Black Poetry : Queens of Destee series "UbZorbShun"


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Mar 19, 2001
Title: "U"topia

My mind skates on a frozen
ink pond / beneath me lie
scribes of "U" / crystallized

She is the creator of this
"U"topia where my mind skates/
screams/dreams of where I'll
be come Saturday

Feeling good cause this
envi(her)ment is where I
need to be / maybe I'll
find free /or just catch
a glimpse of me / breathing
in her atmosphere /
and absorbing her "UbzoRB-SUN"
rays /

teasing my melanin helping
me grow into a darker king
/ I kiss her hand / her soul /
her scribe /

blakverb style

and she showers me with
"U.B" dipped thoughts
that resemble grapes on
a vine and I eat them
One by One

She fills my mind with
a piece of her peace
and blesses me on my
self-imposed flight trip

and gives me an eternal pass
to her "U"topia

(c)2001 blakverb

I am much appreciative of your presence in my life, even if we never met.


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