Black Education / Schools : Public Education: Who Is It For?

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Jun 10, 2007
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I was feeling the paper until this section which I disagree with:

Others may disagree with the solution purposed by the paper: let the free market take care of education rather than government.

Thank you for the information, it makes sense! I do have a question though. How exactly do you believe that the "free market" would take better care of the education system??

Alarm Clock

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May 6, 2013
pardon me, I did not read or was aware of the presentation. But on the whole I am a stark advocate of parents teaching their children at home and dismiss the whole illusion of higher education, for it is a farce to say the least... It is all politicaly motivated and orchastrated with zero good intentions of over all out come.
(So-Called) Public Education is for those who desire to be assimilated into the brainwashed condition of being a societal lemming, puppet or sheeple awaiting to be slaughtered...
These folks who are the product of public education and some from segregated schools, do you think they fit your descrition????

Carter G Woodson
Granville T Woods
Ida B Wells
George Washington Carver
Marcus Garvey
George Padmore
CLR James
Mariam McCleode Bethune
Elijah Muhammad
Noble Drew Ali
Malcolm X
Bobbly Seale
Angela Davis
Kwame Ture
Imam Jalil(H Rap Brown)
Fred Hampton
Assata Shakur
Mumia Abu Jamal
Kathleen Cleaver
Huey P Newton
Dr Ben Jochannan
JA Rogers
Herman Ferguson
Dr John Henrik Clarke
Lerone Bennet
Arturo Schomburg
Dr Neely Fuller
Dr Francis Cress Welsing
Dr Wade Nobles
ishakamusa Barashangp
Sonny Carson
Elombe Braith
Dr Molefi Asante
Professor Smalls
Professor Scobie
Porfessor Mackie
Ian Caroew
Runoko Rashidi
Ivan van Sertima
Dr Claud Anderson
Bob Law
Alton Maddox
Dr Adelaide Sanford
Dr Charchie Macintyre
Dr Marimba Ani
Dr Khalid Muhammad
Adam Clayton Powell
Robert Williams
Atorney Zulu Shabazz
Mayor Chokwe Lumumba
Jitu Weusi
Dr Amos Wilson
Jawanzaa Kunjufu
Dr Joy Degruy
Ra Un Nefer Amen
Queen Afua
Queen Mother Moore
Imamu Baraka

Alarm Clock

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May 6, 2013
There will be competition to create schooling or education that produces the greatest results at the least cost.

Those systems that can do the above will survive in the marketplace by consumer demand.
Those that don't will fall by the wayside.

The competition is wide open: groups, trusts, corporations, churches, organizations, and even government will participate.
The consumer as well as cost will drive the marketplace.

Competition will drive down costs and drive up quality.

The consumer (in this case parents) will be motivated by self interest, interest in their progeny to succeed in society, and their progeny doing better than they have.
2 simple questions. 1 where in the world and human history have you seen this idea that neocons have been talking about for 20 years actually work, and of the 85% of the world that cannot afford private education, exactly who will this benefit?

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