Black Hebrew Israelites : proofs against the black hebrew claim...

No, again, the word 'white' means 'pure' and this same context is repeated as I have said by the prophet Daniel, therefore, I will post the actual scripture reference for you to see. And as far as Jesus being correlated to 'bronze' and not 'brown', actually means that Jesus was darker than brown. BRONZE is a much darker color than brown.
i just googled brown images and bronze images and brown is much darker than bronze.
Yes it does define the Israelites in association to Africa, their maternal origins and in many ways.

There were many jews who migrated to Alexandria where the Septuagint was translated and the great Jewish philosopher Philo Judaus lived but no records that the Jews lived in sub Saharan Africa
LOL, Okay, I will post the scripture references, some of them because they are many. I will post for you to see. And no, I didn't write the Bible about the deer, Solomon did that. He wrote and associated himself to the BLACK SKINNED VIRGIN in association to being her TWIN, and he wrote it in association to the scientific phenomenon of the deer family in which the female deer always gives birth to fraternal twins, a brother and a sister. SOLOMON WROTE THAT IN HIS BOOK, THE SONGS OF SOLOMON. I did not divert at all. You need to stop. LOL.
You seem to have a shortage of scripture verses for the next issue mentioned.

Song of Solomon 1 2
"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine."

Solomon wasn't the one who was speaking, it was the Queen of Sheba (ebony and ivory).

Song of Solomon 1 4
"Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee."

Song of Solomon 1 5

"I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon."
Nevertheless, as you are debating in the same language format, based on ARABIC SCRIPT, it is an accurate translation of the name of ABRAM to ABRA-HAM. And Sarai was changed from Sar-AI to SARAH. And this shows that her maternal origins were in THE PEOPLE OF AI; PERSIA [I.E. MADAI] however, God changed her name to SARAH because 'AH' as in Jeremiah, Isaiah, Noah, etc. means 'the Lord'. God changed her name to reveal that he claimed mother Sarah as 'the agar' the mother of the Abrahamitic 'race'.
I know what Abram and Abraham mean, father of the multitude and I don't read into the words something that isn't there. If I don't know a meaning or etymology I use a Bible concordance, not a Hans where Arabic dictionary but you were reading into the name Abraham and a lot of what you post is literally gibberish and your use of Hebrew etymology on an English translation is absurd.
I gave you references. Where are your references? I referenced the Cambridge Bible in that both scriptures written by Solomon and over a hundred years later, Daniel the word 'white' was italicized to define that the word defines 'pure of spriit' and not skin color!!! So, no. You can check my references and see that it is NOT my opinion. I did not plagarize. I also explained that the passage itself completely explains the term to mean 'pure of spirit'.
I never accused you of plagiary but a just pointed out that none of the Bible's I have italicize it which include the Orthodox Study Bible, the Oxford Annotated Study Bible with RSV, the Nelson Study Bible with NKJV, the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, the JPS translation of the Tanach, the RSV text and the New Jerusalem Bible (Catholic). So what you mentioned about your italicized word is an opinion not a fact. I also didn't say it was your opinion but the opinion of those who translated the Bible that you have.


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