Black Relationships : Pro-black & Interracial relationship... do they mix?


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Jun 18, 2004
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I think quite a few people are confusing Black pride with being pro Black, which to me means uplifting our people by positively showing unity by being Blackcentric in all things possible.....which means a Black man by my side.

For those who claim you can't help who you fall in love with, NO ONE is being struck by Cupid's arrow or under love spells or potions, if you can choose which elevator to get on you can choose not to pursue certain relationships.
Please define what "pro-black" means to you.

we need a working definition of 'pro black'. maybe a separate thread?

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Jul 30, 2015
i am willing to accept help from most anyone........
Being proBlack to me is being #Blackfirst in actions and intent, it means that we're consistently measuring what certain actions or deeds will be positive to the community as a whole not just our own benefits. I can marry a white millionaire that does a lot to help my Black people, however I would be disingenuous to jump on a soapbox to say I'm proBlack if my intimate circle doesn't reflect that. It would also be disrespectful to not only Black people , but my non Black partner to shout do as I say not as I do.

The bottomline is, you would have zero credibility as spokesperson for Coke if you publicly drink diet 7UP.

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Nov 17, 2006
His first wife!

By deductive reasoning, Vivian "Buster" Burey was Black, though she looked white or mixed:

In 1930, Thurgood Marshall graduated from Lincoln University, a prestigious black college in Pennsylvania. While at Lincoln, Marshall married Vivian Burey. He wanted to go to law school at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, but African Americans were not allowed. So Marshall commuted by train to all-black Howard University, an hour away in Washington D.C.. There, Marshall met a man who would change his life: law professor Charles Hamilton Houston.

More images of Vivian:



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Sep 12, 2009
please explain...:10500:
Because folks see "pro-black" in varying degrees, it is important for that individual
to define what it means to them. For in this particular discussion it helps to bring
clarity as it pertains to the issue of being in an ir and being pro-black.

As for as not being pro-black yet helping black people. One example: Lets take
actor commedian, tommy davidson. He was adopted by a white woman. In
an interview his mother said she made sure tommy knew his history and of
the challenges he some day have to face as a black male. She ain't pro-black.

Another example: White abolitionist. They weren't pro-black, though they
did not dig the enslavement of black people, and many [abolitionist] did
not necessarily endorse integration or ir.

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