Black Education / Schools : PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology, Open Yale Course


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Nov 2, 2009
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Yale's Open university content is really excellent, 2nd maybe only to MIT but only in the more technical topics. You can download all of the content for any of the courses you're interested in.. Take a quick trip over to or and you'll be able to find whole libraries of textbooks available for download. The existence of these open schools plus the wonderful repository of lectures and materials made available by educational institutions all across the united states makes access to high quality education a reality for people all over the world. We have unprecedented access to the knowledge of the world right now.. And I don't believe their has been another time in history where the masses have had this kind of access to knowledge. My 13,year old is learning physics from MIT.. And Pschology from Yale.. He's so far ahead of his class it's ridiculous. We have a responsibility to embrace these sources and build our own libraries of knowledge..

Anyway, This lecturer has a pretty accessible and organized style.. It's worth checking out.


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