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    Progressive Artists for the Millions More Movement

    For Immediate Release:

    On the heels of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s inspirational visit to Detroit, to rally support for the Millions More Movement, Progressive Artists for the Millions More Movement (PAMMM) is inviting the general public to a rally at Detroit’s own Hiedelberg Project (located on Heidelberg St. and Mt. Elliott between Mack and Vernor) on Sunday, September 4, 2005, from 12pm to 5:00pm.

    PAMM was formed in response to a call from Detroit Nation of Islam Minister Dawud Muhammad to bring together a collective of Detroit’s progressive artists, using their unique talents to raise community awareness about the still-looming and festering issues raised ten years ago at the Million Man March.

    As noted by Min. Farrakhan, “Although many wonderful things have happened as a result of the march, 10 years later, the masses of our people are slipping further behind.”

    Aptly described as “the beginnings of a cultural revolution” within our city’s borders, the PAMMM Rally will focus on a myriad of national and local issues impacting Black Americans, including artistic/cultural development, education, economic development, health care, reparations, the prison-industrial complex, and the need for unity, enhanced spiritual values, political power, and peace to successfully address these issues.

    With a keynote address by “M1” of the socially-conscious hip hop collective Dead Prez, Detroit’s community leader and activists roster for the rally will also include_Karinda Washington, Min. Malik Shabazz, Jenenne Whitfield, Katrina Redd, Muhammad Luwemba, Donnell White and others.

    There will also be live performances by some of Detroit’s premier performing artists, including Duminie, 3rd Eye Open, The Purple Gang, Versiz, Legacy, The Detroit Poetry Slam Team, Blair, Local Youth, Lottie Spady, Tasherre D’Enajetic, and other surprise guest artists.

    The PAMMM Rally will also serve as a registration site for the Millions More Movement, the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March, to be held in Washington, D.C. on October 15, 2005.

    Sponsors for the September 4th PAMMM Rally include the Nation of Islam; New Rising Sun Entertainment; Iron Fist Records, LLC; Camouflage Magazine, The Michigan Citizen, Redd Apple Gallery, NBOBA, Inc. and The Phoenix of the Detroit Firefighters.

    For more information about this and other related events, please contact Khalid el-Hakim, V.P. of Iron Fist Records, LLC, and the principal organizer of the PAMMM Rally, at (313) 333-3762.

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