Brother AACOOLDRE : Prophet Amos using Egyptian metaphors of justice

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    By Andre Austin

    Some people may take it hard from eating the cookie of this famous Amos prophet dude. The Jews were cultural influenced by the Egyptians in law, politics, food, dress and yes religion.

    Being a big fan of Martin Luther King, listening & reading to his speeches and lectures, I had a garbled quote of a quote he often said. King talked about justice rolling down like waters but I didn’t know from what book of the Bible he was citing. So I can to go back and read some of his speeches in a sample anthology of his work in A Testament of Hope which lead me to chapter 5 of the book of Amos.

    Amos states that the day of judgement/justice will be like those fleeing from a Lion to a bear (Amos 5:19).

    “But let justice roll on like a river,

    Righteousness like a never-falling stream” (Amos 5:24)

    Now I understand our images of statues of lions with water coming out of their mouths. Plutarch reports: “They also hold the Lion in honor, and they adorn the doorways of their shrines with gaping Lion heads, because the Nile overflows(Isis & Osiris p, 91). Lord/Lion is over the Nile (Amos 9:5-6). Roll & flow have the same synonyms.

    If we back up to Amos 3:7-8 God is equated with the Lion

    “Surely the sovereign lord does nothing

    Without revealing his plan…

    The lion has roared-

    Who will not fear

    The sovereign Lord has spoken”.

    In the Coffin texts of Egypt Tefnut is called Maat which is law and order and Justice. The Egyptian symbolized Tefnut with a Lion’s head. Just type in Tefnut on Wikipedia to get these attributes of:

    1. That water

    2. A verb to spit

    Tefnut is also clouds, rain, dew and moisture

    On the balance scales if your soul is balance with a feather of Tefnut-Maat your eyes will be able to see God in heaven. If you are unbalanced then Tefnut as the Lion merges with the body of a lion, legs of a hippocampus and head of a crocodile (three combined as Ammit), to swallow up your heart to eternal death.

    This is part of the situation going on with the Lukewarm church that is spit out and not swallowed up. Bible scholars in error thought Lukewarm was about drinking water when it was about behavior/deeds. Luke as pun for Look. We should be reminding in the Gospels when spit and vision were mention with curing the blind. The 2nd century Christians had it right when they told the Lukewarm church to keep doing good deeds and looking for judgement.

    Luke in Greek is Loukas a pun for a similar sounding word of Leukomas (eye disorder). The front part of Leukomas can mean to look or Leuke=League, Luke, Lion according to the Oxford English dictionary. Now we know for sure how Amos symbolized the Lord/Lion with justice rolling down like water. This was nothing different than the Egyptian religion with equating Tefnut-Maat with a Lion and justice.

    Andre Austin, author of Poor Dre's Almanac