Sep 8, 2005
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Zulile as u know I give respect and expect respect it return....when that drops it's over.. it has nothing to do with pride...but respect. Now to you that might mean something might even mean pride. But to me it is deeper much deeper. You ask what could I do with me being lock up and my family left to fen for themselves...Well it has happen to me before...for this same reason. I beat it then and he got tossed of the a matter of fact he is no longer period...sure I did 7 hrs. and made bail. But he made it personal and that's the way it ended. The point is he could no longer get away with it.

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Jan 15, 2008
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This Is A Very Hard One

From the earliest days of my childhood I have been taught 2 protect the women in my family no matter what. Moving from the city 2 the county or suburds as some would know it reinforced that teaching. I remember having 2 send my sisters home one direction while I had 2 face 3-6 angry white men, angry because we were there. I did this so that would not be harmed and was willing at that age (11) 2 die in defense of them.

Now, with that in mind and the knowledge I have aquried over these yrs I would have 2 say " From the depths of who I am I would die before I could stand there and allow that 2 past". I understand what everyone is saying but personally I cant see it. I asked females in my family and friends their opinion on this and and it was split 50-50.

Personally I believe that as Men we have allowed 2 much 2 happen. It takes me back 2 something I read. " The women is the focus and the key 2 control. Not wanting her man or son 2 die she will raise her son 2 be a fool and almost force her man 2 be submissive.

IMHO: It's not about chess nor pride. It's about being what the law of "Nature gave us".

Now I am a little conflicted by this. What man doesnt want 2 be there for his family but the question I have is, What kinda of man would u have if he could let this past? Seeking action after the fact may never happen and 2 me " The disrespect and degradation of my woman is more than enough 2 kill or be killed for.

Finally, If a man was 2 let something like this go tell me, How would u truly look at ur man? Would u say, "He loved me enough 2 stay stay with me or would u asked yourself "Am I safe with him" ?

Something 2 think about


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Oct 18, 2008
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Hello family....

A few week ago I was in a discussion about the movie "Crash" and the question came up if you were in your car with your wife and some cops came up and pull u over for going through a yellow light. Now while they[the cops] ran your plates and license one of the officers got fresh with your wife. What would u do? My answer was that I would try and protect her... in what ever way necessary. Most in the discussion seem to think that by standing by and letting whatever happen to happen and not do anything to cause yourself to be arrested was the better way to handle the situation. Then try and seek revenge later. What really got me was most of the sisters agreed.

As I stated this discussion was a few weeks ago and I have been pondering this scenario every sense. And for the life of me I just can't seem to wrap my head around that waiting for revenge stuff. What is happening is happening right then and there. In your face..up close and very personal..What the hell does revenge have to do with protecting your woman?...I just don't see it. I could see if you were not there and found out about it later. But it is happening right then and there. In your face..up close and very personal. Are we still on the plantation on our knees? Or are we men... men who's job it is suppose to be... to protect our women?

Still pondering....
Lilpea :1on1:

I am gonna have to agree with the other sisters who say wait for revenge. If you were my man, I would not want to take the risk that you might get hurt becuz some fool was saying stuff to me that don't bother me at all. Now, if the freshness involved the cop putting his hands on me then he-- yeah! I say we both take his a-- out because if you get into a fight with him, Im not just going to stand there, I'm gonna jump in and make sure we both get the job done. However, I understand it is a man thing, a man wants to not only protect his woman but he also wants to protect his respect as a man.



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