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Oct 13, 2006
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To follow thru with the energy of the discussion on the "How To Trick The Matrix" post - this "Project" is focused on really simple ideas we can all incorporate into our lives, daily or weekly activities.

Can we shake up the world? Or is this idea melted into the fantasy of our personal scriptures?

Do we have the power to change the system?

I am optimistic that we can. IF we can rate what is- individually impossible as collectively probable.....perhaps.

And if we can use our charts of history as evidence, the fact that we are still here- is impossible.

I took a small period of time to meditate and speak to guides about these issues. I tried to find "simple" remedies that everyday people can do, with the least amount of effort and force- to help promote education and change. And more importantly- to help reconfirm the bond between our people.

To make life easier, I assigned people I knew into 9 groups. I understand why now. Because we are all so skilled in so many things, its better when our skills are acknowledge first, and then we can make a personal decision where our skills can be applied.

1. Leaders. 2. Warriors/Peacemakers. 3. Creators. 4. Builders.
5. Teachers. 6. Lovers. 7.Healers. 8. Elders. 9. Masters.

All 9 of these groups are present in some form or fashion here at Destee. Personally- I think what would shake up the world enough, is that those of you who have the authority to do so- do not be afraid to push this forum to a larger scale. If Destee is indeed a place for healing, it a place the entire world can access.

Destee could also be in print distributed around the communities? It can become a true center for discussing the issues of Black America with true minds. Destee's audio classes can be pushed into a radio show format. The idea is- the power to shake up the world is within all of you. The issue of money has been used far too long as a reason to hold ourselves back.


Many of you fall into this group. As spiritual leaders, political leaders, etc. There is still a debate raging on about what is a Black leader? Who is a Black leader? And why do White people think we need one? Why does Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson speak for us? Most people have the wrong idea about leadership. People choose their leaders, leaders don't choose their people. Take for example how some of you have become "leaders" on this forum.

This took place because you happened to be an expert or skillful at something right? You are asked a question, and you gave a successful educated answer. You can lead people to the right idea, because you have experienced the result.

We can shake up the world by "recognizing" our Leaders before hand, in their youth. Instead of encouraging them to be basketball players and's slave jobs, let's learn to ask them questions, and see what "result" their minds are pondering.

Afterall, most leaders are problem solvers.

We must learn to give our youth their due. Imagine if we addressed a young child as "counselor" or "teacher" or " genius", what that would do to the conscious and sub-conscious of their being. They would instantly start to gravitate towards the energy that would built them into the person you are calling them. This is the way it is already!

When we do this, we realize WE are the leaders, because we lead them to a successful result.

A leader has the power to create leaders.

We have 8 more groups to address, but this give you an idea of how we can begin this Project to promote conscious change.

Is it possible for us to make a difference?

FEAR- is the greater of all oppressors.


Lover and Creator Bessie Smith still continues to shake up the world.


Jack Johnson: Warrior/Peacemaker.

Some of us fight, so millions don't have to die. Jack Johnson shook up the world by showing the power of the Black race still remains, despite brutality and racism.



Is it possible to shake up the world and not be criticized? We would have to leave that to the pages of history.


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Oct 13, 2006
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Peace Destee Fam!

Here's some more ideas for people willing to make changes in their communities. Some of us might think we are not significant enough to shake anything up. I beg to differ.

In the movie "Pay It Forward" a little ivory boy did what Ebony people have always done as part of their custom and culture.

Reuben St. Clair, the teacher and protagonist in the book “Pay It Forward,” starts a movement with this voluntary, extra-credit assignment: THINK OF AN IDEA FOR WORLD CHANGE, AND PUT IT INTO ACTION. Trevor, the 12-year-old hero of “Pay It Forward,” thinks of quite an idea. He describes it to his mother and teacher this way: "You see, I do something real good for three people. And then when they ask how they can pay it back, I say they have to Pay It Forward. To three more people. Each. So nine people get helped. Then those people have to do twenty-seven." He turned on the calculator, punched in a few numbers. "Then it sort of spreads out, see. To eighty-one. Then two hundred forty-three. Then seven hundred twenty-nine. Then two thousand, one hundred eighty-seven. See how big it gets?"

