Black Poetry : Prof. T.ruth (Pt 1)


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Mar 19, 2001
Prof T.Ruth told
me that the pledge of
allegiance is garbage and that
"..for liberty and justice for all"
is a fallacy for JUST-US and that
JUST-US is really a played out coined
rephrase of a phrase that when
spelled correctly still is a
lie but, the rephrase serves it's purpose
T.Ruth told me that Columbus was as
foul as those kids at Columbine and when
Combined/restrained/shackled on the
yellow Colum BUS/aka slaveship we are placed in
Columns and led to in"stink"tutions of
education/of insufficient supplies and
limited books and an expectation
to pass all these "standard"eye-zed tests
/a written war where we are given slingshots
to fight the war/ and placed on the lower
"percentile" of the learning curve 'til we cracked the
bell / However I can spell....B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T
Prof. T.Ruth told me that I was brilliant
that the cradle of Africa held me and rocked
me into a destiny of royalty...if I so choose
Prof T.Ruth told me that the ankh is
the symbol of know fallopian tubes and womb
and that it's a shame that it has become a fad to
wear and that the Star of David is a kemetic symbol
"conception to birth" "life to death" six points
triangle down/up but demented cemented in stone
cro magnon minds have used it as a symbol
to identify themselves while committing crimes
from depth to shallow water and some still drowning
lost at sea see I be listening to Prof
t.ruth I be listening when I was told that
"to endear one who is your historical enemy is
against all laws of self-preservation" ya'll don't
have to agree but it's real...just think,,,thats what
the prof. told me to do

so we really understand

(c)2001 blakverb


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Apr 2, 2001

Prof. TRUTH (yeh I can read) put you down on whats up. I neva pledged to the flag cause at an early age I was down with the PG. In my high school history class I asked the question "How can Columbus discover a place that is already inhabited?'' If people are already there then it's already discovered right?

My teacher had no answer told me to follow along but when I persisted, I was put of of "HISTORY" class for being disruptive. Not our history Their story/misconception of what it should be. My country tis of thee (how eva it goes) ain't my country at all. Still a second class citizen (slave) in the game. Prof. told the TRUTH on the real in this here. Keep educatin' verb.


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