Chief Elder Osiris : Professor Gates Says, Skip Racism, Just Work Hard ?

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know precious hearts we as Black people are in a pitiful mental state
    and especially if we take the kind of advice that Mr. . Skip Gates is
    handing out and I truly mean no disrespect to Mr. Gates, it is just that the
    Truth take precedent here.

    This is the weakest and most deceiving kind of advice any Black Person can
    give to Black People in america and especially those who claim to be at the
    highest level of scholarly academia, located in the finest of white folks
    indoctrination institutions call colleges and universities.

    Do Black Folks deal with Racism by choice ? Is all it take for us to escape
    Racism is to ignore it, skip along and it will just go away ?

    Tell me my beloved, why is it that some Black Folks attempt to imply, the
    very thing that ripped our heart out, the very thing used to Enslaved and
    continue to oppress Black Folks , is now the very thing that either saved us
    from ourselves or is something we can over come just by ignoring its evil
    that have a hold on us and keep us from taking control of our Black Lives.

    It is this type of foolishness that is preached by the hard core
    integrationist / assimilationist among us that serve as the greatest defense
    for Racism, injustice, independence and us demanding respect for our
    Hue -Man Rights.

    For a Black Respected scholar, among some of us, to be telling our
    children, it is civil Rights over Hue - Man Rights we should be pursuing and
    our problem in america is our fault and all of this Racist evil we are
    confronted with is only make believe and all we have to do is ignore it,
    skip over it or around it and it will go away.

    How foolish and victimized have we become to this Racist america society,
    even to the point many of us have consented to sign on to preach this
    garbage to our children and in doing so, extending the stay of our
    oppression,resting in a position with a mind set that we are the blame for
    our degraded condition in america and all we have to do is pull ourselves up
    by our boot straps and that the america dream is real for every
    AfroDescendant held captive here.

    Each Time that lie is told it is as if the purveyor of such a lie has
    unloaded a full 9mm clip into the brain of our children, mentally
    paralyzing them, preventing them from ever knowing the true state of our
    condition in america and the world.

    Such erroneous advise coming from Mr. Gates to our children only advance the
    polarization of Black people among themselves in america, creating and
    maintain a competitive behavior among us for the crumbs that fall from the
    affirmative action table.

    Yet those of us who know what Mr. Gates is preaching and the likes of him
    as well,is no more than a placebo, because that is all Civil Rights are as
    for as the Rights we need that will bring freedom, justice, independence and
    sanity to the minds of the AfroDescendants in america.

    Strong, on no, this is the weakest position one who claim to be well learned
    can take about our condition and opportunities in america and to imply that
    Racism is imaginary and all we have to do is skip over it and it will go
    away, is advice coming from a true enemy of Truth, Justice, equal
    opportunity, Hue -Man Rights and the freedom to become self - determine
    without the affliction of prejudice Racism.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Let The Devil And Its Agents Be Damned !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation