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    Before I step off for the weekend, peops, just thought I would share with you a little something-something I've learned from reading Intelligence books over the years...

    The first thing is be ever vigilant, and ever watchful of folk who attempt to rile you up, get your blood boiling... Don't step into their traps, don't play their game, maintain your silence if need be... Their goal is to see the when, where, how, and how much is required to make you lose your mind... That is a Psychological Operation, and I suspect that PsyOps are regularly utilized at this board, and boards like it... Don't be a lab rat for these folks...

    Again, folk who say crazy and outlandish stuff designed to elicit a crazy response from you or I are not our friends no matter the language they couch their nonsense in... They are working against our community's best interest, and believe themselves to be operating in their own self-interest... They know not that they are doing themselves in when they wittingly cooperate and conspire with the enemies of our people... When they've been used up, they'll be right back here with the rest of us, bitter at the White Man for using them... Who's a fool???

    Lastly, I believe in my heart of hearts that there are folk who come to this board to fulfill someone elses mission, and theres' is a rhetoric that is openly hostile, and overly aggressive... It does not matter, in my opinion, whether their hostility is directed at Africans or others, as hostility is the underlying basis on everything with and about them... They know that stuff gasses up heads, unstable heads, and that is what they want... Again, Do not be some kind of lab rat... Act like you know what time it is, and leave these fanatics to their own devices... There, I didn't mention any names, just emphasized their behavior, and the tenor of their posts... Be ever watchful, brothers and sisters... Have a wonderful weekend...