Black People : Prophet Yahweh History Making ABC News UFO Video Clip

Mother Goddess, Prophet Yahweh is a fascinating Elder. I was very skeptical at first when I first saw his shows on youtube and other sites. But then, I started to notice what Whites were saying about him on the news. So many minds were being called up to disfigure his story. It made me question it again. Because some of the same things that are now said about his abilities have been said about the incident at Roswell New Mexico. In fact, in the same video above, many have said he was using balloons.


This image here was leaked all over the internet to prove Elder Yahweh is in fact only using balloons for his magical act. Right. This isn't him in the photo. And if it was, what does a Man at a birthday party have to do with summoning UFOs?

At best, taking an educated guess as someone who studies magic and illusions, the Prophet would have to create these affects digitally. For example like the now famous Haiti UFO piece:

These types of affects and 3d illusions are possible using digital software. The most original idea I've heard about "how is Prophet Yahweh doing this??" is that he is using remote controlled planes shaped like metal spheres.

My honest question is, why would Prophet Yahweh waste his life and reputation with this foolishness, if it wasn't real? And especially knowing how many skeptics are out there waiting to tear him apart?

So let's minus Prophet Yahweh from the equation for a minute. Are there sighting of Sphere shaped objects in and around the world? Yes. So I guess, the whole balloon theory is blown up out of proportion. I guess all these people are going to birthday parties too. There are "millions" of sphere shaped sightings around the world. Not dozens. Not a few. Not a couple. But millions.

In fact, back in May 2005, the same sphere shaped object was reported by google. It was named a google mystery after the object was captured by their map cameras.


What's funny is that, this one is easier more of a hoax than Prophet Yahweh's recordings. But if its a hoax, it's being done by a Google satellite map techie, because these images of silver globes are all over world.

Perhaps Elder Yahweh works for google too? And since we are attributing all these great feats to the Prophet...perhaps he painted this painting too:


Glorification of the Eucharist

Is this the remote controlled sphere they are talking about?? Interesting.
Is our Elder trying to help distract and confuse us here? Is he helping to promote and provide a detour to our Liberation? Perhaps not. Perhaps like many, he is given a gift to help us all deal with the times at hand.

But remember, he was not to first to come out about this.....
Beloved MWkg Divine seer thinking MS:
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In addition to the much Knowledge in your missives, there is a sense of Divine Humor in it also.

These are SIGNS and WONDER Times.

In the military people are trained long before War how they are to Judge/Discern/know the identification of every flying (air craft/object) to determine if they are Friendly or Foe, so they do not shoot down the Friendly that is coming to help us.

In one of your post you stated: Some of us is not from earth.
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It has been revealed to me that our Cosmic Ethereal Ancestors are coming back, and some are already here on earth in the Divine Seer Thinkers.

Beloved Yahweh have the same Gift we all could have or had once, before our mind-set became corrupted. What if he is being used to spot the Coming of the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors who will come to our rescue when the excrement hits the fan?

The Majority of Black Afrikans are clueless as to the "W" words: Who, What, When, Where, Why, Will.
Who is our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors?
What did they do back in our beginning, and what are they doing now, and later?
When will they do what they did back then, again?
Where will Our Cosmic Ancestor appear again?
Who will Our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors appear again in?
What will our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors appear in, places, and things?
Will we allow our conscious/subconscious to open up, so we can identify and accept our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors regardless of who and what they will appear in and as?
Where is Our conscious/subconscious Will to see the Supernatural?

Many people make fun, and teach their children to make fun the bum on the street/living on Skid row, fun at people who are disfigured, people who are missing a limb, people who wear different clothes, hairdos, and fun at what Divine Thinkers Seers says, but never see themselves reflecting in the mirror. NAYSAYERS. If we cannot recognize the Black Holocaust conditions we are in now, we will not be able to recognize the help in any form, shape, or size, the help comes from. Those (NAYSAYERS) who turn against those who are aware of Indigo/Kundalini/Extraterrestrials, those NAYSAYERS serve as an Agent for the law enforcement/and what is called evil. They have been programmed and conditioned to be NAYSAYERS since Day One Of Slavery. Snitches, they do not know what they are snitching about. They see Supernatural events/objects/people as weird, the world definition of weird. The same ones that do not understand/overstand Supernatural, turn others into medical facilities, for Seeing these Sightings.

I have no idea why the below link is not accepted by Destee site.

Naysayer and non-naysayers

One who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty, make frequent one-way trips to negative town, and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation. They have the capacity to rant and whine for hours on end about the most insignificant inconveniences. They tend to travel solo, but have the keen ability to spread their pessimistic attitude to a group of unsuspecting bystanders and encourage others to employ their mindset.

Naysayers tend to blend in with those around them rather well, granted they have learned over the years to adapt to their surroundings. However, when the opportunity arises, their true nature will be exposed and they will stop at nothing to exclude others or bring a general sense of negativity to any situation.

Not to be confused with non-naysayers who fight against the negativity brought forth by naysayers, make the best of a situation and are not afraid to call out a naysayer on the spot.

Please MS, what is healthy about Diversity between our people? The two realities is, one being Physical (WOTF) mind-set (below link), anti-nature, anti-Truth, anti life, those who love the Ball of Confusion, flesh human being only opinions, the lowest life living, loving to play games, Tricksters/Halloween wearing mask mind. The other reality is Divinely Spiritual (Truth/Reality), our LIFESAVER, the mind-set our enemies do not desire to see us in because it will be Kick the Hell out of our enemies time when we are in our Divine right mind-set collectively.

