Black Poetry : Proceed in a limo and read a memo for the day in a car on the way to VIRGINIA BEACH Now sit at my desk to git some rest its a ghetto world sip a cup o


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May 11, 2006
Proceed in a limo
and read a memo
for the day
in a car on the way
Now sit at my desk
to git some rest
its a ghetto world sip a cup of coffee
see a girl with hips wanna rub softly
spent an hour at HOOTERS
now power up my computer
turn down head phones LUDA
on the CD relax no intruder
at Hooters have fun and smile
crank up his whip let it run awhile
before he drive away
just to survive today
have to walk quick
jest to talk to this chick
this is the original part
of visual art
rigid scripture
shows a vivid picture
girl your body a swell design
and really well defined
you can tell his mind
see that and smell online
got a love letter holding it at the bar
and one boy drove up in a stolen car
and wanted to knock her boots
this jest shock cutes
she's PHILLIPINE have wet dream
and get to scream
in bed oh PHILLIPINE
girls go through a lot
and boys do not
realize that
a surprise stat
they be like girl where them pies at?
so she duck her head
or end up stuck in bed
SHE SAID: never afraid to be queen
her beauty displayed on a screen
like a groovy movie like Lean
on Me by MORGAN FREEMAN keen
emotions and like oceans
her thing is wet with love potions
rub lotion on her legs and face
while boys beg for lace
think he wanna have fun today
as a Filipino girl gonna run away
“LOOK BOO he's a winner with a brain and proud
stay ready to entertain the crowd
here he enjoy the population
as a boy with an occupation
dig through a few encyclopedias
be big like the news media
begin with CNN a trend
for a girlfriend
it make the world spin
SHE SAID: her path was fast
in a math class
while she was a sophomore
her body was hot galore
one boy stopped and adore
her beauty just couldn't ignore
a cutie with pudding hormones soar
wanna make some dollars
and be a great like scholars
even boys that's fake wanna holler
she's wearing a mini-skirt
and plenty alert
in bra and pantie holes
boys think its candy in those
her coo-chee on a planet
that's juicy and romantic
a boy talk and she panic
he carry her books
and she very shook
go to school to get quick facts
then at lunch eat knickknacks
she's in a mini-skirt, bra
and panties and so far
she not gonna go to his car
some boys wear bling at the bar
listening to the strings of a guitar
oh she so hot down there
got nerves and aware
must observe with care
how sweet this boy rap in school
oh her panties are wet a lot
and her coo-chee get hot
have romance and then
dance in the wind
HE SAID: girl I go loco when I'm in it
plus I'm photogenic
will kiss your lips any minute
the teacher won't see
this feature you and me
got precision and true
and like a television crew
it's show time
while I flow rhymes
time to go find
a chick in the classroom
and sniff some fast perfume
girl lets go to the car and talk
its not a far walk
skip the next class
don't need a hall pass
they walked to his car


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May 11, 2006
Met a female legit
but fail to hit it
couldn't get a date
want her pudding on my plate
wanna kiss her lips be great
with words flow galore
then go ashore
like ships on crack
these scripts are fact
even the TITANIC will panic
if it knew I sunk a boat
with funk and quotes
sweaty I do strong talk
now ready for a long walk
wrote my girl a short letter
with all sorts of clever
words like baby I love you
and stuff got a crush on boo
grab books amuse in the lab
find words to use in my vocab
flow very quick
go around carry a heavy stick
talk soft
or girls will walk off
my words peak
and like a bird's beak
cats get pecked
if their stats incorrect
this is tall and real
and like a small meal
French Fries included
wanna hold hands and whisper
in her ear she appear to be sweet
her beauty soften my mind
and often times
I have to rap about stuff
get her trapped in bed huff
and puff and tell her stuff
she's plumb cute
and I want some fruit

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