Black People Politics : PROOF of a Fraudulent Voting process..........

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Yes, Fergusson is close to being 70% black, but only 6% voted.

According to an MSNBC report, local African-American leaders conceded that "blacks across the region simply haven’t participated in city elections." They are right. According to aWashington Postanalysis, an estimated 6% of blacks and 17% of whites turned out for the 2013 municipal elections in the township, which are held in spring in odd-numbered years. In contrast, during the 2012 presidential election, 54% of blacks and 55% of whites turned out in November.

This is why that murdering cop walked.



Wow! But I must tell you, I kind of felt like that too, but also, I believe that it is still a railroad game that has been played against Black Americans.

Prior to the elections of pres. Obama, it was reported that Black Americans never voted in any great degree, but that all changed. I felt like that would be used to hurt us too. Because after the second time Black people came out in force to vote in 2012, then the next upcoming election 'THAT WASN'T FOR PRESIDENT' many of the candidates in my area were all WHITE! ---and totally White!!! Ain't nobody Black want to vote for that! And I feel like that ws the set up all along.

Therefore I feel like those people in Ferguson and many others will be exploited no matter what. This system wanted us to vote for Black people and then set us up in certain places where they KNOW the two candidates in so many areas would be both WHITE and then they planned to be aggressive against Black people again and again. That is just how I feel. It is a losing blame those Black folks for not voting after they came out in force to vote for pres. Obama is the game in my opinion. We are hated for wanting Black people to represent us, but it is only a matter of time that some of us SOMEWHERE will be faced with two White Candidates, and that is the very systematically keep us voting until we start voting for White candadites and accepting White Rule by and by. You can't pay me to vote for either of two White candidates and right now, there will not be enough Black people that can even represent Black issues and that can be trusted that they won't sell out. Black people shouldn't be sacrificed because they don't trust and are not educated to know all these candidates that are 'out of no where' put up in the media as 'the right candidate to vote and protect your human rights'. That's just how I feel.

But, I had a feeling that teenager was sacrificed due to the vote...these evil white people did not victimize us before the 2008 elections in this way, but now, all of a sudden, AFTER OBAMA, they think can kill us in areas where the Blacks didn't come out in force and vote!? Oh My God! Nobody should be killed and exploited for this evil system...they wouldn't do that to no one else. Those Whites did not come out and vote in certain places either. This is just an excuse to exact their evil hate against our presence, in my opinion. And they won't win for long. It's like they are trying to force Black people to vote for any ole nut they put up, in my opinion. I don't think those Ferguson people are that stupid. If they believed that someone was trusted like they trusted Obama, then I don't believe they would have stayed at home and not voted. That's just how I feel right now, but this is the first time I've heard about this. So thank you.

That is an evil, a great evil, if that child was killed because White people are filled with hate because they couldn't get those Black people to vote. It says alot about who is really behind this voting system, to me.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009

That's just what they want Black people to do, in my opinion, be responsible for all of their White racist laws and White racist people that exist pushing these evil 'slave laws' on us way up into 1985, laws that should have nothing to do with voting, but should have been completely done away with way back in time. What an evil law to still keep on the books way up into 1985. We, as Black people have endured so much evil in this system.

Also, I tell you Bro. Enki, Segregation is supreme in my neck of the woods. This White people have never gotten rid of it but even right after Obama was voted in, it became even more defined. I mean, just as in the past, a few Black people can press to have their children educated properly and fight to put them in a classroom where a teacher is qualified to teach and face all kinds of racism, that hasn't changed much.

I have dealt with this issue so intensely while my sons were in public school and even now. Even with the busing. It is all such a joke. These White people are so full of tricks. The public schools are so severely segregated, and then the few Black kids that live in the neighborhoods which cause them to have to go to predominantly all White schools, THEY ARE RAILROADED INTO ALL BLACK CLASSROOMS WITH UNQUALIFIED TEACHERS! I would walk by one classroom full of White kids and it was so quiet you could here a pin drop, and down the hallway, the all black classroom, the kids were almost yelling at the top of their lungs, coming out of the classroom in the hallway, and etc.

This system has not ever fully segregated, but almost as soon as the law was passed, they did 'other things' to make sure they segregated and pretend like they submitted to the law.

When that woman said for the grand Jury not to worry about the federal government, that is because she knows that her actions will prevail, unless Black Americans do what they are doing right now, and do a class actions that will hopefully get results. I have no faith in this system.


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Aug 9, 2003
Now let's link this together without too much effort.

Darren Wilson has someone been linked or tied to the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
Obama will not intervene because he has no power over the laws of jurisdiction, but could do certain things with an executive order if he were requested to.

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has origins from British Confederacy... hence the term "Knights".




These are representations of course as I don't have any old literature with images of knights

Modern day knights are referred to as "officers of the court".
Their duty is to serve and protect the "King" or the "Crowns", which is why the "Constitutions" confuse them when they are referred to.

On point

On time


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