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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I know i know i know ... our stuff is old ... :D

I Love it Though ... cause every thing isn't even blessed to get old !!!

We are blessed beyond compare!

That does not mean though, that we can't change. We can. We have. In fact, in some ways, we do every day.

It's great to be around so long (and still here), blessed and able to consider changing with the times, with the new suggestions being tabled, etc.

It's an honor to have you all, and your ideas.

I'm creating this thread, as a result of the Poetic Etiquette Thread (dating back to 2002) being inundated with requests for change.

Let's try to focus our ideas in one place, this thread, and come up with a time we could all meet and share.

Just in case you aren't able to make the meeting (yet to be scheduled), you can still make sure your ideas are heard.

So please, post below, the changes you'd like to see in the Poetry Forums.

We don't promise to implement all suggestions proffered, but we will surely consider them.

Looking forward to the growth!

Love You All! :grouphug:




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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
Since the past

ways have worked over the years....

perhaps we could just make an addition to the poetry sections altogether.... of course u know i have no knowledge in the actual design area but maybe we could just have a section to accomodate the "rap" battle .. "hiphop" ... "music clip with poem" section and also the "collab"


^^^ this was me and rhymebad and I'm glad we worked it out on our own.... there was no pun intended ... and at least if it was in it's own section those that don't particularly care for this type of stuff would know that's what it is.........


^^^^ and this was a collab because i was inspired and it was answered and it turned out beautiful....

With regard to the name in the thread it was done before the new rule... and in the past DSS and I have collabed with name in the thread with no negative resulting....

perhaps we could extend this to this new section and those that don't wish to be named in a thread could post that in a sticky of non participating....

perhaps that could be one resolution...

and as far as the video clip it could go there as well.... poetry and music is nice together.....

and that way we are just adding a section while still maintaining the original rules in the other sections...

while I like all the styles ... quiet peaceful lounge... get ur flow on... and the battles.. collabs and music clips ... they each can remain....

so it's like ole skool meets new skool half way.....

perhaps that could work for everyone....


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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth

Those sound like great ideas to me Miss Lady!


I wouldn't mind finding my way into a hip hop
forum, reading the lyrics while listening to
some beats.


yah... I know u like the hiphop...

even clips of jazz or classical... would give the vibe of the writers mood....

i mean i have a mic now but whewwwwww i haven't figured out how to use the music software as of yet....

then wit a sticky with those that don't want to be called out or participate in any back and forth or collabs will extend the respect each deserve .....

i mean i think we can all co-exist here together..... some of the ole skoolers got alot swagger.... and are very interested ...

and some of the newbies and new skools have a soft spot...

and then some of us like me... u never know....

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