Black People : Prosecutors, survivors of civil-rights murders meet and remember...

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    By Jay Reeves
    The Associated Press

    Birmingham, AL (AP) - Four decades and a half-dozen trials haven't erased the raw feelings that still surround the civil-rights murders of the segregated South.

    Through tears and voices choked with emotion, victims' relatives, police and prosecutors recalled those hard times Friday in the first gathering of both relatives who lost loved ones to several infamous murders and the people who helped bring the killers to justice.

    By sharing vivid stories of seven slayings in Alabama and Mississippi and the decades of work that it took to get the guilty behind bars, participants helped salve years of hurt and frustration.

    "We still are learning things. We are still in therapy of sorts," said Chris McNair, whose daughter Denise was among four black girls killed in the bombing of Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in 1963...

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