Black Hebrew Israelites : proofs against the black hebrew claim...

Rams/Big Horn Sheep can weigh up to about 400 pounds.


Goats and rams are two different species. A ram is a male sheep and belongs to the genus Ovis. A goat is closely related to sheep but is a different species belonging to the genus Capra. Rams also have thick, wooly coats and long, curvy horns, while goats have thin coats and narrow, pointed horns. rams are two,coats and narrow, pointed horns.

The curtains of Tabernacle of the Israelites was made of Goat hair and Ram's skin to symbolize the ethnic origins of the Chosen people of God in that their male origins was Shem and their culture was formed in the motherland of Africa and where they intermixed with the descendants of Ham. Their were 12 curtains to symbolize the 12 Tribes of Israel. All of the 11 curtains were covered by the top layer of Ram's skin, dyed red. And the final covering was made of badger skin which was the rain proof layer.
Nubian Kush is beautiful lineage so there is no reason why you should say you're something your not (Israelite) just to make you feel good.

Moses married Zipporah who was Midianite according to the Bible and he also later on married an Ethiopian/Kushite woman likewise.

Abraham means father of a multitude in English, not the tribe of ham and that's according to the Bible.

I don't doubt that the real children of Israel sometimes married people from Kush as clearly Moses did but they are still fundamentally middle eastern.

Just because you say you have a bachelors in language arts and biology doesn't mean you could know for sure what is figurative or literal in prose and poetry, that comes from the author of the poem, not some unbreakable laws of language arts according to you.

As for hair white like unto wool, in all fairness, some Arabic and middle easterners (non Kushite) have nappy hair or semi nappy hair texture but they aren't black and the passage in revelations is a vision of St. John of Zebedee so it could be metaphorical as most dream visions are and even if it wasn't some non blacks have nappy hair too.

Even still, the verse in revelation could carry more than one meaning depending on simply where you place a comma so the Hebrew Masoretic text, the Septuagint text and other versions of the Hebrew Bible would have to be referenced to see if they shed light on it, otherwise it's just a translators understanding that we're dependent on.

Aside from that, much of what you said I already agree with to start (I'm sure many real Israelites might have had Kushite spouses and mixed children) but as I have already illustrated in depth THE ISRAELITES WEREN'T AND AREN'T BLACK.

And just because you say you have a bachelors in language arts doesn't make you an expert in theology, even if it is true.
Nubian Kush is beautiful lineage so there is no reason why you should say you're something your not (Israelite) just to make you feel good.

Thank you!

But no, it's not about me feeling good because, how can being forced into chattel slavery and on a slave ship be good!?

The most critical aspect of all the Bible in the identity of the Israelites is the Transatlantic Slave Ship Trade and Egypt/Africa and for this reason, they ethnicity is absolutely defined in the Holy Bible in relation to the most defining trait and that is Nappy/wooly hair as the most dominant trait.

No, I do not have a degree in language arts. I was trained to teach language arts in the Middle School level and learned the significance in certain grammatical expressions such as I explained that are used in the scriptures. I do have a degree in Biology. And so, I am saying that based on a scientific approach there are many subjects that can be confirmed historically. And one main subject is that of African hair type!

There is no other race or kind of humans on this earth that can express either nappy or wooly hair. That was my very thesis in college! I studied hair type! I wrote a thesis on this subject for my degree!

Nappy hair and/or wooly hair has a unique expression that scientifically is defined as LOCKING. It is hair that locks and that is yet another definition even used in the holy scriptures. Wooly hair, CUSH hair, etc. both LOCKS and INTERLOCKS. No other living creatures hair type does this, not curly hair, coily hair, wavy hair, etc.

Other than AFrican people, lambs, rams, bactrian camels and the extinct woolly mammoth have this genetic expression. That is it. So if other humans express this, they will also show definite African traits from the parent they recieve this from. This is the only genetic trait that cannot be separated from African traits. Genes travels in pairs generally, but all human traits can be expressed in all humans except for woolly hair. It is the only trait that cannot be separated and passed onto non-African people after reproducing to the point that a mutation has occurred. It is the SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD IN THE FOREHEAD!

I am not trying to be an expert, I am just stating facts.
not to mention, wooly is not the same as nappy in color or texture. Natural nappy hair has small curls which wool doesn't have but wool certainly comes in white abundantly. Wool is fluffy and thick but doesn't contain the small curls in nappy hair.

No. Nappy hair is the phrase used in ancient civilization such as ancient Persia. That was their term for woolly hair and it means the very same. Hair that NAPS is the same as saying HAIR THAT LOCKS.
This is the same process in the determination of the ancient PERSIAN RUGS, and in how they determined the grade of rugs. Some rugs had more nap than others and based on the degree of the nap, also determined the value of the rug. There are many terms used to define African hair type but again, the best scientific term would be LOCK; Hair that locks.


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