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    Why would you use the name El, which is a canaanite god in your name? Just courious :jawdrop:
    Somehow the name (el, elohim) and some of the mystic elements of Canaanite religion were absorbed into the religion of ancient Isryl. The name el is preserved in the modern allah, the word used by Muslims and Christians in Arabic to refer to god.
    The word El is a generic name for "god" in Northwest Semitic (Hebrew and Ugaritic) and as such it is also used in the Old Testament for heathen deities or idols (Ex. 34:14; Ps. 81:10; Is. 44:10). The original generic term was 'ilum; dropping the mimation and the nominative case ending (u) becomes 'el in Hebrew. It was almost certainly an adjectival formation (intransitive participle) from the root "to be strong, powerful" ('wl), meaning "The Strong (or Powerful) One."

    In Canaanite paganism the el, par excelence, was the head of the pantheon. As the god, El was, in accordance with the general irrationality and moral grossness of Canaanite religion, a dim and shadowy figure, who, Philo says, had three wives, who were also his sisters, and who could readily step down from his eminence and become the hero of sordid escapades and crimes. The Ugaritic poems add the crime of uncontrolled lust to his character and the description of his seduction of two unnamed women is the most sensuous in ANE literature (much of Ugaritic literature is R rated at best).

    Despite all this, El was considered the exalted "father of years" (abu shanima), the "father of man" (abu adami), and "father bull", that is, the progenitor of the gods, tacitly likened to a bull in the midst of a herd of cows. Like Homer's Zeus, he was "the father of men and gods."

    Dr. Katia writes:
    Don't be dismayed by the "bad things" the Canaanite version of El was said to have done. Canaanite and Phoenician society was depraved (child sacrifice, sex slavery, vicious torture and execution methods, etc.) and so they made their gods and goddesses as violent and sexually perverse as themselves. The true El later became or merged with the Hebrew god. He was a noble, fatherly, kingly figure. Contrary to modern fiction and fantasy, the societies of the past were not full of romantic "noble savages." We moderns must resist the urge to think wistfully, "religion was so much better, so much purer back then." No. It wasn't. Religions and societies evolved as humanity marched on into civilization. Only the fittest, most noble, honorable, loving-but-firm Gods survived. They exist on the heavenly and worldly planes, accessed by tapping deep into our human psyches. Our gods are in our DNA.

    As the myths of ancient Ugarit indicate, the religion of the Canaanite peoples was a crude and debased form of ritual polytheism. It was associated with sensuous fertility-cult worship of a particularly lewd and orgiastic kind, which proved to be more influential than any other nature religion in the ANE.

    Canaanite deities, on the one hand, present remarkable fluidity of personality and function, so that it is often extremely difficult to fix the particular domain of different gods or to define their kinship to one another. Physical relationship, and even sex, change with disconcerting ease. This is one of the grossly irrational aspects of Canaanite religion, indicative of its corrupt nature. On the other hand, Canaanite deities have for the most part etymologically transparent names, a fact which seems to point to the Canaanite pantheon as representing a cruder and more primitive type of polytheism.

    Miscellaneous epigraphic and literary sources reveal the names of the chief gods and goddesses of numerous Canaanite citaies in various periods. The Ugaritic deities are now best known because of the hundreds of religious texts dating from the fifteenth and early fourteenth century BC which were found in a library housed in a building situated between Ugarit's two great temples, one dedicated to Baal and the other to Dagon. The divinities which figure in the mythological texts from Ugarit were evidently not peculiar to the city, but were current among all Canaanites, since they brear only a vague relationship to the most popular deities worshipped in the city itself.


    El is the name by which the supreme Canaanite deity is known. This is also a name by which God is called in the Old Testament -- El, the God (Elohim) of Israel (el elohe yisrael: Gen. 33:20). In most prose it occures more often with an adjunct: El Elyon (the most high God, Gen. 14:18), El Shaddai (traditionally, God Almighty, Gen. 17:1), El Hai (The living God, Josh. 3:10), and very commonly in the plural of majesty, Elohim. In Hebrew poetry El is much more frequent, where it stands quite often without any adjunct (Ps. 18:31, 33, 48; 68:21; Job 8:3).

    The word El is a generic name for "god" in Northwest Semitic (Hebrew and Ugaritic) and as such it is also used in the Old Testament for heathen deities or idols (Ex. 34:14; Ps. 81:10; Is. 44:10). The original generic term was 'ilum; dropping the mimation and the nominative case ending (u) becomes 'el in Hebrew. It was almost certainly an adjectival formation (intransitive participle) from the root "to be strong, powerful" ('wl), meaning "The Strong (or Powerful) One."

    In Canaanite paganism the el, par excelence, was the head of the panthon. As the god, El was, in accordance with the general irrationality and moral grossness of Canaanite religion, a dim and shadowy figure, who, Philo says, had three wives, who were also his sisters, and who could readily step down from his eminence and become the hero of sordid escapades and crimes. Philo portrays El as a bloody tyrant, whose acts terrified all the other gods, and who dethroned his own father, murdered his favorite son, and decapitated his own daughter. The Ugaritic poems add the crime of uncontrolled lust to his morbid character and the description of his seduction of two unnamed women is the most sensuous in ANE literature (much of Ugaritic literature is R rated at best).

    Despite all this, El was considered the exalted "father of years" (abu shanima), the "father of man" (abu adami), and "father bull", that is, the progenitor of the gods, tacitly likened to a bull in the midst of a herd of cows. Like Homer's Zeus, he was "the father of men and gods."


    Baal was the son of El, and the reigning king of the gods, dominating the Canaanite pantheon. As El's successor he was enthroned on a lofty mountain the the far northern heavens. Often he was considered to be "the Lord of Heaven" (Baal-shamem); but sometimes distinguished from the latter, as in Philo, Baal was the god of the rain and storm, whose voice could be heard reverberating through the heavens in the thunder. He is pictured on a Ras Shamra stela brandishing a mace in his right hand and holding in his left hand a stylized thunderbolt ending in a spear head.

    In Ugaritic literature Baal is given the epithet Aliyan, "the one who prevails". As the giver of rain and all fertility, he figures prominently in Canaanite mythology in his struggle with Mot (Death), the god of drought and adversity. In his grapple with Mot, he is slain. As a consequence, a seven year cycle of scarcity ensues. Thereupon the goddess Anath, the sister and lover of Baal Aliyan, goes in search of him, recovers his body and slays his enemy, Mot. Baal is then brought back to life and placed on Mot's throne so that he ma insure the revival of vegetation for seven years. This is the central theme of the great Baal Epic of Ugarit.

    Besides the king of the gods and the storm god, Baal was the god of justice, the terror of evildoers. He was also called "the son of Dagon", the grain god, who was athe cheif deity of Ashdod (1 Sam. 5:1-7) and who had temples at Ugarit and Gaza (Judges 16:23).

    At Ugarit Baal's consort was his sister Anath, but at Samaria in the ninth century BC Ashera appears in that role (1 Kings 18:19). Different places at different periods arranged the pantheon somewhat differently, but the picture by and large was fairly stable. The name ba'al itself in Northwest Semitic (Hebrew, Phoenician and Ugaritic) is the common noun for "master" or "lord" and accordingly, like 'el, "strong one", could be applied to various gods. Actually, however, from an early period (by at least the 15th century BC) the ancient Semitic storm-god Hadad (Akkadian Adad) became "the lord" par excellence.


