Black People Politics : Putin’s sanctions on Americans unite Democrats, GOP


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Apr 7, 2013
Now that we have the American POV, how ordinary Russians and other Eastern Europeans see it:

Expansion of the American Empire stops at Russia's borders. Closer economic and military ties will develop across the Eurasian heartland, a bi-polar world will emerge and Russia-Eurasia-China will form a healthy alternative to the encroaching totalitarianism of US, EU and Israel. A new dialectic, which the Atlanticists are afraid to confront, emerges. A new hope appears for humankind.

In Britain, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a wishy-washy man of little integrity and less ability, again a purveyor of American views, and I'm sure he goes to sleep every night fantasizing about the last Prime Minister who faithfully served American interests, Tony Blair, being showered with gold, resembling something from the Arabian Nights, every year since his retirement.

Everywhere you look in the West, you find political pygmies rather than statesmen. In France, we see a pathetic man whose own people intensely dislike him, François Hollande, attempt to speak as though he were something other than a dry, pompous school-teacher-like purveyor of American views. Almost forgotten are the strong, independent voices of a de Gaulle or a Chirac

Fast work! No time for US to react!

Good afternoon together!
I would be glad, other people understand the real intentions of Russia also? I had the experience in my blog and conversations with western colleagues, that they are sharing their agressive opinion about Russia, caused by media and surely some of them are sponsored, but nobody answers to the simple questions of the invasions from UN, US, UK, EU, illegal ones. So the people try to provide you with their own point of view, but if you ask them something, let me say, inconvenient for them, there is no more reaction, they are gone in this case. Who is behind this accounts? ANB? Regards, Fedor

I am impressed by Putin's speech, and its not because I always like what he does or say but his openness and clear understandings of West's (NATO) intentions to subjugate Russia.
Cold war wasn't a bad thing after all, considering what happened to this world after it ended due to collapse of Soviet Union. The Middle-East was the biggest beneficiary during the Cold War era.....and one can see now the situation in the Middle-East....war is everywhere!
Time has come again for some Middle-Eastern troubles to be shifted to the Europe.......more western money will be spent in places like Ukraine than Syria, Libya etc. :)

"When will Russia stop it's occupation of Kaliningrad? Cheers for sending my relatives to a gulag you soviet-inspired-indo ctrinated thugs. They were wealthy intellectuals who had freedom of thought and expression in Kaliningrad before, that's why they were sent to Siberia.
Ru ssia does not like free-thinking civilians, or free-thought for that matter. Gov't owns all media (yes RT as well), social media, oil, gas, metals; do the Russians get any of it? NAAAH, only the people that live in Moscow. Visit Novosibirsk and you'll see the real Russia; poverty, ignorance and 2nd rate services.
It was Stalin and the Soviets who stole the territory that is now Ukraine and Crimea.
It formerly belonged to Poland, then Lithuania, then the Ottoman Turk Empire, then the Roman Empire."

Stalin traveled back in time to 1783!
Russi ans have a time machine, people!!!

Put in is using the same excuse as hitler did
It was Stalin and the Soviets who stole the territory that is now Ukraine and Crimea.
It formerly belonged to Poland, then Lithuania, then the Ottoman Turk Empire, then the Roman Empire.
Stalin exterminated 12 million people from those lands and forcibly marched millions off those lands to repopulate with Russians.
No real difference between Stalin and Hitler
Both murderous thugs, killing and enslaving millions of innocent people.
The y are both the brothers of Satan..


Russia recognized the independence of Crimea in 1 day, while it still has not recognized the independence of Artsakh (Karabakh)

You should've brought up Transnistria then, no?
Isn't Russia's opposing to ''condemnation of occupation by Armenia'' more than enough?
And what exactly would it accomplish? Maintaining peace, status-quo and formal neutrality as a peacekeeper is best Russia can do, and it is definitely in your interest, both short-term and long-term.

@Harutyun Armenien' time='18.03.2014 15:14']
Goo d evening!
There was a conflict, correct, but between Armenia and Azerbaydzan! It was in former USSR! Do we hear the wish to hold also a referendum? You are free to. Armenia, as well as Azerbaydzan are democratic republics! But tell me, how can Russia help in this case, or what is in your opinion here Russia's guilt??
Best Regards from Moscow, Fedor Plaskovitskiy

Harutyun Armenien 18.03.2014 15:14
Russia recognized the independence of Crimea in 1 day, while it still has not recognized the independence of Artsakh(Karabakh) that was declared 20 years ago, funny thing Russia criticizes double standards of the west.
Poeple of Artsakh were subjected to ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan, a referendum took place in the 90s which was declared free and conformed to int'l standards of which more than 98% voted for independence and then unity with Armenia, Artsakh is historically an Armenian land with a majority Armenian population 80+% which became 65% a s a result of ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan, now it's 98% Armenian
Russia is a Christian state whilst the US endorses same-sex marriages.
For history8888: You mistook Vladimir Putin for Obama Drone and the Russian Government for the US one. How many wars has America fought and how many people did they kill ? What is the US Government presently doing in Syria and Afghanistan ? Whom did the US Government, in conjunction with the EU, place in power in Kiev and what methods were used ? During the Second World War US GI's fought and died fighting the Nazis and today we have Uncle Sam supporting the Nazi descendants of Stjepan Bandera. Yats the Prime Minister has been filmed giving the Nazi salute. This ofcourse is democracy and respect for international law.

You know of monster Stalin's failed 5 year plans & the starvation of millions

History buff here.
You ruined it by spilling that load of cheap Nazi propaganda crapwagon.
- ''Stalin a monster'' is nothing but an unsubstantiated NLP cliche. If anything, Stalin was ''a slayer of monsters''.
- 5-year plans are just as ''failed'' as an Olympic silver medalist is ''a failure at sports''.
- ''starvation of millions''was caused by a disastrous draught. Stalin imported millions of tons of food to stop the famine. Under the Tzar, BTW, famine there was almost annual.


You are the rogue poster. The whole world knows that Mr Putin did not start the Ukraine crisis. He did not even ask for Crimea to join Russia.
The Ukraine crisis was planned/funded the US/EU but was hijacked by neo-Nazi and far-right thugs.
The people of Crimea voted by 97% to be independent.
Russia is a Christian state whilst the US endorses same-sex marriages.

history8888 18.03.2014 13:55
The world now knows what everyone suspected
for some time:
" Putin is a liar
as are Russian government ministers.
The world now knows and has open proof
that Russia can never be trusted to keep its word,
to honor treaties and international agreements.
Russia is a rogue State."

Whom be trusted in your opinion? US? You are comedian? :) Which "word" was broken? Which agreement? Facts please!
Socialism only answer to national problems!

That depends.
If your goal is power, plunder, making rich richer and domination over serfs - then most certainly not.
If your goal is common good, equality and mutual benefit for all - then yes, socialism is the most efficient answer (mathematically strictly proven by Nash equilibrium).

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