Black Poetry : punchlines always a comedy

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    punchlines always a comedy

    If whackness was peanut butter you'll be spread on everybody's //
    bread and that stuff choke me you're a joke G at this very party //
    even with an ax you couldn't chop wood rhyme stock not good //
    you not hood say what you want ham hocks all you could //
    eat? You misled my friend even with a head wind your boat //
    won't sail and your quotes fail to float this stuff will choke //
    your throat so don't try to chew this you on a new list of whackness //
    don't miss practice should rehearse to reverse the worse an actress //
    will tell you that, you maybe trying man but if whackness was a frying //
    pan you'll fry eggs every morning so pass the SALT-N-PEPPA stop lying //
    go shoop, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH it's hot and flying //
    like MARY POPPINS its contrary to HIPHOPPING make trips shopping //
    I'm all that and a bag of chips why you brag about your scripts I'm mopping //
    them off the floor in the game you soft galore you wanna be like DIANNA //
    ROSS supreme but you lost steam like a leaky pipe you freaky tonight SANTA //
    and RUDOLPH say you to soft, look my gift is sick if whackness was arithmetic //
    you'll be a problem don't know rather to add or subtract mad scrub whack trick //
    with no skills
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