    A combination of the sister and spouse of Baal, was one of a galaxy of three Canaanite goddesses whose character gives a hint of the depths of the moral depravity to which the Canaanite cults sank. The other two are Astarte and Asherah. All three were patronesses of sex and war -- sex mainly in its sensuous aspect as lust, and war in its aspects of violence and murder. The depraved character of Canaanite religion is indicated by the character of Anath. An Egyptian text of the New Kingdom period described Anath and Astarte as "the great goddesses who conceive but do not bear."

    Another equally viscious characteristic of Anath worship was the fiendish savagery of the composite goddess. A fragment of the Baal Epic (II.7ff) shows her indulging in a massacre of old and young alike:

    She smites the people of the seashore

    Destroys mankind of the sunrise....

    She piles up heads on her back

    She ties up hands in her bundle....

    Anath gluts her liver with laughter

    Her heart is filled with joy.

    Egyptian texts represented Astarte and Anath as goddesses of violence and war, showing them naked astride a galloping horse, waving weapons of battle.

    Interestingly enough, Anath was given the epithet of "virgin" and "the Holy One" (qudshu) in her invariable role of a sacred prostitute. This term qudshu, "the Holy One" is related to the biblical term translated "holy". It is important to recognize that among Semitic poeples the idea of "holiness" was applied to anything that had been dedicated to the service of a deity. The moral connotation of the term is a later, derived, concept. Even in the OT, its usage is often just in the sense of "separated" to God.

    Anath is represented often as a naked woman bestride a lion with a lilly in one hand and a serpant in the other. The lilly represented sex appeal and the serpant represented fertility.

    The male prositutes consecrated to her honor were called qadesh (Deut. 23:18, 1 Kings 14:24, 15:12, 22:46). The feminine qedesha is also found (Deut. 23:18, Hosea 4:14)


    The goddess of the evening star, was like Anath and Ashera concerned with sex and war and was not always clearly distinguished from them. In Egypt Anath and Astarte were even fused into one deity called Antart, while in later Syria their cult was displaced by that of a composite deity: Anat-Ashtart (Atargatis). Like Anath, Astarte was both a mother goddess and a divine courtesan, and she shares all the latter's moral turpitude. (She was also known as Ishtar in Persia, and the name Esther is a form of this word. Additionally, the English word "star" comes from this name).


    She was the wife of El in Ugaritic mythology, and is the goddess who is also called Athirau-Yammi: "She Who Walks on (or in) the Sea". She was the cheif goddess of Tyre in the 15th century BC, and bore the appellation qudshu, "holiness." In the OT Asherah appears as a goddess by the side of Baal, whose consort she evidently became, at least among the Canaanites of the south. However, most biblical references to the name point obviously to some cult object of wood, which might be cut down and burned, possibly the goddesses' image (1 Kings 15:13, 2 King 21:7). Her prophets are mentioned (1 Kings 18:19), and the vessels used in her service referred to (2 Kings 23:4). The existence of numerous symbols, in each of which the goddess was believed to be immanent, led to the creation of numerous forms of her person, which were described as Asherim. The cult object itself, whatever it was, was utterly detestible to faithful worshippers of Yahweh (1 Kings 15:13), and was set up on the high places beside the "alters of incense" (hammanim) and the "stone pillars" (masseboth). The translation of asherah by "grove" in some translations follows a singular tradition preserved in the LXX and the Vulgate which apparently connects the goddess' image with the usual place of its adoration.


    Mot means "death", and he was Baal's enemy. He is the god of the dead and all the powers that opposed life and fertility. He was the favorite son of El, and the most prominent enemy of the god Baal. Mot was the god of sterility and the master of all barren places. Traditionally Mot and Baal were perpetually engaged in a seasonal struggle in which Baal, like many similar harvest deities, was annually vanquished and slain. Mot, however, was annually vanquished and killed by Baal's sister and lover Anath, who thus aided Baal's resurrection.


    Or Resheph (from Hebrew reshef, "the burner", or "the ravager"), an ancient West Semitic god of the plague and of the underworld, the companion of Anath, and the equivalent of the Bablylonian god Nergal. He was also a war god and was thus represented as a bearded man, brandishing an ax, holding a shield, and waring a tall, pointed headdress with a goat's or gazelle's head on his forehead. Resheph was worshipped especially at Ras Shamra (Ugarit), Byblos, and Arsuf (later Apollonia, near Yafo); under the title Mikal (or Mekal) he was also worshipped at Beth-shean in eastern Palestine and at Ialium in Cyprus. Resheph was usually believed to be related to Mot, the god of sterility and death, but he also seems to have been a god of well-being, plenty, and fertility, and in that respect he may have been a form of the god Baal.

    Shulman (or Shalim)

    The god of health. The name is related to the Hebrew word shalom, which means "peace" or "prosperity".

    Koshar (Hothar)

    The god of arts and crafts. He seems to be related to the Hebrew kosher, which means "fit" or "proper".

    The General Character of Canaanite Cults

    The Ugaritic literature has helped reveal the depth of depravity which characterized Canaanite religion. Being a polytheism of an extremely debased type, Canaanite cultic practice was barbarous and thoroughly licentious. It inevitably had a most serious retarding and debilitating effect on every phase of Canaanite cultural and community life. It was inescapable that people should gravitate to the moral level of the sordid gods they worshipped, or rather that the gods were a reflection of their society. "Like gods, like priest; like prist, like people" expresses a law that operates unfailingly.

    Canaanite Cults Utterly Immoral

    The brutality, lust and abandon of Canaanite mythology is far worse than elsewhere in the ANE at this time. And the astounding characteristic of Canaanite deities, that the had no moral character whatsoever, must have brought out the worst traits in their devotees and entailed many of the most demoralizing practices of the time, such as sacred prostitution, child sacrifice and snake worship.

    Canaanite Cults Effete and Corrupt

    Such an effete and corrupt religion could have no other than a devitalizing effect on the population. So vile had the practices of the Canaanites become that the land was said to "vomit out its inhabitants" (Lev. 18:25) and the Israelites were warned by Yahweh to keep all his statutes and ordinances "that the land," into which he was about to bring them, would not "vomit" them out (Lev. 20:22). The character of the Canaanite religion as portrayed I the Ugaritic literature furnishes ample background to illustrate the accuracy of these biblical statements in their characterization of the utter moral and religious degeneracy of the inhabitants of Canaan, wo were accordingly to be decimated and dispossessed.

    The Character of the Canaanite Cults Justifies the Command to Destroy Them

    It is without sound theological basis to question God's justice in ordering the extermination of such a depraved people or to deny Israel's integrity as God's people in carrying out the divine order. Nor is there anything in this episode or the devotion of Jericho to destruction that involves conflict with the New Testament revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

    God's infinite holiness is just as much outraged by sin in the NT as it was in the OT, and the divine wrath is not less in the NT against those who refuse the forgiveness provided by Christ. Consider what Jesus said to and about the scribes and Pharisees who opposed him, the fate of Annanias and Sephira, or the rather apocalyptic judgments describe in Revelation.

