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Mar 17, 2001
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(*Dedicated to the black men who aren't sure what they want from us black Queens.)

Black Men ... Walk swiftly with
as it guides you
towards what you've
been missing

Once you meet her
~ Take hold
of her hands as she
reaches out for yours

She has been waiting


Ready to crown you
as a KING, her King

Gracious in her ways
she understands just
what you need to obtain
a sense of peace ~

And yes...
she too knows
what you've been missing

--She has been waiting


Your concealed
spirit cannot fully flourish
and grow as though it
is fresh fruit --

For until the day comes
that you meet her, your
fruit is under-developed

Mistakenly -
your soul
goes unnurtured
on the brittle branches
that are destined
to die on the tree of life
without the love she
can provide soul-ly to you ~~

SHE is ~
She has ~
SHE will be ~


Consider her kindness
and trust that she will not
hurt your heart

Give love and respect to her --
and in return
will give that and more
back to you ~

* PROVERBS 31:10
* A Virtuous Woman


You are correct...

A Virtuous Woman to me is a woman who is
well-rounded ~ guided by faith and spirit; God-led
and takes care of herself, her job, household, significant other, and children ...

I'm sure I'm leaving something out
but I know you get the jist of what I
am sayin'! :wink:

Thanks darlin' for the read!! :heart:


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