Black Poetry : Proceed to weep need some sleep rest my eyes got breasts and thighs your game is a hardcore strain o


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May 11, 2006
Proceed to weep need some sleep rest my eyes got breasts and thighs your game is a hardcore strain on my mind i lost it because I was exhausted sweaty a lot and ready to drop my panties for whatever reason, i blame lies they like crane flies missing wings you twisting things to suit you don’t be a brute boo, I’m a fruit true like a mango my plan flow
Tropical my book page red flirt not engaged in work and you wanna be in rage under my skirt my pie a juice trend hard to tie loose ends got time on hand rhyme with plan lets go dine I'm fan of a cafeteria it’s vital to shatter in idle chatter known as sweet talk on the street stalked by boys my gravy is shook and you too lazy to look maybe a cookbook can give you a recipe, my groove flow words move slow like a sluggish stream I guess we can kiss and talk take a brisk walk down the street in boss clothes while boys toss flows at my ear knows my stats appear great and you want sincere cake as fear take a hold of my soul Your slang misled and can make a girl sprang out of bed with her panties on so gone with that Now a boy walks up and say “I’M SPRUNG YO and gung ho about this affair out the brisk air a kiss could spare me hope, cake tonight is at a great height and can leap across a threshold like a savage marriage I do take this girl to be my cake in this world” “I REMEMBER a boy started some soft rap and I jumped out his lap like a kitty cat he was wearing a fitty hat trying to get some he spoke slang to convince and my panties sprang to my defense he couldn't git around that oh he wanted my brown kit kat bad because chocolate can rocket a boy’s imagination fast groove with class and move fast write all sorts of rhyme in a short time quick learner met chick fine like Tina Turner had to hold my emotions at bay oceans play a part she’s wet I anoint her walks can’t point out her faults i try proceed at high speed her beauty is that of a race car and her lace is bizarre gonna chase her to the bar and ask her for a cake date be very straight her beauty carry weight can’t picture her as tricky but stuff can occur quickly, “LOOK BOO your body give rise to love I’m surprised in the club definitely have pies for a thug need to get in my car and surrender hey bartender bring a drink” I know her thing pink inside this could result in a date and I never duck cake but corrupt fate i can do without music sparking in this joint and this could be a starting point for a love affair so like NELLY on a celly its “getting hot in here” and it still not clear as what’s going down and I'm flowing renown as earth and space is my birthplace and that’s worth some lace so boo I’m bound to be a hero at ground zero cause I’m about to blow up if you don’t give me that donut had no luck so far and this could scar my reputation and cause separation in the game of HIPHOP we lip lock right here at SAM, so bam bam thank you mam got habit Like a rabbit, so we here in CHESAPEAKE and I think your breasts are sweet and you dressed unique in a mini-skirt got phat itch at which we can date boo and get wet cake too your body many adore but i can’t take anymore, need some bad how about that boo? To be brief I’m a chief and my; teeth are used for btting and chewing and it’s exciting doing A Hershey bar I'm thirsty in the car for a Soul Sista promoted cultures and coated the structures of HIP HOP so i need a girly right in a pearly light mini-skirt so plenty work is needed “NAW PLAYER I’M a sweaty redbone my panties already wet jest listening and no kissing A yellow SOUL SISTA skin mellow and wet round butt from the ground up walk around and strut after two takes of cake a new plan the crew demand a break,oh yes under my dress is a mess have to make a wise pledge because an unfertilized egg is between my thighs and boys want them cream pies and they come with dream eyes to hypnotize to kiss lips plus lies a girl can’t take this so I make a wish, now I'm sweaty tonight and like BETTY WRIGHT A Clean up Woman” this a rattled deal hard in front on BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD and cars in the parking lot are sparkling hot armor all on tires I try duck my head i could get stuck in bed at someone’s home because of my skin tone again gone to SAM'S club because its bam bam love in the bed so my redbone framework flame and perk like coffee so boys wanna sip with their lips and taste then grip my waist and try get some oh a yellow Soul Sista go through a lot here in CHESAPEAKE VIRGINIA they see my breasts and seek the bed i keep red lipstick on my tender lips when in love you deal with a puzzle a real struggle to break free your cake be wet and crumble you get to grumble because a boy fumble the ball its tough and tumble yall i mumble about all the good times to build this Sam’s store it took beach flavor as each paver is laid on a bed of concrete and my lips are red and sweet and a boy wanna take me to bed and skeet between the sheets now this is BLACK HIP HOP in CHESAPEAKE and I'm bless and sweet like a cup of hot tea you wanna kiss but not me, its the taste of success to grab my waist and suck my breasts i’ve duck the best approaches when it comes to that boys crave for a redbone to get in their chrome so they can head home get some and enjoys stuff, a redbone cake treasure and boys take pleasure in doing it be keen on kisses and extreme reminisces like Icelandic family sagas, so i’m wet and chill and boys get a thrill out of kissing my lips while I'm twisting hips when I walk, got quality pies and apologize for being so sweet, like my eggs thick and scramble I’m chick don’t gamble but feel kicked by a came when I loose my bra strap in a car trapped by the kisses of a boy they reminisces and enjoy getting me hot, boys holler at me and the DOLLAR TREE is across the street my body boss and sweet lost in the heat of the night, sip red wine but its bedtime my cake is right don’t lay awake at night in worry boys come with great writes in a hurry to deliver a love letter to the left KOHL’S CHESAPEAKE my goal is to test the street I hear best beat and my HIPS HOP like jello so hello fellow so at the close of the day give me a rose and we stay in love have fun downtown at sundown stay home don’t run around you grounded hey I'm a character with breasts and a dress go to classes and AMERICA’S BEST EYEGLASSES is out-front, every time I get dressed i have wet breast to boys this suggest sex a kiss is less complex



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