    The principle of divine forbearance, however, operates in every era of God's dealings with people. God awaits till the measure of iniquity is full, whether in the case of the Amorite (Gen. 15:16) or the antediluvians consumed by the Deluge (Gen. 6) or the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19). But God always gives a way to repent and avoid the judgment (consider God's words in Ezekiel 33, as an example -- "God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather, that the wicked turn from his evil ways.")

    In the case of the Canaanites, instead of using the forces of nature to effect his punitive endes, he employs the Israelites to be his ministers of justice. The Israelites were apprized of the truth that theywere the instruments of the divine judgement (Joshua 5:13-14). In the light of the total picture the extermination of the canaaites by the Israelites was just and employment of the Israelites for the purpose was right. It was, frankly, a question of destroying or being destroyed, of keeping separated or of being contaminated and consumed.

    Canaanite Cults Dangeroulsy Contaminating

    Implicit in the righteous judgment was the divine intention to protect and benefit the world. When Joshua and the Israelites entered Palestine in the 14th century (or 13th), Canaanite civilization was so decadent that it was small loss to the world that in parts of Palestine it was virtually exterminated. The failure of the Israelites to execute God's command fully was one of the great blunders which theycommitted, as well as a sin, and it resulted in lasting injury to the nation (Judges 1:28, 2:1-3).

    In the ensuing judgment the infinite holiness of Yahweh, the God of Israel, was to be vindicated saliently against the dark background of a thoroughly immoral and degraded paganism. The completely uncompromising attitude commanded by yahweh and followed by the leaders of Israel must be seen in its true light. Compromise between Israel's God and the degraded deities of Canaanite religion was unthinkable. Yahweh and Baal were poles apart. There could be no compromise without catastrophe.

    W.F. Albright wrote:

    It was fortunate for the future of monotheism that the Israelites of the conquest were a wild folk, endowed with primitive energy and ruthless will to exist, since the resulting decimation of the Canaanites prevented the complete fusion of the two kindred folk which would almost inevitably have depressed Yahwistic standards to a point where recovery was impossible. Thus the Canaanites, with their orgiastic nature-worship, their cult of fertility in the form of serpent symbols and sensuous nudity, and their gross mythology, were replaced by Israel, with its nomadic simplicity and purity of life, its lofty monotheism, and its severe code of ethics. In a not altogether dissimilar way, a millennium later, the African Canaaanites, as they still called themselves, or the Carthaginians, as we call them, with the gross Phoenician mythology which we know from Ugarit and Philo Byblius, with human sacrifices and the cult of sex, were crushed by the immensely superior Romans, whose stern code of morals and singularly elevated paganism remind us in many ways of early Israel. (Note: the Romans were apparently descended from Japheth, so their destruction of Carthage was a fulfillment of Gen. 9:27).
    Again, why would you, take the name El for your own??????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Again I See You Just Throw Something Together Meaning Water Down < gp >

    Again I See You Just Throw Something Together Meaning Water Down < gp > You Funny Little Man , I See You Trying To Find A Way To Label Me Through My Name . Which Will Not Work . The Real Question Here If Your Know About The Curse Seed Of Canaan Being Evil . And You Marry One What Does That Make You ? Does This Mean You Really Worship The Canaanites God Baal Also ? I Also See Your Using The White Man OverStanding Of The Above Word ;... What A Joke . Trying To Prove By Bloodline Through My Name Isn't Going To Change Who The Curse Seed Of Canaanite Who Are The Beast Of The Field , Who Live In The Caves Walk On All Four Eating Raw Meat Having Sex Dogs / Goats Etc Etc.Leviticus Chapter 18... And This Is Where Most Of His Disese Come From < The Is A Medial Fact > And this is why according to your bible Yashua told his disciple not to teach these people Matthew 10 ;5 . , But The Lair Paul Went To Them Anyway . These Are The People Who Was The One Eating Bad Food , Worshipping All Types Of Imaged .

    Eloheeh / Qnunnaqi Meaning in The ( Aramic / Hebrew )
    The word '' Anunnaqi 'means '' Those who the Most High '' Sent Down , From Heaven To Earth '' They came from the skies to the planet earth '' which was originally called '' Tiamat '' meaning '' Maiden Of Life '' . And was also referred to as '' Tamtu and Tiwawat , and Qi , Ki , Tiamat is also called Terra , Orb . Arduwt , or Ard . Which the Greek came across the word Qi , They change it to '' Ge . Which is where the word '' Geo '' comes from . The Anunnaqi In the bible are called Eloheem = Plural Gods
    ( Psalm 82; 1 also 82;6 , John 10 ; 34 - 35 , Genesis 6 ; 2 , 6;4 , Job 1;6 Also 2;1) They got their name Anunnaqi when they were coming to earth . The Anunnaqi are a race of supreme beings . The word Anunnaqi is used within The Ancient Tablets the word Eloheem mean '' These Beings '' or '' A Group Of Elohs '' Eloheem are Angels of '' El '' or messengers of '' El Eloh who is The Most Hight . They are physical Angelic Beings , not spooks or Spirits or Ghost They are a host of being that do the work of '' El '' or while on The planet earth . under an appointed being . Then they are called '' El '' Who is under '' Al or El . The Word '' Eloheem '' is found throughout the scroll of Exodus and is falsely translated as '' God '' The name Eloheem isused for both agreeable and disagreeable beings and even human as in Exodus 7 ; 1 , when Yahuwa told Mose that he will make him an Anunnaqi /Eloheem for the Pharaoh .

    The Aramic / Hebrew Eloh mean '' Those Beings . '' An Eloh is a singular or an individual Eloheem . Each man is an Eloh . Any Eloheem can be an Eloh . When the Hebrew letters ( Yod ) and ( Miym ) are added to Eloh as a suffix , You get the word Eloheem which is the plural form of Eloh .

    It is the same as the Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) word Elah or Ilah which is short for Allah , The Plural is Allahuma meaning '' The Source And Those Being '' Each Eloheem is an individual Eloh , and when they are in group . They are Eloheem . If they are raised to A Supreme Being . They become El not an Al or El .

    Baal In Aramic / Hebrew has avariety of meaning ; '' Lord , Master ( Of House ) , Archer , Men , Husband, Chief Man , Owner '' . It is merely a title that comes from the root word '' Baw'al meaning '' To Marry , To Rule , To Own '' Baal is the chief male deity of The phoenicians and The Curse Canaanites . His female counterpart is '' Ashtoreth '' , who is also known as The Sumerian deity Ishtar , and Aset by The Egyptians and Isis by the Greeks , as their principal female deity ( Judge 2;13 ) . There were many deities that bore the title '' Baal ''. Baal was used as an evil idol , like when The Israelites turned away from '' Jehovah '' Yehweh , They Worshipped .

