Black Hebrew Israelites : proofs against the black hebrew claim...

Why do you think the synagogue of Satan in revelations was talking about white people when there's no internal evidence to support that view and in context it was clearly talking about the Jews who rejected Jesus and how do you explain your views about Esau/Edom that they were the first whites and were evil when the Bible mentions that they could enter the congregation of the lord as converts after a certain amount of time?
I am a 'Black' Christian and I do not believe that Esau and his descendants were the first whites.
There is no script in the Bible that supports that. I suppose you are referring to heresy coming from some group that have been putting out this false information.
If you believe that all the "real" jews moved to africa after the expulsion from Jerusalem after the Bar Kokhba revolt or the earlier 70 ad revolt how do you explain the many jews already abroad who were living in Babylonia, Syria and Yemen for centuries before that whose descnedants still live there and they are not African but middle eastern in appearance?
Whoever you believe is middle eastern in appearance is based on what evidence that they are Jews?
Yes, many of the "real" Jews did move to Africa after AD 70 and after the Bar Kokhba Revolt, but the Bible is clear on what you are also speaking about, in that many of them "real" Jews had already left that region in Jerusalem long ago.
So I suppose that you are referring to group of heresies today that do not understand the truth.

The prophets in the Old Testament detailed that there was a 'scattering' of the Hebrew Israelites during the time of the empire civilizations. Northern Israel was overthrown completely byway of the Assyrian empire forces and about a hundred years later, the Jews were attacked by the Babylonians and many of them including the prophet Daniel was forced marched out of Jerusalem. The prophet Jeremiah migrated down into Africa along with many other Hebrew Israelites and this occurred hundreds of years before the scattering at the time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt.

Somebody is not understanding the truth.
There is no historical precedent for the claims of the black hebrews (that the children of israil were black).

Yes there is.

Black people descend from Nubian Kush south of Egypt through Kush son of Ham son of Noah. T

You are completely confused. Black people did not ONLY descend from Ham son of Noah, however, they descended from NOAH!!! The descendants of Ham did not become black while their other two brothers were another color, that is crazy thinking and absolutely not supported by genetics about all human origins!

This can be witnessed by the egyptian hieroglyphs some of which have pictures of a Nubian princess being married in Egypt.

The dating of those hieroglyphs is like WHAT!? Hundreds of years after records had already been made about human origins! You need to go back to a much earlier origin to understand the truth!

History is based off of written reports, archaology, corraborative reports from other nations and the refined human intellect (for comprehension of the data).

History ABOUT HUMAN ORIGINS is based on GENETICS! But no, Israelites are not Nubians, however, they were intermixed with Nubian peoples and at an early time too.
Bible history and its 6,000 year human history is a solid foundation (six thousand year days of creation and the 6,000 years of human history.

I agree. And science backs this up, however, they do not readily publish it so that the average person can understand. So many Black people continue to be confused and believe in false notions.
but it also mentions Solomon as being white and ruddy.

HA! No! The Bible does not say that Solomon was white and ruddy. You do not understand the scripture!
That scripture is NOT referring to Solomon! Just as the Bible reveals in other passages, Solomon was a brilliant man and he knew how to write in such as way as to preserve truth when the deceivers would, as he knew, get their scriptures and blaspheme them. Let me briefly explain that Book and that passage;

The first few chapters was sort of like an introduction. Solomon writes about the Black skinned virgin and he also writes about the deer family. This is why many people miss how awesome Solomon had been. Solomon weaves the story about this girl and her lover (which was Solomon himself) in a song and also correlates their physical attributes to the deer family! I studied Biology so, this revelation became obvious to me. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology.

The science and genetics of the deer family is the same today as it has been for thousands of years. The Roe deer is what Solomon weaved throughout this book. The Doe, female deer, always gives birth to TWINS, fraternal twins, one a female and another a male. On rare occasions when the deer is in a region of famine or extreme climate, they will give birth to multiple births, but for thousands of years, it is 99% birthrate that the female deer will give birth to a baby female and male, brother and sister; TWINS. And so, here is the shock of this book in the Bible, in that Solomon has identified himself with this BLACK VIRGIN as being her twin! All throughout this book Solomon reveals that his genetic orgins are the same as this girl, "they eat amongst the lillies"; "as Black as the tents of Kedar'" and "as Black as "the CURTAINS of Solomon"!!! Solomon reveals that she comes from Black people like the Kedarites and his MATERNAL ORIGINS, his mother Bathsheba, is a Black woman. Solomon details that his CURTAINS, refers to his maternal origins. So, he is not saying that the Hebrews and his father David is Black, though; not at that time. The Hebrews were not known to be a predominantly Black people, but however, they were ethnic people and had been heavily intermixed with African people.

Now the passage about being 'white and ruddy' again, does NOT refer to Solomon. After the first few chapters, the song and story shifts. The marriage has occurred. The Virgin and her lover Solomon has came together. Starting with verse 5, there is a shift in this story. Now Solomon writes about the anguish of the virgin because, soon, the king, Solomon will die. Solomon now become the priest/prophet that his is. Solomon is a king but he is also a prophet and now he is writing as an older man and begins to prophesize about the coming of JESUS CHRIST. So he writes that the virgins sees him as the BELOVED Jedidiah. However, Solomon tells the virgins, that there will be a greater BELOVED that will come! He then equates this GREATER BELOVED to the TEMPLE OF GOD. And he writes that he is 'WHITE AND RUDDY', and the word 'white' is italicized and translated as meaning SPRIITUALLY PURE!

It has nothing to do with skin color! Like all prophets, their script is confirmed hundreds of years later by another prophet. So you will see this very same passage of being 'WHITE' in the sense of meaing being 'PURE'. And it is in the Book of DANIEL. Like in the Song of Solomon, the word, 'white' is italicized in the Cambridge version. So therefore, Solomon is definitely revealing that the GREATEST BELOVED is RUDDY, though. And the word ruddy means that Jesus was prophesized to be 'brownish-red'.


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