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Nov 2, 2005
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Are we WILLING to save anothers Life?
It is one thing to be ther for the time of need
It is one thing to lend a hand(or a Dollar knowing that you have it)

On a COMPLETELY different Level
Could anyone become a warrior for Life?

I would say I would save someones Life
I honestly can not grasp my mind to more....INTENSE situations...
But I would Donte an organ...
I would give marrow...Blood...such...
Only GOD Know if I am capable of More
I believe I am

Even More so....Where does the Courage come to Take on such a task...
I've asked myself, could I put myself in harms way for someone else. I can recall feeling so frighten at the very thought. But on the same note, thinking I can prevent a child or a loved one from enduring pain, how can I not take their place. I'd envisioned myself doing the latter, but not without emensed fear. I can't say for sure if I would or not at this time. Fear is a powerful weapon and if actually put in such a situation, I'm just not sure. Even though, I would want to have the courage to sacrifice myself for such. This is a situation I hope don't come around no time soon. But only experience will provide me a definate answer.

Very Real Sis

BLESS Sister Purple Moons
I fully Understand where you are comming from
It is not an easy task to even place you mind in some situations, let alone actually placing yourself there.....

I guess the REAL question is.....How much do we cherish our OWN lives?
Saving someone elses life does not mean that we feel our lives are small or that we do not amount to much in the Trinity of things....
But I believe a person knows the worth...
They believe SO much in life that They could do ANYthing to preserve anothers...
Such as a child
Now I do not know if it's something that you live with......Knowing that people are special and created for a purpose, or at the very moment you understand just a Little bit about Life.....It may be Both....

But I believe the soul is reconciled with the action as well as the Knowing....

A lot to think about.....

Much Love and Peace


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