    The Deity .Baal ( Judge 2; 13 ) . The title Baal was also given to one of the sons of Enlil , Name Ishkur , Which in The Sumerian Language mean '' Far Mountain Land , Mountainous '' . Ishkur Also had other titles like '' Adad '' Which in Sumerian means '' Beloved '' . By the time it came to the Aramic /Hebrew Language the meaning changed to '' Might , Sharp '' . He was Nicknamed '' Hadad '' , Meaning '' Mighty One '' In The Greek Language , He Is Known As '' Teshub ''meaning '' Storm Deity '' . The plural for '' Baal as found in ( 1King 18; 40 ) Is Baalim which is mentioned in ( Judge 2 ; 11 ) . Baal became a term used for some Curse Canaanite Deities , The word '' Baal '' Is Not Only Used For A Deity , But For Regular People Also . The Term '' Baal '' Has Been Used To Mean '' Archer ( Genesis 49 ;23 ) . Man / Exodus 24;14 ) . Man / Joshua 24 ;11 Husband / Exodus 21 ; 22 Chief Man / Leviticus 21 ; 4 ) Owener / Exodus 21 ; 28 - 29 . And Master Of House [ Farmer ] Exodus 22 ; 8

    The word '' Elyown Elyown El , means '' The Highest , The Highest El '' or simply '' The Most High '' This Is When Anu Is Called '' El '' But Its The Highest '' El '' . It Was taken from cueifform and babylonian and Akkadian into The Language of Aramic / Hebrew and in Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic When it is call '' Al Aliy meaning '' The Most Hight '' . Al Aliy Is The 36 th Attribute . Throughout The Scriptures ( Genesis 14 ; 18 - 20 , 22 ) The Eloheem Worshippped Elyown Elyown El Who Is Anu .

    The word '' El Shaadi '' means '' The Almighty '' He is one of the Eloheem , A Yahuwa , Whose name is '' Matatrun '' meaning '' The Disputer '' , Matatrun is the 11th of the 24 Elder , '' Dinneer , In Greek Theword for Almighty is '' Pantokrator '' meaning '' All - Powerful '' As found in
    ( 2Corinthian 6; 18 , Revelation 1 ; 8 , 4 ; 8 , 11 ; 17 , 15 ; 3 , 16; 7 , 14; 19;6.15 , 21; 22 , Pantokrator , come from the greek words'' Pas '' meaning '' All , Any , Every , The Whole ; And '' Kratos meaning '' Dominion , Mighty , Power , Strength '' El Shaadi , Was also a title used for '' Tammuz the son of Ishtar and Dummuzi . El Shaai In Ashurc /Syriac / Arabic Is El Shadiyd ( Quraan 13; 13 , 40 ; 22, 53 ; 5 , 8 ;52 ) . He was A Disagreeable '' Shad '' meaning '' Demon '' . Who was converted into an Agreeable Eloheem by the Eloheem Nergal . Tammuz = Ezekiel 8 ; 14 , Was Assigned To The Planet Earth To Oversee The Enosites After There Transgression In The Garden In The Old Testament The Word '' Al Mighty - El Shaadi Is Also Found In ( Ruth 1 ; 20 -21 ) ; Job 5 ; 17 , 6; 4 , 14 ; 8;3 ,5 ; 11 ; 7 ; 13 ;3 , 15 ; 25 ; 21 ;15 ,20 ; 22 ; 3 , 17 , 23 , 25, 26 , )

    It is a scientific fact , that Archeologists have found '' Tablets Dated Thousands of years before your actual '' Adam , A Name merely meaning of the '' Dark Brownish Red , Ground'' And Khawwah , Eve which means '' Life Or Mother Of All Human '' The earliest known documents in Cuneiform , which were recorded in Sumerian - The language of the inhabitants of Southern Mesopotamia and Chaldea . These documents were tablets known as ; The Atra - Hasis / The Enuma Elish , and The Gilgames Epics /
    Tablets Of The Descents Of Ishtar To The Underworld , Tablets Of Nergal And Arishkegal , Tablets Of Adafe , Tablets Of Etana , The Akkadian Tablets And May More .

    Cuneiform was used as a Script as well as a spoken language by The Eloheem , and later from this language camethelanguage ( Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic And Aramic / Phoenician / Hebrew. ''
    The Enuma Elish '' means '' When On High '' . The Enuma Elish Is Name After The First Two Word Of The Narrative Of The Babylonian Book '' Enuchus '' . The Enuma Elish . Is The Babylonian Story Of Creation . These Tablets Were Recorde Way Before . Aramic / Hebrew or Ashuric / Arabic Even Existed

    The Ashuric Language Spelled Asshur Stemmed From Asshur , A Son Of Shem Who Was The Son Of Noah , Just Like Aram ( Genesis 10 ; 21 - 23 )
    Genesis 10 ; 21 - 23 ;... Sons were also born to Shem, whose older brother was Japheth; Shem was the ancestor of all the sons of Eber. 22 The sons of Shem:
    Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram. 23 The sons of Aram;...
    Aramic / Phoenician ( Hebrew ) <> Genesis 10 ; 22 ;...The sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram .
    Asshuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) <> Genesis 10 ; 22 ;..The sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram ;... < Asshur Son Of Shem And Faatin > < Aram Son Of Shem And Faatin > Aramic Comes From A Man Named Aram The 5Th Son Of Shem As Mentioned In Genesis 10 ; 22 . Aramic ( Hebrew ) Was The Language Of The Aramaeans , The Descendant Of Aram .

    Ancestral Lineage Of Aram
    Aram Son Of Genesis 10 ; 22 ;... The sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram.
    Shem Son Of Genesis 5 ; 22 ;... After Noah was 500 years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth.
    Noah Son Of Genesis 5 ; 22 ;... After Noah was 500 years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth.
    Lamech Son Of Genesis 5 ; 28 - 29 ;...When Lamech had lived 182 years, he had a son. 29 He named him Noah and said, "He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the LORD has cursed.
    Methusael Son Of Genesis 5 ; 25 ;...When Methuselah had lived 187 years, he became the father of Lamech.
    Emoch Son Of Genesis 5 ; 21 ;...When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah ;.
    Jared Son Of Genesis 5 ; 18 ;...When Jared had lived 162 years, he became the father of Enoch
    Mahalaleel Son Of Genesis 5 ; 15 ;...When Mahalalel had lived 65 years, he became the father of Jared.
    Kenan Son Of Genesis 5 ; 12 ;...When Kenan had lived 70 years, he became the father of Mahalalel
    Enosh Son Of Genesis 5 ;9 ;...When Enosh had lived 90 years, he became the father of Kenan.
    Seth Son Of Genesis 5; 6 ;...When Seth had lived 105 years, he became the father of Enosh.

