Black Poetry : Put these rhymes in a container which exist and consist of one or more words and galore verbs my str

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    on VIRGINIA BEACH no doubt ready to reach out and touch a girl
    and search her world as there are much to be twirled and hurled
    like Frisbee I'm the type busy with love affairs so Mother-of-pearl
    and lovers of girls both a form of art and to swarm is a part of making
    honey, "SO BOO i don't feel deprive let me lick your beehive and taking
    honey drop by drop on the end of my tongue I'll be your boyfriend then
    some it begin with yum! yum! yum! like RED ROBBIN leave my head in
    the wind throbbing" "NAW PLAYER my panties stay wet so I play on playette
    hey let my waist go, I'm a KOREAN GIRL in VIRGINIA BEACH and stay wet
    Rice amazes as i speak precise phrases as boys wish to touch kiss and search
    for this come with much love talk in the club taught to duck jest too much
    conversation leading to domination a combination of hug and kisses clutch
    my waist, well I'll cross my thighs because i have boss pies and boys will toss
    vibes in my fat ear, and that's clear and my panties be burning up be lost
    in the head and tossed in the bed one boy went crazy getting some i didn't
    know what to say, well I must leave no see you around-----THE END------
    oh phooey relationships can be gluey on top of that devastating
    life built on sex so I have a guilt complex after dating a chick waiting
    for quick sex hidden under her skirt on the streets lame with complete
    game and you a sweet dame and I'm using BLACK HIPHOP, on my feet
    TIM boots and you slim and cute and above the rim shoot basket ball and that's
    a drastic call to dribble and fiddle with the clock can be a Rolex with stats
    and tilt hats, the car waits ready for bizarre cake so far baked it in an oven
    gonna be getting naked loving
    OK being a complex wimp sex may tempt to want more than you need to
    proceed in life, look i write it as a winner invited to dinner met a girl true
    wet world but who is her boyfriend? enjoy her grin so boo what color is
    your panties? "OH you don't know do you? they can be blue jest butter biz
    I flirt a lot and a twerk make me hot boys wanna jerk my skirt clean off
    because my body is extreme and soft boys look into my eyes seem lost
    so as the facts flies this attract guys and they come back with replies
    wanna attack my pies while their tongue do a finger roll they be kissing
    and listening to PAUL GEORGE" this boy went to a dope academy not missing
    her lips and hoped this strategy would work she has a good flirt, "TRUE tonight
    have on bling and must do the right thing girl you have a brisk charm and i can't twist your arm about sex no you can't and i have to go now see you-----THE END--------
    LOOK BOO ability mean skill and it's silly to fill your mind with dreams when
    you the kind of queen that can give me a cake date feel me girl and then
    we go to bed while your lips glow red this scripture is divine plus you have
    a picture in your mind about things i wanna do to you boo go ahead and grab
    the lip gloss don't trip when I lick it off and do a quick toss of your panties girl
    halt mean stop but you a queen and you hot body steam a lot can't hit the brakes
    on a piece of legit cake hope I git to take it home. So boo give me a clue no fakes
    to live with you be great," "WOAH player not so fast your plot show class but before
    all this happen need more than a kiss and some rapping,trapping me you can soar
    you flow great online and locate mean to find there seem to be a lot on your mind
    ok my mini-skirt is pulled down, just because i have a phat flirt you at my skirt time
    to duck my head or get stuck in bed something struck my red lips think it was a kiss
    from you this what its come to, in the store can't do this here the cashier be pissed
    remember endured with menu at the bar but was lured into a car and managed to escape this boy was gonna do damage to my cake he almost got some for real, knew
    his next move was sex with a lubed Condon oh gosh i ran gonna have to use a wash pan to clean my panties-------- (THE END)--------
    Put these rhymes in a container which exist and consist of one or more words
    and galore verbs my strategy is like a battery change chemical energy absurd
    Into electricity and become a source of power then force to shower and use
    Soap, amuse folks, never lose hopes, some dumb words become a noose
    That hang slang and destroy EBONICS oh boy this is ironic. Get quicker hype
    And sing when he wear a particular type of bling his task is to get a vast ripe
    Array of chick to display some quick love up in the club and reminisce after
    A hug and a kiss, he jest love this, at risk after a fat kiss stats brisk in master
    Bedroom, this is an athletic sport getting energetic support from a girl
    Now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH just can’t trust the world
    “LOOK BOO you have true breasts and body and boys come at you like
    A rescue party in the Atlantic ocean because your romantic potion is hype
    And wet a lot and get real hot after hope and quote boys try float your boat
    Dress lift and breasts adrift like a canoe, fill with milk thrill and built dope
    Wanna get cake be smart and don’t break your heart want you to take part
    In a sex act which will cause complex impact that’ll flip the bed so lets start
    Plus your lips are red, SAID so boo got a flim flam name in this campaign depart
    The whack step back can’t produce rhymes this fat act twirls and attract girls
    Wanna begin with breasts then invest into a love affair in the club air hurls
    Around, your cake in collisions and you have to make decisions a date
    Is in your vision, so it’s a do or not to do and you hot boo we could debate
    At Walmart and you can shop too, now boo you got a round butt and I
    Put down my cup of coffee to rub your butt softly so let me sip your pie
    Wet and rotten as he try get to bottom as to while they’re not dating it’s
    Feast or whatever as they try piece together an affair, “TOO legit to quit
    It’s sincere costly to appear falsely with no love words for baby girl’s
    Eardrum I would like to hear some oh a KOREAN GIRL go through a world
    Of stuff here in VIRGINIA BEACH boys rap hard indeed, this is not make
    Believe they beg for cake oh please, one boy went home after he bent
    the chrome on his ride no longer can roam with pride, love letter was sent
    To his boo a honey in my arm i wept and try help her solve the job of sexual
    Hormone problems, eyes red pies spread on the bed head went around textual
    a big wet joke is like cigarette smoke it float round it could drown the truth
    We up in the club with corrupt love can’t duck a hug and down falls the roof
    “OK i go to the store you be there no doubt but no knowledge
    On the whereabouts of love, got oriental yellow sweaty thighs in college
    On a hot day boys wanna eat my chop chae, when boys give me a dumb stare
    I become aware that they want some, sex breasts and beef express my beliefs
    Overpower my emotions then shower in potions of squeezing love for brief
    After leaving the club boys follow and try holler shook over the act i don’t
    Look back, lay being wimpy a lot leaves an empty spot to be filled won’t
    Seek a boy they jest a street toy ut they speak and annoy my eardrum some
    You wanna roam in a home covered by a roof discovered the truth I come
    Text my breasts out express doubt concerning this, turning a kiss into
    A magnet while your durag is wet now this is ballistic with statistics menu
    Is knowledge and mad fate got to college and graduate, now I'm a KOREAN
    GIRL I walk and twist butt softly wanna kiss and a cup of coffee go sightseeing
    Here at HOME DEPOT, see nice with precise eyesight and my pie is right for
    A boy tonight
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