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    Sorry for the delay, but here it is. Enclosed is the information to arm you to protect yourself against Identity Theft.

    Top 10 Sources of Identity Theft:

    1. Mail theft
    2. Dumpster diving (when people dig threw your trash)
    3. Unscrupulous employees
    4. Stolen or lost wallets
    5. Internet fraud
    6. Burglary
    7. Friends or relatives
    8. Phone scams
    9. Unethical use of public documents
    10. Shoulder surfing for passwords at ATMs, computers, etc.

    Identity Theft Prevention

    1. Review your credit report - from each of the three credit agencies listed below.

    2. Limit the use of your social security number - this can aid a thief the most. Never give it to someone who calls you on the phone, don't carry the card in your wallet and never print it on your checks.

    3. Shred important papers - especially credit cad solicitations - with a crossout shredder. Some identity thieves piece cut papers back together.

    4. Don't use your mother's maiden name - as a password on personal accounts; it's too easy to learn. Change it to anotherr word with the creditors.

    5. Safeguard check use. When writing checks to pay credit card accounts, don't put the complete account number on the "for" line. Put your work phone number on your checks instead of your home number.

    If you suspect identity fraud:
    1. Contact your local police station (remember that laws vary from state to state)

    Three major credit agencieis:

    1. Equifax
    To report fraud 888-766-0008
    To order your credit report

    2. Transunion
    To report fraud 800-888-4213
    To order your credit report

    3. Experian
    To report fraud 888-397-3742
    To order your credit report

    Important Web sites:

    If your interested in protecting yourself 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Please visit my site. PPL offers a service that will protect your identity for $12.95 a month ($25,000.00 reimbursement, and no deductible).

    I hope the information is useful.

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