    Adam Son Of Genesis 5 ; 3 ;... When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth
    The County Aram Settled In Was Then Called Aram '' Number 23 ; 7 ;.ThenBalaam uttered his oracle: "Balak brought me from Aram,
    The Fact The Language Was Named After Aram Himself , Proves That He Was A Leader , A Chief , Or A Mighty Man In His Tribe . When A Dialect Evolved . It Usally Was Named After The Most Powerful , Or OutStanding Member Of The Tribe , Or Clan ; In This It Was Aram . The Name Of The County Of Aram Appears In The Hebrew Scripture Psalm 60 ; 1 ;... Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer .
    As Aramnaharaim Meaning '' Aram Of The Two Rivers'' It Was Called This Because It Was Located Between The Tigris ( Idiglat ) And Euphrates ( Firattu )
    And Euphrates ( Firattu ) Rivers . WhereThe Atumiy ( Watusies ) Lived Aram Was Also Called Padan , Or Paddan - Aram Genesis 28 ; 2 ;..Go at once to Paddan Aram, to the house of your mother's father Bethuel. Take a wife for yourself there, from among the daughters of Laban, your mother's brother.
    Meaning '' The Plain ( Flatlands ) Of Aram In Genesis 25 ; 20 ;...and Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah daughter of Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram and sister of Laban the Aramean. .... And Comes From The Word Paddan Which Means '' A Plateau '' In The Aramic ( Hebrew ) . It Appears In The Feminine Form As Padana Which Means '' A Plateau '' . All Of The Syrians Are Arameans , Meaning '' The People Are Called Aramaeans '' And They Are Also The Assyrian Nation . But Speaking A Different Dialect . Don't Confuse The

    Aramaeans, Or Syrians Of The Past With The People Who Reside In These Areas Called Iraq And Syria Today , The Aramic ( Hebrew ) Language Evolved Into Different Dialect And Is Labeled As Ancient . Offical Middle , Late Eastem And Modern Aramic ( Hebrew ) . However , Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Was A Late Dialect Of Aramic ( Hebrew ) Written In Number Of Flowing Scripts .
    You Might Ask Is Aramic ( Hebrew ) And Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) The Same Language ? What Is Called The Aramic ( Hebrew ) Tongue Is Translated As The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Tongue , And Because These Language Were The Most Ancient And They Sounded Similar , They Were Somtimes Thought To Be The Same Language . You Can See That The Language Aramic ( Hebrew ) And Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Came From Accardian Also Spelled Akkadian , One Of The Language Of Sumer Was Also A Form Of Cuneiform In The Aramic ( Hebrew )Accad In The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Accadi Comes From Genesis 10 ; 10 ;....The first centers of his kingdom were Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh, in Shinar
    The Accadian ( Akkadian ) Language , Written In Cuneiform Was A Semitic Tongue Related To Hebrew , Arabic , And Aramic The Oldest Accadian ( Akkadian

    Cuneiform Inscriptions Date From The Old Accadian Or Early Accadian Period During The Inscription Of The Great Ruler Sargon ( 2334 - 2279 B.C.E. ) ...
    Isaiah 20 ; 11 ;....
    Of Accad . The Excerpts From The Bible Were Extracted From These Tablets Which Help To Prove That The Bible Wasn't Divinely Sent By Some All Poweful Loving Deity Who Lives Up In Heaven .Also The Torah Couldn't Originally Have Been Recorded In Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Or Aramic ( Hebrew ) If The First Time The Language Were Mentioned Were In Genesis 10 ; 22 ;...
    The Gilgamesh Epic Pre - Date The Bible The Gilgamesh Epic . Is Considered One Of The Greatest Stories Of The Accadiah Language . Gilgamesh , Is Said To Be The Fifth King Of URUK ( Around 2600 B,C.E. ) A City In Mesopotamia In Genesis 10 ; 10 ;....
    As ERECH ( URUK ) The Tablets Themselves Are Not Named . Just The Story On The Tablets EPIC Means '' Stories Or Fables '' Theologians Call These Writeings '' The Gilgamesh Epics '' Which Is Really The Muniyr Tablets Or Tablets Of Light , Also Know As The illumination Tablets , Because It Focuses On A King Whose Name Was GILGAMESH ( IZ DUBAR ) . The Name GILGAMESH Is From Cuneiform Or Chaldean . The Great Ruler Of The Two Rivers Tigris ( Idgiat ) And Euphrates
    ( Furattau ) Who Was 2/3 Eloheem And1/3 Human , They Also Give More Accurate Accounts Of These Events Concerning The Creation , Thus , The Story On The Tablets Of Gilgamesh , Parallels With The Story Of NOAH And The Flood NOAH'S Real Name Was UTNAFISHTIM And He Was Also Called ZIU SUDRA And KUMARBI . In Aramic ( Hebrew ) The Name NO - AKH Means '' To Rest Down Upon Genesis 8; 4 ;...
    Describing What The Ark Itself Did , And If You Read It In The Original Language . It Tells You That It Not Only Floated . But It Also Flew , Or Lifted Up Off Of The Water . The Word Is NAW - SAW '' To Lift , Bear Up. Lift Up '' When It Landed , And Not The Person NOAH , But A Craft So How Could That Be His Name Before This Yahuwa Genesis 7 ; 9 ;.....
    Called Him At The Age Of 600 In Genesis 7; 6 ;...
    To Build A Tay - Baw '' Ark Or Craft , Or A Vessel '' In Genesis 6;14 ;...
    Another Epic Wrtten In CUNEIFORM SCRIPT Is Called , The ENUMA ELISH Which Is The Babylonian Creation Epic , The Story Has Similarities To The Biblical Story Of Creation .
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    new jersey

    what's goin on here fellahs :hammer: ? What are you teaching here?

    AACOOLDRE Well-Known Member MEMBER

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    Wouldn't the whore of Babylon be the same as anath and astare because they both destroy with wine and horses. The whore is destroyed by her own winepress and horse bridles (Rev 14:8 &20)

    "Egyptian texts represented Astarte and Anath as goddesses of violence and war, showing them naked astride a galloping horse, waving weapons of battle".
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    WE are ALL ONE

    as usual, you didnt answer the Question, but went on a rant lolololol.
    Read Acts 17:26-28. "We are also His offspring." Read John 2:9-11. Hence, we are to love one another. Read Genesis 1:26-27. We were created in Yahweh's Image; (Romans 8:29) and though man has strayed far from that Image, we may be re-made and re-formed into It. This means EVERYONE who is sincere, from the lowliest Indian girl to the noblest Roman. We are all one. See Galatians 3:27-28. Yahweh Judges the heart (1 Samuel 16:7), withOUT partiality. (Acts 10:34-35) Read James 2:1,8-9.
    Read Joshua 2:1-15; 6:22-25. Rahab, a Canannite was saved alive.
    Read Numbers 15:14-16,29; 19:10. There is ONE LAW for sincere Israelis and sincere "strangers". Read Exodus 12:48-49. The "strangers" could even PARTAKE OF THE PASSOVER.
    Read Numbers 12:1-11 and the beautiful account of Ruth. Israelis married Moabitesses and Ethiopians. Ruth, a Moabitess, was an ancestor of our Yahshua. When Yahweh told the Israelis not to marry the heathen, He obviously did not mean that they could not marry people of other nationalities. They were not to marry WICKED PEOPLE (or, unbelievers;. people of different religions).
    Read Acts 2:5-11,41-42. Many people of many nations received Messiah into their hearts.
    Read Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 8:25. The disciples are commanded to preach to all nations, and they do so. The Samaritans are preached to.
    Read Acts 8:26-39. An Ethiopian eunuch finds Messiah as his Saviour.
    Read Luke 10:25-27. A Samaritan does good. Yahshua uses a Samaritan as an example for us.
    Read John 4:1-30,39-42. Yahshua took the time to preach to the Samaritans. They were looking for a Saviour, and believed on Him.
    Read Acts 10:1-11:18. Gentiles are ONE with the Jews. How can this be argued. It cannot be, except by those who are withstanding Yahweh. (verse 17)
    "Romans 11"
    Read Romans 11. Gentiles CAN be graffed into the Israeli tree! Praise Yahweh's Holy Name! Read 1 Peter 2:9-10.
    "PRAISE YAHWEH, ALL YE NATIONS: PRAISE HIM, ALL YE PEOPLE. FOR HIS MERCIFUL KINDNESS IS GREAT TOWARD US: AND THE TRUTH OF YAHWEH ENDURETH FOREVER. PRAISE YE YAHWEH." Psalm 117Your cheap and childish shots at my wife are actuallly a blessing IssaEL.I believe as I just showed you what Yahweh says about it, rather than what your racist views wants to show(smile).All your doing is the opposite, your actually making my faith in Christianity stronger, and for that, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who Was Yashua / Jesus Father ????

