Black Hebrew Israelites : proofs against the black hebrew claim...

Using bible babble as proof to explain realistic issues is a work in frutility...!

If bible babble was an authentic, factual, scientific, historical, viable piece of work then yes, it would be a great go to source, but it isn't.

The words Jew, Hebrew, and Israelite did not evolve until 1829 ("The Africans Who Wrote The Bible" by Dr. Alex Darkwah).....!
This is what i mean by bad etymology that the english version of the name of abraham is being used for hebrew etymology which is entirely absurd. Abraham means father of a multitude in english and has nothing to do with the tribe of Ham son of Noah.

Abraham's seed developed a culture in Africa for 400+ years, so of course they intermixed with HAM in Ur of Chaldees and Egypt. Of course his name matches his seed! It's our book, written by Moses whose wife is Zipporah, the Ethiop.
Not to mention Abraham's name used to be Abram, according to the Bible and then God changed it to Abraham meaning father of a multitude. Ham is clearly not what is meant there. Abraham is a transliteration into English from the Hebrew original.

Abrahm also refers to BLACK SETH!!! LOL!
The Ram is the main symbol for the descendants of Shem!!! LOL!
But the Creator changed Ab-Ram's name to AbraHAM as he migrated down into the land of HAM [i.e. Cham].
This isn't something to be ashamed of but thankful for

Yes, I am so thankful for the Creator marking his seed, the Chosen seed, Hebrew Israelites with wooly hair!
The seal of the living God in the FOREHEAD!
I am so grateful that the Creator had Moses marry Zipporah, the Cushite woman and bring forth his sons from her!
I am so grateful for both Moses and later Solomon linking the very temple of God with the MARK OF GOD, the wooly hair that is unique to people of African descent!
I am so grateful that Joseph is depicted with his afro in his tomb in Egypt!
I am so grateful that the tenth layer of the tabernacle was made of WOOL to cover the five layers on one side and the five layers of curtains on the other side!!! I am so grateful that the Creator sealed up the Bible in GENETICS in the book of GENESIS--with the GENE of Wooly hair!!! The very mark of Adam, the very first modern male on this planet!

I am so grateful that God marked Jesus with having White hair, like wool! YESSS!!!
God is awesome.

It hurts that the Hebrews became victims of the Transatlantic Slave Ship Trade though, but God had to visit them on this very issue of self hatred.

I don't think you understand language arts. But, I have a degree and you are misunderstanding the book of Daniel and Solomon in its usage of METAPHOR and SIMILE!
Abrahm also refers to BLACK SETH!!! LOL!
The Ram is the main symbol for the descendants of Shem!!! LOL!
But the Creator changed Ab-Ram's name to AbraHAM as he migrated down into the land of HAM [i.e. Cham].

I need to make a correction about the tenth curtain, I just read the scriptures to confirm and realized that it was the 12th curtain that refers to WOOL. More specifically, Ram's skin, dyed red. The twelfth curtain represents the prophecy of Jesus as well and is specifically a male sheep which is a ram. And again, THE RAM is the main symbolism for the Original descendants of Shem of which the wool becomes the reason why this animal is the correlation. And it would be for this reason that the Hebrew Israelite priesthood also uses this symbolism as well, because they are descendants of Shem in their male origins. So the Bible uses the term BATTERING RAM at times to confirm this. However, the Creator changed Abram's name to Abraham due to his seed intermixing with the descendants of Ham. One major reason why the Creator chose Abraham and his seed migrated down into Africa and away from the land of Shem is due to the early Shemites of whom came to practrice idolatry and their association with THE RAM became a confusion due to idolatry. Nevertheless, it is the main symbolism for the Original descendants of Shem in their correlation to the nature of the male sheep. The Sheep correlates to the Original Seth specifically because it is one of a few rare animals that grow WOOLLY COATS and connects to the original mankind hair type, that being woolly or bushy hair; hair that locks. So even though the Hebrew Israelites express various human traits, such as many of them would also express different hairtypes however, their ethnicity ties them to Africa and so their dominant ethnicity would be 'African' and their dominant trait would be the unique trait of having bushy or woolly hair type.



A ram is a male sheep. Sheep are social animals and gather together in groups known as flocks. Because of unique characteristics of their eyes, sheep can see behind themselves without turning their heads! A sheep’s wool is the most widely used of animal fibers. And, of course, a baby sheep is called a lamb! ram is a male,widely used of animal fibers.

The ram has always enjoyed favor as a potent symbol because of the animal’s legendary strength and virility (and hence its creative powers), and its characteristics as a leader and protector of his flock. always enjoyed,and protector of his flock.




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