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Feb 26, 2008
OK, maybe I am out of the loop or something, but can someone explain to me wth is the deal with PAJAMA BOTTOMS IN PUBLIC?????:SuN018: I have been to 4 different states these past few months and have noticed this fashion(?) statement. I mean a** all hangin out with obviously either no panties or "dental floss" panties at best.:qqb005: I mean if you looked hard enough you could see the veins in their behinds :10500: Whats next? bathrobe and the furry house slippers? :nono: Just curious.. My kids said that some of the young ladies even wear these to parties... I guess for once I am showing my age ,but I would give my kids a "John Wayne" whippin if I EVER saw them out like that!
I think it is just plain tacky to be outside the house in sleep clothes. I see that all the time in my city. I even see the furry slippers too. I guess some people just don't care how they look. It makes no sense to be outside in sleep clothes, after being outisde you come back home and crawl in the bed in those same clothes you been all over town in? I just don't get it at all...........:qqb005:
ive been known to wear pjs outside, but thats when im running to the store and coming back home... i dont know about the whole spending the day in your pj\'s thing. thats not me

depending on the type of pj\'s it can either be a fashion statement, or the person just wants to be comfortable. i guess they see it the same way as wearing sweats and a t-shirt, and we all have our sweats and a tee days.
guys don't care if u wear this out...

u can be dressed for the prom or for bed and men have no shame in their game....

I've gone to the store or whatever not dressed to impress or anything like that and it don't stop men from using their cheesy pick up lines....

if i dress like this it's because I feel like it....

don't really care about what anyone thinks...

whatever feels good to my soul is good for me, and it don't stop the wanna be players.............
College Dressing? I'm guilty of doing this a couple of times. I've seen people rockin the jammies to class. I go to school in the busy city-it's to many people round their for me to leave the house lookin triflin. I used to rock my house shoe's everywhere when I was young, cause I was trying to be like my cousin. Then I realized look like a fool. Pretty much it is a comfort thing, and you not caring that much about your appearance at that moment. I don't know how anyone could leave out the house with no panties...that's just.....over the top; nasty.


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