Black Poetry : Purple Dragons #1


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May 11, 2006
Purple Dragons #1

Far as rapping I gaveup the ghost now crave to post on
The internet not a winner yet in text scriptures but host strong
Vexed pictures like porn photos born a loco but now chill a lot
Stand on open land a broken plan and by a circle of wagons hot
Plot but purple dragons are flying around huffing and puffing fire
Nothing I desire more than shooting them but gonna definitely require
Good aim and hood games to fiddle with beast from the middle east but
They want a little feast eating human flesh so look I’m a fresh cut
Piece of meat to them, with unassisted eyes looked into the ballistic
Skies and saw winged fury wearing bling and jewelry can’t get it twisted
In a hell zone flames swirling got on the cell phone called merlin
The magician with a mission he have visions of dragons curling
Their tails and spitting fire, the heavens were rumbling hard like
The coming of god but crumbling odd as the fiery creatures spike
Wiry features of destruction, they seem to approach like a coach and one
Looked at my broach shook like a roach going after bread wanted to have fun
By eating my fresh flesh I’m dressed in ROCAWEAR worn on the block
Everywhere, gave him a peace sign he just wanted to feast and dine on hamhocks
Holding nine caliber needed advice but now I need an Excalibur knife to
Save my life must face brave strife or be in a grave sacrificed what can I do?
Before I face jaw fracture need a raw manufacture who can make a superb
Excalibur sword, being eating is nothing mellow “hello Merlin look I heard
Produce Excalibur right now I face that fear got dragons in the atmosphere
Nothing but pink sky” in the blink of an eye we stood face to face it’s clear
We must slay the beasts and erase their feast and bring back grace and peace
My hand numb but strong “OK calfskin you must pull the knife from this stone”
“What ok”


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