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    Aboru Aboye Abosise and Alafia to all elder and devotees. This is my Ori Moment as a priest of Ifa in my years thus far spent I have encountered much. The understanding of the need to grow and progress mentally, physically and spiritually was instilled in me in my youth for it was understood being a mind, body, and spirit component this form of growth would be pinnacle in my evolution as a human being, a man, a father, teacher, and priest. My life has always been cluttered with wounded individuals that I have encountered on my life's path some I wounded myself in the absence of the knowledge and understanding that was needed to help them at that time and the scars and wounds, pains and hurts that these individuals carry I have come to realize is from the lack of knowing and understanding versus what a person may think feel or believe. Individuals who have not been fortunate in having someone teach them how to turn on and set their spiritual navigation. Our Ori is the nucleus of our being. One can live without an eye, a lung, that is needed to see and breathe. But one cannot live without a head. Our god-head has been crowned upon our shoulders to lead us and to navigate us down our life's path in the pursuit of fulfilling our destiny. But it is very hard for one to make proper decisions in one's life without proper elders, teachers, mentors, study, practice, and worship, information, materials, instruction, and guidance. Life is based upon a multitude of decisions big and small. And these decisions impact our lives in many ways. You can make a hundred and fifty two thousand correct decisions for your life but make one incorrect decision and cripple it or destroy it. Everything that we do in life, every decision that we make should always add to us mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and financially. We should never ever make decisions or take actions that will give power to taking away from who and what we are and what we stand for and represent. In the eyes of our maker and creator, ourselves, family, and community. I myself like anyone else have made many mistakes and gone through many growing pains in my life. But it has been the lessons learned from such mistakes that have now empowered me and placed me well on the path to mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and financial growth and progression. I am in a very good place and space in my life. And that is due to being honest and true to myself and my many self re-evaluations of me has set me free and aligned me with my destiny. There is no feeling in the world, than to live life as a strong positive spiritually motivating force in the lives of my family and children, community, and the world at large. I am hated on some accounts but greatly loved on many others and there is no greater love than the love that a father has for his children here on earth and the love and worship that is extended to the Creator for blessing me with them. For they are my life's treasures, my legacy of riches. They keep me grounded, focused, and set to my purpose. Living my life as a leader, messenger, teacher, a chef of wisdom with a prepared table for all who wish to share, dine, and drink. Divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding has been the greatest gift my ancestors could have ever given me. It humbles me daily and periodically brings tears to my eyes to see and witness the growth and progression and full manifestations of proper decision making in my own life in the lives of my family and others. I am eternally grateful but not perfect. And I stand committed!!!
    -Kongolini Zulu Mau-​