    Just What Does '' Came In Unto Her ' Means ? Well . We Will Have To Search God's Words , The Bible And See , And This Exact Phrase Is Mentioned Only Twice In The Bible In This Exact Form . One In The New Testament In The Book Of Luke 1 ; 28 , One Of The Four Synoptic Gospels Chosen Out Of The Many , Reavealed 56 - 58 . A .D. At Caesare . TheAuther Being Called Lucanus Or Latin Lucas , Luciene , From Latin Lucere '' To Shine '' . Lux Gen . From Lucis '' Light '' Lucidas ' Full 'Of Light Clear , Bright '' Lucerna '' Light , Lamp . Bear In MindThat The Language These Original Disciple And Companions Spoke Was Not Greek , But The Same As The Old Testament Language . So The Phrase WouldBe The Same As TheOld Testament But Only Translated Into The Greek And The Latin Which Could Make This Confusing . Why I Want To Point That OutRight Here . The Language Would Be The Same. As We Proceed , You Will See Why The Language Are Important . Now . The Second Place This Phrase ''' Came In Unto Her '' Is Mentioned , Is The Old Testament Genesis 38 ; 18 . What Is Important About That Is Genesis The Book Of Genealogy And Creations And Births . Being The First Of The 5 Books Of Moses . JesusIs Often Identified Through This Line With HisVery Blood And Seed . Being Called Of The Seed Of David John 7 ; 42 . What Does All This Have To Do With This One Phrase And Why Is So Important ? Because It Will Tell You What Physical Being Had Intercourse With Mary To Bring About The Birth Of The Son Of God . You See When You LQQk At The Greek Translation Of Luke 1 ; 28 '' And The Angel Came Into Her ... It Is Translated As ..

    CAME IN ; < Greel >>> eiserchomai .. ice - er '. khom - ahee
    ( 1 ) . To Go Out Or Come In ; To Enter . 2a 1) To Arise , Come Into Existence Begin To Be . 2a3 ) To Come Into Life
    UNTO ; < Greek > pros pros
    ( 1 ) To The Advantage Of . 2 ) At . Near . By . 3 ) To . Towards . With . With Regard To
    HER ; < Greek > Autos , ow - tos '
    ( 1 ) Himself . Herself , Themself , Itself , 2 ) He . She , It , 3 ) The Same .
    The Greek Word ice-er'khom - ahee . Means '' To Go Out Or Come In . To Enter '' .
    LQQk At The Last Definition '' To Enter '' If You Added This Translation To The Phrase '' Came In Unto Her '' You Would Get '' Entered Into Her '' And That's The Greek . But Before We Go Any Further We Have To Go Back To The Original Language We Go Into Genesis 16 ; 4 '' And He Went In ( bo ) Unto Hagar , And She Conceived ; And When She Saw That She Had Conceived ,
    Notice The Exact Same Words Being Used Only In The Original Language Of The Bible . My Point Is '' Unto Her '' In Both Place , You Get The Same Meaning That Some Being Standing There '' Went Or Come Or Entered '' Into Her '' And If In The Case Of Genesis 16 ; 4 . Abraham '' Went In Unto ''Hagar , And She Conceived '' The Hebrew Word There Is Haw - raw '' Conceived , Woman , With Child , Bear , Progenitor , Impregnate '' The Act Of Abraham Going In Unto Hagar Resulted In Childbirth . The Phrase '' Enter Her '' Would Mean A Sexual Intercourse , And The Reason And They Call It The Immaculate Conception , Is Cleared Up By St . John Chapter 1 ; 13 . Where It States This Jesus Was Not Born Out Of The Lust Of Men . It Was A Clean Incident . Not A Pleasure Incident , A Divine Incident , An Immaculate Incident , The Quote Reads '' Which Were Born Not Of Blood Nor Of The Will Of Flesh Nor Of The Will Of Man But Of God . This Child Was Born In An Immaculate Conception Because The Angel Representing God In The Flesh Was Pure And Not Of This World . For Further Proof . That The Statement '' In Unto Her '' Means A Sexual Intercourse Is Found In Genesis 38 ; 8 , Where '' Judah Said Unto Onan , Go In Unto Thy Brother Wife And Marry Her And Raise Up Seed To Thy Brother . ;.,.. He Was Telling Him To Have A Sexual Intercourse With His Brother Wife To Have A Child And The Same Phrase Is Mentioned . Throughout The Bible , '' Went In Unto Her '' Simply Meant An Intercourse Sexually To Reproduce '' Am I Saying Mary Was Not A Virgin ?

    Had Mary Had An Intercourse With An Ordinary Man , She Would Be Classified Not A Virgin . Her Statement Is '' No Man Has Known Me '' And That She Has Been Chosen Above The Woman Of The World . She Was A Virgin Espoused To Joseph According To Luke 1 ; 27 , So She Was A Virgin When The Angel Came To Her . A Virgin Shall Conceive And Have A Child Doesn't Mean That After The Intercourse She Is Still A Virgin . It Meant That TheWoman That Would Bear This Child Would Be A Virgin . Not A Woman Who Had Already Had Children . And That Whole Concept Was Borrowed From The Book Of Isaiah 7 ; 14
    '' Therefore The Yahweh ( Lord ) Himself Shall Give You A Sign , Behold , A Virgin
    ( al-maw ) Shall Conceive And Bear A Son And Shall Call His Name Emmanuel . The Word Almaw Doesn't Merely Mean Virgin In The Sense Of One Whose Hymen Has Not Been Broken , But Rather '' A Maid Or Newly Married Woman , A Damsel . '' And As You Can See , This Quote Is Not A Prophecy Of Jesus Christ If You Read The Whole Chapter , But A Wife That Isaiah Took Later And This Was A Sign To A King Ahaz Of Syria And Borrowed For The New Testament To Support Their Story . The Greek They Use In Matthew 1 ; 23 And I Quote '' Behold A Virgin Shall Be With A Child , And Shall Bring Forth A Son And They Shall Call His Name Emmanuel , Which Being Interpreted Is God With Us . The Greek Word For Virgin Here Is Par-than-os And The Definition They Give '' A Marriageable Maiden '' Means Eligible For Marriage , Because She Still Was Unconsummated . '' A Woman Who Has Never Had Sexual Intercourse With A Man . And You Can See From This Second Portion Of The Definition That The New Testament Intentionally Borrowed A Quote From Isaiah 7; 14, Added A New Definition To The Word Virgin , Which Was Almaw , Give Their Own Which Is Par -than - os , Just To Support Their Beliefs . Changing Word And Altering The Meanings Of God . Something That The Book Of Revelation 22 ;19 Warns Against , Because They Simply Fear The Facts And The Results .They Can't Explain These Happening So They Shroud Them In Terms Like Faith And Belief To Hide The Facts . That This Is No More Then A Re-make Of The Story Of The Immaculate Conception In Egipt Of Isis , The Virgin Whose Huband Osiris Was Killed Before She Had A Child , And An Angelic Being Khonsu Came To Her And Helped Her And She Later Conceived A Son Horus , Who Became Known As The Son Of God . This Was Recorded 10,500 Year Before Your Book Of Isaiah 7 ; 14 And Matthew 1 ; 23 . It Is Simply A Stolen Story . A Plagiarized Story Of Another Culture The Egiptians . And Being Re-taught To The Original Egiptians In The Form Of A New Religion Called Christianity . To Explain The Christian Fabricated Story . The Angel Gabriel Or The Holy Ghost Entered Mary And Over - Shadowed Her As Luke 1 Verse 35 , Mentions '' And The Angel Answered And Said Unto Her . The Holy Ghost Shall Come Upon Thee , And The Power Of

