Imset The Species Of Reptillian Of The Homo - Sapien ; The Second Being '' North '' The Symbol Of Earth . Whose Name Is Duamuttef , The Species Of Canine Or The Dog ; The Third Being '' South '' , The Symbol Of Fire , Whose Name Is Qebehsenuf . The Species Of Fowl Or The Bird ; The Fourth Being '' East '' . The Symbol Of Air . Whose Name Is Hapi . The Species Simian Or The Monkey .