Not only is there a Pay It Forward Foundation now, but the movie itself was what inspired Oprah to start her "Radom Acts of Kindness" campaign and The Angel Network. Most of these commitments lead up to her Billionaire status. Also, you might remember her famous "you get a car! you get a car!"

We should know from studying-- all of these concepts come from KMT, Maat- and all African concepts of reciprocity.

You get back what you give.

So those of you who think you are not significant enough to change the world, obviously aren't paying attention. We all have the power to give something.

Movies capitalize on concepts everyday people don't have time to promote or produce. The concept behind the Movie and Novel Pay it Forward has been used since time began. WE are the ones who have fallen out of consciousness as to why and how the Universe works. For this reason, our science and spirituality can be resold to us, as refurbished goods.

Hundreds of Black people die in America everyday, with a house full of clutter, closets filled with things they never use, books they never read, clothes they never or hardly wore. Shoe boxes of memories, ideas they never shared. And they die heartbroken by a world that never seemed to care much for them.

Why doesn't the world care for us? The world doesn't care when you have nothing to give the world.

But we do. The problem is, we stock pile our gifts, ideas and materials because of the fear of letting go. Yet if you don't let go, how can you get?

If we really wanted to change the world tomorrow, we start giving away all the things we don't use today. Just give it away. Don't worry about putting a price on it, just give it. Its funny that we'd rather store something we'll never use than give it away to someone who will use it.

One of my favorite websites for free goods: The site is free for ad listings etc, while not all selling is free. Craig manages to make over 2 million a year off this site. He has a listing for just about every city and country in the world. One of his most popular sections are: "Barter" and "Free" so this means if you have items you want to give away, you can list them right there in your city.

Imagine how good you'll feel giving away the washing machine you don't use anymore to A single mother who needs it? Or all those books you've read, or you'll never read.

Being chronically broke, is just as bad a condition as being chronically ill. We need to wake up. Being all spiritual and broke is not good either. MAAT is not about being broke, its about balance. How can we be rich and one area yet poor in the other. Something is not right there, and we need to take charge of this issue.

When we are truly broke (not poor)- its because we are not GIVING. Everything in the Universe comes to us because someone or something is making it available.

I give business ideas away everyday to Black business people who have the money to put these businesses into action. And because I do that, I get allot of business ideas. I call that MAAT, I call that Reciprocity. I call that balance and order. Its the way the world works. And the more conscious we are of the way the world REALLY works, the more we willing we are to take action.

Give what you want Destee family! Clear out those closets! You know that mini skirt is not your style anymore! What you holding on to it for! Mothers I know you have items you may not need, think about all the Single mothers who do need them.

We all have something to give, and that is what makes us all VERY significant people.


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Apr 13, 2006
Great post meta, I think we are all leaders...One thing that my family has always told me it that I "think for myself and dont follow others..and thats why alot of people dont like you" I was 24 at the time...around the time my brother was killed and brought to the elders and has became one himself....He explained to me in these words while i was in a meditative state in 2005...

"The reason why people seem that they dont like you is because they wish they could be like you...they wish they could say no to something due to peer pressure, and be ok with not being popular.....but dont let it bring you down....they dont understand what kind of potential they have....envy can be worst than can lead anyone to "hate" on someone...that doesnt mean they hate you....everyone wants to think for themselves and when they dont anyone who does they will tend to not want to be associated with them..."

And that stuck with me......And after I read alot of your posts meta I always thought about what my brother told me....Based on what people tell me and what has happened to me I consider myself more of a warrior...

I believe black people fit in all 9 of them myself...they just need to believe it....keep up great posts meta!!


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Oct 13, 2006
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Peace Torch!

Envy can be worse than betrayal. Truer words have never been spoken.

