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    I have been sitting on an idea now for too long. The project I believe is an excellent one, but would get it's best chance to develop and be birthed if it was handled by a team or a partner at least. What I require is this: someone who is proficient with command line programs like Terminal, possibly musicians/artists who compose their own instrumental work and would give us permission for use. My background includes music composition but I'm in the middle of relocating and I feel a sense of urgency to unleash this project.
    I will be using material that I already have recorded, but it's a great opp for someone else to shine as well. My background also includes Belief Repatterning, Guided Meditations, Massage Therapy and Reiki. How this comes together is very simple.

    Many of you may have seen the work for Holosync /Kelly Howell's meditation tapes. What is most interesting to me, is that I was working on this kind of technology in 2002. I had programmed audio affirmations onto instrumental music and would listen to them as I slept, worked, etc... Actually my first successful science project was in elementary school proving that students can learn to recite textbook material as they slept. Well, that was then and this is now, Holosync and others have come up with a large aresenal of resonances to match certain mind sets, enabling the programming of the mind. I have tested almost all of these out and find that they are quite effective - however when you look at the subjects they are not African based. And that is where our project will differ. I am looking for person(s) to compile a CD of meditations for People of Color - addressing particular mental mindsets that were conditioned into us. I haven't any money to pay you for your time, but .... but, but but.... as my partner(s) all rights to the material will be shared equally and that includes TM, and copyright. I have a website that it can be launched on, and I just feel this must be done. I also feel that Destee and I have been acquainted because the right people are on this forum.

    Let me know if you're interested in collaborating...

    Love for now