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    Beloved MWkg Brother Keita:

    :SuN036: I Am in receipt of your book, and thank you for Being Still/Humble as you wrote this book. I Am humble:qqb023:

    I haven't finish reading it yet, and I do not need to finish, to know your book is Filled with RAW (Real and Wise) Vitamins:



    That which will cure the Choked minds of lies and deception.
    Your book is of Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    Your book is not Fast Food. I will take the time time to Chew on all you said so it can manifest within me, allowing more Truth and Reality to come alive in me.

    You have answered many questions I have asked within. You ask questions, and give the answers. All one must do is accept it or reject it.

    As I read your book, I receive some revelations that I need your input on.

    Page, 62, the Exodus Story: After 400 years of slavery/captivity what language would our Ancestors have been speaking? Yoruba, Ibo, or any other Afrikan language? No. They came out speaking English, French, and whatever language their oppressors spoke.

    Beloved Brother Keita, here is what was revealed to me while reading this.

    Now there are two realities (physical and Divine Spiritual). I Am examining both sides, and if I miss something, please take it to another level, for my over standing.

    The word Exodus:

    exodus definition
    1. A departure of a large number of people.
    2. Exodus
    a. The departure of the Israelites from Egypt.

    Departure from one's native land to settle in another: emigration, immigration, migration, transmigration. See approach
    The act of leaving: departure, egress, exit, going, withdrawal. See approach
    The above was a Physical Departure.

    Now for the Divine Spiritual reality. In order for me to express this to its fullest, must also use the word Departure.

    departure definition
    1. The act of leaving.
    2. A starting out, as on a trip or a new course of action.
    3. A divergence or deviation, as from an established rule, plan, or procedure: ordered curry as a departure from his usual bland diet.
    4. Nautical The distance sailed due east or west by a ship on its course.
    departure synonyms

    The act of leaving: egress, exit, exodus, going, withdrawal. See approach
    A departing from what is prescribed: aberration, deviation, divergence, divergency, diversion. See approach, correct
    While the oppressors had our ancestors en route to their Plantations throughout the four corners of this earth, of course they had time to break our ancestors down to be the Human Being only they are, workers of Iniquities, anti-nature, anti-truth. ZOMBIES.

    Could the Exodus mean the exit of our once Divine mind-set, done by the oppressors gods, who did what they did to our ancestors, making our ancestors in their Human Being image?

    Could the Parting of the Red Sea be the Parting of our Once Divine mind-set to that of the human being mind-set.

    Could the Parting of the Red Sea also means that it was time for the oppressors to allow our people to step on the european Shores, now that they have been trained/programmed/mind-control, with a parted mind-set no longer their own, to do evil will, think the way the oppressor thinks they should think?

    After all, they arrived fully programmed and controlled speaking in other tongues/speak foreign languages, English, French, and as you stated, whatever language their oppressor spoke.

    Is this what is meant in the scriptures, and Ye Shall Speak in other tongues?

    Did they leave out, by Slavery force it will be done, by the renewing of our ancestors mind-set to the oppressor mind set.

    It is one thing to learn on ones own how to speak several languages. To be forced to do so against ones will is wrong, at it being a PROFANE language at that.

    Reading your book caused me to go beyond the research.:bowdown:

    There is no telling what all the oppressors did to our ancestors, and will not do to us. That is why it is vital and essential we go behind the Curtains of the Master Minds of evil, and Know All that they are capable of doing to a people.

    Did the evil ones do the below...and then some to our people?
    Lobotomy - Wikipedia

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    A human brain that has undergone lobotomy.

    Close up of "ice picks"
    A Lobotomy (Greek: lobos: Lobe of brain, tomos: "cut/slice") is a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy (from Greek leukos: clear or white and tomos meaning "cut/slice"). It consists of cutting the connections to and from, or simply destroying, the prefrontal cortex. These procedures often result in major personality changes or even mental retardation. Lobotomies have been used in the past to treat a wide range of mental illnesses including schizophrenia, clinical depression, and various anxiety disorders. Since the development of such antipsychotic drugs as Thorazine in the 1950s, lobotomies and other forms of psychosurgery have become generally obsolete.

    lobotomize definition
    tr.v. lo·bot·o·mized, lo·bot·o·miz·ing, lo·bot·o·miz·es
    1. To perform a lobotomy on (a patient).
    2. To deprive (a person) of energy or vitality.

    hypnotize definition
    tr.v. hyp·no·tized, hyp·no·tiz·ing, hyp·no·tiz·es
    1. To put into a state of hypnosis.
    2. To fascinate by or as if by hypnosis.

    mesmerize definition
    tr.v. mes·mer·ized, mes·mer·iz·ing, mes·mer·iz·es
    1. To spellbind; enthrall: "He could mesmerize an audience by the sheer force of his presence" (Justin Kaplan).
    2. To hypnotize.
    mesmerize synonyms
    To compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of: arrest, catch up, enthrall, fascinate, grip, hold, rivet, spellbind, transfix. Slang: grab. See excite
    Many of our people are still walking around with Arrested and Undeveloped mind-set.
    autopsy definition
    n. pl. au·top·sies
    1. Examination of a cadaver to determine or confirm the cause of death. Also called necropsy, postmortem, postmortem examination.
    2. A critical assessment or examination after the fact: a post-election campaign autopsy.
    tr.v. au·top·sied, au·top·sying, au·top·sies
    To subject to an autopsy.
    autopsy etymology
    [Greek autopsi, a seeing for oneself : auto-, auto- + opsis, sight; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]
    Type in Celebrities autopsy

    Celebrity Aaliyah's Autopsy
    Autopsy of Selena
    Biggie Smalls Autopsy
    Tupac Shakur Autopsy
    Aaliyah Haughton Autopsy
    Lisa Lopez Autopsy
    Rick James Autopsy
    Aaliyah Burned Badly
    Aaliyah Killed on Impact
    Emmett till Dead Body

    Embalming, mortuary custom, the art of preserving bodies after death, generally by the use of chemical substances. It is believed to have originated among the Egyptians, probably before 4000BC, and was used by them for more than 30 centuries. Much evidence demonstrates that embalming is religious in origin, conceived as a means of preparing the dead for the life after death.