    The Highest Shall OverShadow Thee ; Therefore Also That Holy Thing Which Shall Be Born Of Thee Shall Be Called The Son Of God. '' The Greek Word Used For Come Is ep-er-khom-ahee , Meaning '' To Come Upon , Come On '' Which Means That The Holy Ghost Came Upon Or On Top Of Mary . For The Word Upon In Greek Is Epi - ep - ee . Meaning '' On , In , Unto , To Of Position , Upon '' . So Now We Have The Holy Ghost According To Luke1 ; 25 , Coming In Unto Mary In Luke 1 ; 28 , And In Luke 1 ; 35 , The Holy Ghost Came Upon Her , And OverShadowed Her . Just What Does'' OverShadow '' Means ? Well , The BibleAccording To Luke1 ; 35 Tells Us '' OverShadowed . Which In Greek Is Ep - ee - skee - ad'' Means '' To Lay Upon To Envelope In Shadow '' Now That We Have The Whole '' To Lay Upon , To Envelope In A Shadow '' . NowThat We Have The Whole Picture , We Can Start Putting The Pieces Together . This Angel That Was Sent From God Came To Mary . Spoke To Her About Having Her Giving Birth To The Son Of God , And Then He Laid Upon Her Or Enveloped A Shadow Upon Her Because He Was Laying Upon , Thus His Shadow Was Upon Her . And Then Artificially Inseminated The Seed Of GodWhich Was ThePackage He CameTo Give Her According To Koran 19 ; 17 - 19 , And Inpregnated Her With The Child Of God Who Was To Be Called The Son Of God / Thehos Equivalent To The Hebrew Word Gods / Eloheem . So When Referring To Someone Having Sexual Intercourse And Coming In Unto Their Spouse The New Testament Using The Greek Word Ice -er - khom - ahee , Meaning '' To Go Or Come In , To Enter '' . If You Use One Of The Greek Versions To Enter , It Would Be '' To Enter Her '' . Not '' Come In Or Go In Unto Her . What Does The Old Testament Use?
    If You Go To The Old Testament In Genesis 38 ; 8 - 9 You Will Read '' And Judah Said Unto Onan , Go In Unto Thy Brother's Wife , And Marry Her , And Raise Up Seed To Thy Brother . And Onan Knew That The Seed Should Not Be His ; And It Came To Pass , When He Went In Unto His Brother's Wife , That He Spilled It On The Ground , Lest That He Should Give Seed To His Brother ''

    The Quote Above Uses The Hebrew Word Bo For '' Go In '' And For '' Went In '' . And They Are Making Reference To Onan . The Son Of Judah To Lay With His Bothers Wife ( Ish - Shaw ) And Marry Her . And Raise A Seed ( Zeh-rah ) By Her . To Compenensated For His Brothers Seed . HowEver , Onan Went In Unto Tamar . And Shaw -khath Meaning '' To Destroy . Corrupt . Ruin , Spoiled '' Spilled His Seed Or Semen On The Ground . This Is Definitly Speaking About Two People Having Sexual Intercourse . Genesis 38 ; 16 States ... And He Gave It Her , And Came In ( Bo ) Unto Her . And She Conceived By Hime '' This Story Is Speaking About Judah , Having Sexual Intercourse With The Harlot Tamar . And The Word Used For '' Came In Is Bo Meaning '' To Go In . Enter , Come . Go . Come In '' . These QuotesBelow Use The Same Word Bo Meaning '' To Go In . Enter , Come. Go . Comes In '' , Even To The Point Where The Wife Becomes Pregnant . So So It Is Obviously Speaking About Two People Having Sexual Intercourse .
    Genesis 16 ; 4 '' And he went in ( bo ) unto Hagar , and she conceived . and when she saw that she had conceived ...
    Genesis 29 ;23 '' And it came to pass in the evening . that he took Leah his daughter . and brought her to him ; and he went in unto her .
    Genesis 6 ; 4 '' There were giants in the earth in those days ; and also after that . when the sons of God came in ( bo ) unto the daughters of men , and they bare children to them

