Black People Politics : Promises To The Poor, or Promises to the Rich? Which Ones Does Barack Obama Intend To Keep?

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    by Bruce Dixon

    By the first days of his presidency, Barack Obama made direct promises to see NAFTA
    renegotiated, to raise the minimum wage in his first months in office, to close
    Guantanamo, to create a path to citizenship for the undocumented, to make union
    organizing easier, to cease kidnappings, secret imprisonment and torture, and craft an
    open, transparent process for the drafting of what became known as Obamacare. The
    thing of it was, that all these were promises made to poor people. Thus they
    were of little and soon disregarded. But they were not his only promises.

    Barack Obama made other early promises as well -- to wealthy interests, to the
    Pentagon, to Wall Street and London banksters, to charter school sugar daddies, the
    galaxy of public employees and private contractors euphemistically known as the
    “intelligence community.” He promised them that no torturers would stand trial,
    military manpower and budgets would continue to rise, that greedy drug companies and
    would be reined in, and that Wall Street would be protected against the mobs and their
    pitchforks, and apparently that public education would be privatized. Unlike his promises
    to the poor,President Obama has striven mightily to keep all these.

    With a good 33 more months left in the White House, President Obama apparently has a
    few more promises to make. He'll likely keep some of them. If the first 63 months of his
    tenure are any guide, and you want to know which promises will be kept, the handwriting
    is on the wall. The promises made to the wealthy and powerful will get first priority. The
    pledges made to the legions of ordinary people who made his career possible, not so much.

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