Brother AACOOLDRE : Prologue to the book Lukewarm: the temperature of Justice

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    PROLOGUE to the book Lukewarm: The temperature of Justice

    Plutarch reports in his essay Isis & Osiris p.135

    “Typhon (Satan), at one time smites the eye of Horus , and at another time snatches it out and swallows it, and then later gives it back again to the sun. By the smiting, they refer allegorically to the monthly waning of the moon, and by the crippling, to its eclipse, which the sun heals by shining straight upon it as soon as it has escaped the shadow of the earth.” P.135. Just a reminder the eye of Horus is symbolic of the sun.

    This may have been the origin of the allegory that the eye of the sun heals from which Moses borrowed from the Egyptians in the OT.

    This also reminds me of another motif in which the metaphor of the eye of Lukewarm being swallowed then being spit out. It is then balanced between the Hot & Cold which was symbolic of health/healing at that time.

    So it’s clear that the writers of the New Testament were using the same parables found in the Egyptian literature.

    Many in our community are living a life that bookless. Others wait and refuse to purchase a book until three conditions happens:

    1. A celebrity or sports figure writes a book with the help of a ghostwriter.

    2. A stamp of approval is anointed on the author by the mainstream press

    3. A death occurs and a sympathy purchase occurs.

    Wake up! There can be no civilization with the invention of writing. And we must do business transactions with our scribes. Wikipedia can’t give you an adequate need for a book for they only brush on the surface.

    Stay with me, bear with me and eventually you will see what I’m saying and comprehend the vison and blueprint I’m laying out in this book.