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    As a child. If asked.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Some children have an idea.
    Some have an idea and stick to that dream and plan.

    Life has to be planned.
    Worked and planned again.

    Then as an adult.
    There are schedules.
    Everything is scheduled.
    Meetings, vacations.
    Retirement and what you may eat,
    or what you will wear the next day.

    Where the planning fails is you haven’t planned
    Any time for yourself in all the scheduling.

    You haven’t planned or gave
    Anytime to build relationship skills.

    You haven’t planned your future with someone.

    If a woman ask a man, do we have a future?
    He should already know after a few dates, if she is in those plans

    Marriage down the road, or children
    He should not be afraid to say

    Be real to the women, be good to the women
    They have to demand it from every man.

    Expect nothing less.
    Things will change over night.
    Brothers will do the impossible and anything...
    even act right to be with his women.

    A woman knows even faster if a man has a chance with her.

    A future.

    A man has to have total trust, it is hard to give
    and she has to be real with her man.
    Never mislead or betray him... like he should never do as well.
    He has to be her number one heart beat.
    If he is no longer
    Don't be afriad to say so.
    Don't waste a good mans time.

    She has to be true to him only.. and he to her
    To have a relationship
    To understand what a relationship really is.

    But neither have properly planned.

    It is easy to run away.
    One run away… can spot another run away.

    Need an escape clause built into the relationship?
    Need a 100% guarantee of something?

    One stead fast should be able to spot another.
    So plan.
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    That speaks volumes in regards to our waht will or will not be Our response to the new and improved White Supremcacy