    2Samuel 11 ; 4 '' And David sent messengers , and took her ; and she came in ( bo)
    unto him and he lay with her ;
    Esther 2 ; 14 '' In the evening she went , and on the morrow she returned into the second house of the women , to the custody of Shaadhgaz , the king's chamberlatin . which kept the concubines ; she came in ( bo ) unto the king no more, except theking delighted in her .
    What Does The Koran Use For The Word '' Came In Unto ? The Koran 19 ; 19 Uses The Word Ahaba Meaning '' To Give , Grant , Endow'' Koran 19 ; 19 ''' He said ; '' Nay , I am only a mesenger from thy Lord ( to announce ) to thee the gift of a holy son '' The Angel Gabriel Didn't Use The Word Atiy Meaning '' To Give . To Present , Or Hand Over '' . Nor Did He Use Ahdara Meaning '' Bringing '' The Arabic Word Used Again Was Ahaba Meaning '' To Give , To Grant , To Endow . Other Forms Of This Word Ahaba Is Wahaba '' To Give . Donate . To Grant , Accord , To Present '' Mawhiba '' Given . Granted . Gifted , Talented '' And . Waahib '' Giver . Donor '' Am I Telling You That The Greatest Story Ever Told Is A Lie ? Well , TheFact Is That The Very Staement The Greatest Story Tells You It's Just That . That's Why It's Often Called X-mas , A Ritual That Never Happened As They Said . This Is Why They Have Found Horus ' Body But Not Jesus ' . They Have Found Isis ' Body But Not Mary 's They Have Found Osiris ' Body But Not Joseph Or Jehovah , And They Will Tell You That's Because God Took Him Up . If God Took Jesus Up Bodily . Then Heaven Is A Material Place , A Physical Place , Not A Spiritual Place . And John 4 ; 24 , And Philippians 3 ; 3 Matched With Matthew 6 ; 9 Where It State '' our father who art in heaven '' . If God The Father Is In Heaven , Then God's Throne Is In Heaven Matthew 5 ;34 , And We AreTo Worship God In Spirit . And When Jesus Was On The Cross At Calvary . He Didn't Send His Body To Heaven . John 19 ; 30 Clearly States . From The Cross '' it is finished , and he bowed his head and gave up . the ghost '' or die . His head went down , his ghost or spirit went up . And Luke 23 ; 47 Supports The Word Spirit Being The Ghost Because It States '' and when Jesus had cried with a loud voice . he said father into thy hands I commend my spirit , and having said thus . he gave up the ghost '' So The God That Jesus Returned To As His
    Father . His Throne In Heaven Is A Spiritual Abode . So Which Is It ? Jesus Goes Up Bodily To A Physical Place Or Jesus Goes Up Ghostly John 19 ; 30 . To A Spiritual Place Or Like Earth ? Is It Both Like The Ancient Egiptian Taught ? So The Question Comes Up To You , Jesus Left His Body Here ? His Body Was Put In A Tomb . Someone Stole The Body As Mary Magdelene Put It . Then She Spoke With Jesus In The Garden And Discovered It Was Him John 20 ; 15 . Eight Days Later He Appeared In The Upper Room Hungry Ready To Eat John 20 ; 26 . Get Seen By The Disciples Bathe Naked John 21 ; 7 . All Of This Was The Crucifxion . Resurrected Spirit Do Not Have To Eat Meant John 21 ; 5 , Luke 24 ; 31 . Spirit Do Not Have To Show You Physical Wounds John 20 ; 25 . You Don't Have To Remove A Stone To Remove A Spirit ' Body Out Matthew 28 ; 2 . A Spirit Body Wouldn't Have To Disguise Himself As A Gardener John 20 ; 15. ARE YOU GETTING POINT ? You Have Been Fed Misinformation Intentionally To Keep You Away From The Truth , That All Of These Come Out Of Ancient Egipt About An Egiptian Deity Called The Son Of God Or Horus ;..
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    Does The Curse Seed Of Canaan Have A Soul ?

    First overstand Something Ok . If You Have Thin Skin Don't Run Of The Mouth Ok . Now According to the So-called Pale Jew Of Today . If Your Not Born A Jew & White , Your not of the '' Chosen People '' So this is foolishness that you are grafted the family tree of Israel , Is nothing more than a bad joke . Now if you think I'm makeing all this up . Then you go to any Jewish Synagogue If You Dare And Ask Them Ok . And When Asking This Question LQQk into his eyes , because his eyes will tell the truth if his mouth wont . You call me a races , What a joke . You believe in a book that your slave master as written to inslave your mind , And in his book called Bible he tell you not to mix your seed with his woman Genesis 24 ; 3 , 28;1 , 28 ; 6 ;... He not only said it once he tell you three time . ( So This Must Have Been The Laws ) . But just like most christian you want to pick and choose what laws you want to follow . Yet you confess with your mouth that you following God laws . ( Right ) .
    Now it a Medical Fact that there is a different between Nubians and white , And if you took the time and done some research on your own you would know these things. ( Unless You Are Afraid Of What You May Find) . ( Description Of The Three Major Races ) . Now Again If You ReSearch This Information You'll See For Your Self If All Races Are The Same If You Dare .

    Negroid - ( Acts 13 ; 1) ;.. is derived from the word '' Negr '' Spanish , Portuguese term meaning '' Black '' o . greek letter omega , signifying end of death , black dead . Negro Is Not Our Real Name ; We are nubians our race , the nubians race is subdivided into three group ; Dongolaway / Jaaliyah / Shagiya . magor features of these subdivisions are ; Dongolaway - long facial features , dark eyes , dark skin wavy or curly hair . Jaaliyah - rounded facial features , kinky or wavy hair . light / dark skin , dark eyes . Shagiya - a combination of the above two . Bibical names ; Shemite , Cu****es . Mizraimite , the descendants of Noah who are the Prophet Abraham's seed . The nubian / black seed are descendants of the prophets Isaac / Ishmael / Midian - who were all nubians this us . < Not You Pale People ( Curse Canaanites Your are descendants from canaan ( Genesis 9 ;25 )

    Caucasoid - Caucasians ( Caucasus , Deteriorating Asians , Characteristics milky pale spotted complexion . light eyes . thin lips .flat head in theback . thick leg with no upper form or shape , short stubby legs high waisted . large brows .long forearms . straight hair that ranges from blond to red to brown , long thin nose .fallen arches . Today they are ; Polish / Irish / Italians / Scottish / British Etc . Etc . Bibical name Amorites and Canaanites , descendants of the curse sedd of Canaan Genesis 9 ; 25 .

    Mongoloid - Mongolians . They are as follows;
    * Mongols ( Edomites ) in Asia .
    * Mongols - who settled in the Alaskan region ( Eskimos ) .
    * Plainsmen - who mixed with Nubian and Caucasian blood .
    * South west ( Indian ) - Edomites with Caucasian features .
    * Central American - inhabitants who mixed with nubian blood
    * South American - Inhabitants who mixed with nubian blood . Bibical name Edmites - descendants of Edom ( Esau ) . Genesis 28 ; 1

    Once the curse seed of the canaanites had been cursed as '' Albinos , and lost ( Their Souls / Spirits ) Joshua 5 ; 1 And I Quote , And it came to pass ,when all the kings of the Amorites , which were on the side of Jordan westward , and all the kings of the Canaanites , which were by the sea m Heard that the Lord had dried up the waters of Jordan from before the children of Israel , until we were passed over . that their heart melted , neither was ( There Spirit In Them Any More ) Because of the children of Israel . ;...There set out to Spread Terror By Mixing There Seed . Deuteronomy 2 ; 3 . Is Where Moses Reiterates The Law Of God And Commands That No One Is To Marry Them . And The Reason Is That They Will Turn Your Away From Following The Most High And Have You Serving Their Fake God Like Jesus Etc Etc .
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    Now it a Medical Fact that there is a different between Nubians and white , And if you took the time and done some research on your own you would know these things. ( Unless You Are Afraid Of What You May Find) . ( Description Of The Three Major Races ) . Now Again If You ReSearch This Information You'll See For Your Self If All Races Are The Same If You Dare .
    ????????????? First you say theres a difference,"Now it a Medical Fact that there is a different between Nubians and white ", then you say, AND I QUOTE, "Now Again If You ReSearch This Information You'll See For Your Self If All Races Are The Same If You Dare "
    I agree, all races are the same!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You Are Truely Like Your Master . A Master Of Tricknowledge . You Will Do Anything To Be Accepted , Even To The Point Of Marrying One And Defending Him . But Guess What Your Never GoingTo Be Accepted . And Like I Said Their Is A Diffrent Between White And Nubian , And That A Facts . With All The Facts I Have Given You , Their No Doubt There A Big Different . But The Day Will Come When She Will Call You Who You Really Are And Believe Me It Will Come If It Hasn't All Ready . Then You See Who You Really Are Wont You . And I'll Have The Last Laugh . You Can Run But You Can't Hide From The Truth .