Black Poetry : Proclamation of Humanities

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    Proclamation of Humanities

    By Jacqueline Amos

    Its not the power of a man who lives upon the earth,
    The virus snake that runs foe to foe,
    unclean thoughts that plagues nations ,
    taunted by un- forgive able love,
    without human kindness he'
    s destructive to self.
    Crime against humanities wars that plaque the earth.

    The taste of bitter brimmed by curse.
    The thoughts that shivers ,
    the summonsed of calm.
    Visioning mans voices of love,
    pleadings of peace be still.

    Sins of human birth, past down from,
    the evolution of murder,
    that grows within the blood streams,
    of generations that cursed the holy grounds.
    Words of calm sings out sending thy peace,
    lord of nations of man.

    Be thou my glory,
    all that live beneath the earth I will hear
    . The fears increase thy foes.
    Ascending to the almighty God.
    The evil of man shall not claim,
    the swords of man who sings his own song.

    I cried in the name of thy blood,
    I screamed freedom and peace to thy God.

    I cry from the holy hill no accommodations,
    now pleading my case to the almighty God.
    Thousands of voice cries,
    the songs of humanities,
    may peace be restore upon the earth.

    To still my soul man awaits,
    The ancient dust that exhales the devil in his clutch,
    of thy shied of Gods love.
    The almighty God shall cage the beast.
    Humanities sings, oh glory to thee.
    The fountains that cry blood,
    title of conformity thy cross survey,
    the words of love.
    Oh thy brothers hand ,
    thou shall confess their pride of hate,
    when justices sets a place for thee.
    When sinners fall the righteous shall stand.

    Integrity , society, program intercity,
    fear of slave mentality,
    exterminations, of a reproduction,
    hate me be me, see an self deceptions .

    The belly of the well,
    darkness continues to breed darkness,
    death a release,
    better to be dead that a slave within self.

    Copywriter 2000