WARNING: The below thread is THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT (Divine Truth) about our conditions. The enemies do not want the ROTTEN NAYSAYERS FRUIT in this thread to exit our Mind-thoughts.
How can we discuss Unity & not DisUnity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

Many of our people can not identify each other?
These NAYSAYERS can not see the UFO's-Useless Foolishness Objects within themselves in the link above in them. The people live with a CURFEW mind-set, unauthorized mind-set if it is not Divinely right, and not our own mind-set. They are prohibited to go out of that unauthorized BOX mind-set and be Free Thinkers. How are they going to be Divine Seers of Divine Sightings, and the coming of our Cosmic Divine Ancestors and recognize Divine Thinkers among them?

If we told the Black Afikans that they are the Indigo/Kundalini/extraterrestrials people, they would instrumental in helping the law enforcement and medical people in committing people who speak Supernatural information.

We need to be Chanting all over this world vice chanting the foolishness that comes out of some of the people prison/slavery mind-set, wasting the precious Gift call Breath. They do not even know that when we are not speaking that which is Divine Truth, we have Bad breath with anything else that is being said. We should save that Divine Breath for when the excrement hit the fan, because as the Shifting of Divine Truth/reality is being revealed all over the world/in the people minds, they just might get blown any way the wind blows.

If we do not know who Our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors are, and how they can manifest themselves as anything they desire, and into anyone that is willing to allow them to be in them, how will we know from which our help cometh, when we have the mind-set in the above link? We do not even know we are our own Miracles.

Many Black Afrikan people do not recognize the Divine Thinking Seers who are among them now in human form, how will they recognize the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors in any form they appear in. Many cannot recognzie each other.

In the Black Afrikan Crucial, critical, critiquing, Black Holocaust life, we show take nothing for granted, and be constant aware of everything. Constant aware also means Judging/discernment/dissecting/. We are taught not to be judgmental There are so many aliens demonic people walking this earth more now than ever looking like us, and we are not suppose to be judgmental Judgement Day is everyday, every nanosecond, millsecond. I am going to always be judgmental of who and what is in my space and what comes out of others mouth. This is how we know which is Divine Friendly or a demonic Foe.

I must always be the judge, jury, executioners of my own actions, and in doing so, I can clearly see the good, bad, and ugly in people, places and things. Many of our Black Afrikaans, and other races have been programmed and conditioned to come up Divine Seers/Sighters. Just check out the quality of mind-thoughts in the above link, which proves that those who think that way mentioned in the thread are the enemies against that which Is Divine. That mind-set in that thread do not even know that they are being used for evil like a carpenter uses her/his tools. Don't tell them they are not in their right mind-set, because the pathological liar mind-set will be revealed, and they will physically fight others when we tell them they are already in a hell mind-set. Naysayers: However, when the opportunity arises, their true nature will be exposed and they will stop at nothing to exclude others or bring a general sense of negativity to any situation.

That mind-set in the above link, as Divine Thinkers know, was planted in our people day One of Slavery so that the Black Afrikans, will not know how to recognize our Divine comic Ancient Ancestors when they return to help rescue people who speak Supernatural information The Willie Lynch programming still working on most.

That mindset in the above link is disconnected from the Cosmic Universe/Nature, which is unnatural. Like an artificial limbs, that is It is an artificial mind-set. How will they be able to identify that which is Cosmic Universal/Nature. That mind-set in the above link are Agents for evil.

So many of the Black Afrikans cannot put one foot before the other, and knowing that, means the mind-set is terribly distorted.

They just love perversion, fussing and fighting, keeping confusion going on, and in the midst of all that, who can not see the SCUD Missile of Divine Truth/reality coming to save them.

Prez of Iran in his speech asked. Why do you (USA) have secret prisons, and why do you (USA) imprison/jail and even kill those who question your (USA) research? We need our Divine right minds to see that which is unknown/known.

Again, we go back to the question? Why do others hate us Black Afrikans so much? When we answer the question why we hate each other/ourselves, then the question will be answered. No researcher mind, no answers. When we look at how we treat each other, ourselves/others will mistreat us as well, because we have lost our minds and respect for self and others.


Find out what it means to us.

The Divine Seer Thinkers, Womb genders (females) in my circle are doing our best to up lift the conscious/subconscious level of the Black WG's, and the males do the same for the black males. We have found that the majority of the Black WG's cannot even pass the Divine Litmus test, that which gives off the vibration that will serve as an indication they are ready to learn Divine Intelligent Information. We during this Litmus test observe the Wg's every action to see if she will is Divinely Friendly or a Foe, or have an Informant mind for the enemies. We see both in all the WG's do/say. The Nyasayers/nick pickers are the ones that is to be quickly weeded out. Naysayers, nick pickers, say, this is not that, and that is not this, and never once research the research of what is and what is not, to know. They do not even know that the energy they are using now is to be reserve for such a time to come when we really need it the most, and that time is nearer than we know.

The Cosmic Ancestors/Common sense is instructing Divine Seers Thinkers to Weed out the people who refuse to come together collectively/unify.
Divine thinkers are to work with those who are willing to work with them. The mind-set in the above link are dangerous people to the Divine Mission Assignment. That mind-set in the above link is tripping on false reality power, they do not understand/over stand.

Do we know that we are the Liberation/Salvation not only for Black Afrikans but the entire world?



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