Black People Politics : Putin sacks his Defense Minister

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by thePreacher, Nov 7, 2012.

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    So, Obama won. I did predict weeks ago, he would. Chicken George was doing too good a job stealing from the poor and giving to the rich for our handlers to let Romney come in and mess up their good thing:

    The real surprise, yesterday, was that Putin sacked his Defense Minister, Serdyukov. On the same day Obama won re-election. Prior to the election being called for Obama. But we now know that people in the know already knew, prior to Election Tuesday, that Obama was well positioned to win re-election.

    So, should you be concerned about Putin's response to Obama being re-elected? Nah. Back to sleep, little children. Let Big Daddy worry about such things ...

    Unlike anything that would ever happen here in Babylon, Serdyukov was part of the Russian ruling administration yet took on Russia's version of a Military-Industrial Complex, Specifically, he took on Russia's analog to Halliburton. So, yeah, he had to go and probably should be glad he just lost his job and not this life as well.

    The few who are actually wake in this age of slumber might keep an eye on what happens next. Obama is on the public record as being all gongho about continuing Boy Bush's dream of a 'defense' shield along Russia's border. They, Bush and Obama, both assured us it has nothing to do with Russia and is only to protect Western Europe from Iran. Which is quite funny, since Iran formerly known as the Persian empire, has been around for thousands of years and has never, ever, not even once, launched an attack against Europe.

    Ah, but the children are fools.

    So we wait now and see how Serdyukov's successor, Sergei K. Shoigu, intends to respond to Obama's 'defense' shield. Obama, being such a good liar, is selling the idea that he 'scrapped' Bush's Defense Shield and is pursuing a new kinder, gentler, 'Defense' shield. Uh-huh.

    Man, these russkies all look like Mafia Dons ...