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Apr 3, 2007
It occurs to me that the true value of work is not monetary compensation, but self-respect, dignity and spiritual well-being.
That being so, I feel we can solve the problem of poverty, crime and joblessness all over the world by simply taking one person's 8 hour job, and turning it into 3 people's 9 hour job, or four people's 12 hour job. In other words, instead of having one person work 8 to 12 hours, to do a task, you divide that same task between 3 to 4 people with each of them working 3 hours a day, instead of one person working eight hours a day. That way you expand the job pool 4 times without generating a single extra job. The job gets done, and the entire society benefits by having more people contributing and living with respect for themselves, and from those who are close to them.

You pay people what they need to live well, not neccessarily by any artificial assessment of what a job is worth. This would not hurt big business, or higher wage people at all because more people will have money to spend, more goods will be sold, and bought, more jobs will be created, the cost of goods will go down, so the actual cost of living will go up for people, even if they take home less money. The only people that might be hurt are those who get paid outrageous sums to do nothing, anyway. Of course they are the ones who control the world and write the laws, so this idea, like any other good idea that could help solve problems for the masses will never be implemented.

Just thought I'd share anyway. I know this is probably not an original idea. I haven't heard of it but like the "good book" says, there's nothing new under the sun, and I have discovered long ago how true that is. Every single time I had ever thought I was early, I soon discovered that I was late. Somebody has already been there

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