I give thanks everyday for Black folks who think outside the box, because they are the ones who help to break us out our prisons. And yes, most of us do belong to all these groups, and that would be the 9th group- the Masters. Those who master life and are not slaves to it, are the ones who think different, who move different and are here to show us things we would otherwise miss without their intervention.

I accept the brave intervention of Warriors like your Brother. We are lucky and blessed when we have had an true intimate relationship with someone who crosses over to be with our Ancestors, from there they can guide us, visit us in our dreams and help our lives improve. I am thankful or your words Torch, but I don't salute just one Warrior, I salute two.



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Oct 13, 2006
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While the 9 groups I have mentioned are indeed those of us who by whatever means are helping to change the world in our small little ways, I did fail to mention one very major group of Black folks. I failed to mention them, because it is taking me some time to define them. This group is changing the world, but for the negative. Unfortunately we can all slip into this group from time to time.

There's a strong hot blooded vomit of ignorance felt especially by those who are so embedded in their own truth, they cannot- see any other reality. We have all felt this vomit rising up in our being, and its a sign that we are too attached to an idea, which is literally choking us.

A true healthy mind, heart and soul care enough that they can show us the truth, but doesn't get wild about it. Why? Because seeing the truth is up to you. I still have bouts with Religious people over this same concept. To me, its a sign of mental illness when a person cannot for whatever reason have a decent conversation with another human being without trying to convince them of some trivial theory.

Yet we must witness these acts closely and ask ourselves how many times are we performing these acts as well.

There are so many leaders who speak wonderful thoughts. There are so many Pan Africans who have wonderful ideas. There are so many Elders and Visionaries who have it all mapped out for us. Why don't we just listen to them? Why didn't we listen back then? Why aren't we listening now?

Its obvious that some of us listen. Some of us hear them. Some of us model our very lives after the words of Black leaders. Some of us have created a culture around speeches, books and words. So some of us do listen. But we don't collectively listen? Because we are not all on the same wave length.

So for anyone who is a Leader, any true Leader- this is important to know. Usually our negative ideas center around control. This human need to control the path of other people. As if anyone of us would be so arrogant the think, the truth comes from us alone. Yes, there are many Spiritual Leaders who think that.

There are Leaders who think the world is precisely what they see it to be, and don't you dare question it otherwise. I see the same need for control in Whites as I do Blacks. And sometimes I wonder if given the chance, would some Blacks enslave other Black people anyway? If given the same power, would we?

True power is not about control. True power says what needs to be said, and walks away. True power doesn't care if you see the truth, because truth is obvious, it takes more power not to see the truth, and then to see it. The act of seeing it, is the responsibility of the receiver. Too many of us waste precious time trying to convince others of such trivial nonsense that we have forgotten why we are given gifts in the first place. No one sit and talks about a gift, they open it, and experience it, and use it.

Black people are the most gifted people on the planet, yet we are the only ones who take time to derail the gifts of other Black people, the reduce the Genius of one another in our speech and thinking, and make sure everyone knows just how wrong a Black person is because their idea is different than ours.

Woe to the day when difference dies.
How can we celebrate difference in it's face, and yet stab it in its back?

What is stunting our growth as a people? What is stopping us from organizing groups based upon wave length, and stop arguing with people who are not on our wave length? When will we wake up and realize there are many many many different channels and paths for all Black people, we can't all be on the same path. But all those paths are running in the same direction. We are trying to evolve- There is no such thing as ONE WAY.


If so, let's start by giving props to our People when then are with us, and not waiting for them to cross over and jump on the bandwagon. Don't wait for them to die to say how great they were. Let's learn to do so while they are living. Why is Black appreciation about our Ancestors alone, when we have LIVING Ancestors right here?



Here's my short list.....

Mother Destee
Assata Shakur
Queen Afua
Dr. Welsing
Rev. Phil Valentine
Dr. Delbert Blair
Dr. Oyibo
Keidi Obi Awadu
Bro. Jamaal
Jeremiah Camara
Dr. Ray Hagin

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