    Did the oppressor use something like embalming to destroy our brain cells to cause us to walk around this planet, those who still unconscious, Like Lurk/Lurch on t.v. show, The Adams family, and Frankenstein? Is the poison in us Embalming fluid?

    The Willie Lynch letter states that his slavery method would stay in effect for over a thousand years. Proof of that is in most of our black lives today.

    I saw a documentary in Haiti a few years ago. The Voodoo doctors was explaining to a Canadian how people are Zombinized. How some are pronounced dead and after three days one can go get their body and bring them back alive.

    So if that is the case, perhaps when they aware pronounced dead they weren't really dead. The Tetraodontidae found in the fish below, can be given to a person to cause Paralyzation for as long as it is needed for the person to appear dad.

    The Voodoo doctor demonstrated how it is all done wit the Tetraodontidae in the fish below.

    I saw another show years ago where a healthy football player had eaten some of the fish below, and he said he was completely paralyzed watching the medical people over him, and listening to them pronounce him dead, and heard instructions for him to be sent to the Morgue. He said he could not say nothing to them. I do not recall how he managed not to be sent to have an autopsy. He lived to tell his story.

    Japanese Food & Recipes

    Learn to make authentic and traditional Japanese dishes with our collection of recipes.

    Blow Fish
    The World's Most Deadly Feast?
    Fugu (blow fish) is a fish which contains deadly poison in the organs. Despite the risk, fugu dishes remain as special feasts in Japan. Even the milt is considered as a great delicacy. Fugu is referred to as blow/globe/puffer fish since it blows its body up. The kanji (Chinese characters) used to write fugu indicates "river pig." In western Japan, fugu is called "fuku," which means "to blow" or "happiness." It's reported that about 40 kinds of blow fish are caught and cultured in Japan and that 10000 tons of blow fish are consumed each year. Shimonoseki-city in Yamaguchi, is known as fugu city and supplies a large amount of fugu.
    There is an old expression such that "I want to eat fugu, but I don't want to die" in Japan. Since fugu's poison can lead to instanta

    puffer fish Poisonous Puffer Fish Sold as Salmon Kills 15 in Thailand - Aug 23, 2007
    Although it was banned in Thailand five years ago, puffer fish continues to be ... The ovaries, liver and intestines of the puffer fish contain a poison so ...
    FOX News - 237 related articles »
    Tetraodontidae - Wikipedia

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    The Tetraodontidae is a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish. The family includes many familiar species which are variously called puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, and toadies.[1] They are morphologically similar to the closely related porcupinefish, which have large conspicuous spines (unlike the small, almost sandpaper-like spines of Tetraodontidae). The scientific name, Tetraodontidae, refers to the four large teeth, fused into an upper and lower plate, which are used for crushing the shells of crustaceans and mollusks, their natural prey.

    The skin and certain internal organs of many Tetraodontidae are highly toxic to humans, but nevertheless the meat of some species is considered a delicacy in both Japan (as fugu) and Korea (as boh-guh).

    The above will cause a person t be Buried Alive.

    Our Black lives is in crucial, critical, critiquing times> I Am going to Ask questions until I Am Ask out, because OUR PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW, they are in the worlds largest Mental Institution, Cemetery/Grave Yard, Penitentiary/Penitentiary call america.

    May this information remove some, if not all, the Shackles off our minds. People perish for a Lack of Knowledge, Over standing, Wisdom. It is my desire that none of us perish.

    I Strongly encourage others to read your book.

    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:
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    First of all I thank you (Asante Sana) for your respect and insight concerning my work. Well actually it is "Our Work" as a people for those who understand and over-stand that we must come from under the GOD-SPELL if we are to be free. I simply wrote the work as a method of DE-PROGRAMMING our people from the conditioning we have been under. The Bible is our poison and our medicine and like all medicines, once you are cured you throw the rest of the medicine away or keep it for others who may need the same medicine. My book and the Bible is like having a weapon of mass destruction in your hands.
    Ok, lets call it what it really is: A Weapon of Reconstruction.

    Please note that I stated; "If we were to insist on believing the story". I stated this because as I stated earlier, it never happened...and because it never happened, there can be no physical reality to it at all. However, if we were to insist that there was a physical reality, then we would be forced to ask ourselves the questions that I asked and answered.

    There can be no physical reality for something that did not happen, however, we do have the ability to discern our own "spiritual reality" from it....but in doing so we run the risk of people taking the event as historical instead of spiritual and thereby clinging to the very thing we want them to let go of.

    The first Africans to be forced to the four corners of the world could never have been slaves, only prisoners! The first generation still had knowledge of themselves and their culture with the exception of those who were conditioned by Islam. As such, it was the babies of that first generation who were separated from that first generation who were ACTUALLY SLAVES. They were the ones who would never learn their own language, culture or anything else except what the oppressor wanted.

    I strongly encourage everyone to do their own research with hope that they too may add to the picture of what has happened and how to come up out of it. If my work has caused you to go beyond the research, that is a great thing because there is some stuff out there that I dared not put in my book. It was just too much light at one time.

    They did everything and anything that came to their minds and hearts!! Why not, we were nothing to them but souless property!! History will never record or reveal all the eveil that was done to us on every level imaginable!!


    Once again, thank you and please use it to awake someone else !!!

    We gone get there as long as We Keep Doing What we are doing!!!